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  1. Great weekend lost of fish i think everyone was catching fish we got 2 on sat biggest was 23 lbs and 2 more today on Sun the biggest was 27 lbs. we had 9 on and boated 4 .
  2. What is the gallon capacity on the 240 thompson hardtop i was thinking it was 80 but not sure might be 60 trying to figure out fuel usage. 120 mile between running and trolling. 1/2 tank of fuel used thanks
  3. I would say Great lakes planner also I have an 8 rod hard top rocket launcher, 2 4 rod pole holders, and the drift pack. great product and Tony is a great guy and wont steer you wrong.
  4. Looking for the sliding Port side window on a1988 thompson 240 hardtop..
  5. I bought and have been using a troll daddy remote bracket with the swim platform adapter. works great so far used now for 3 weeks..
  6. ouch bet they do that again real soon
  7. I just installed a controll king on a honda 8 hp kicker motor on a troll daddy bracket and so far unbelievable. i personally think better than my auto pilot by far
  8. Exide, Delphi and Johnson Controls are the 3 big battery manufactures. I believe Delphi makes the everlast for Walmart and also ac delco. I have had2 everlasts in my boat for 3 years and no pblms. I didnot even remove from boat last fall and they were fine and are still going strong.
  9. I have to take next weekend off, have to go to west Virg for work wed, thru Sat, will talk soon.
  10. Way to go Todd, I tried to call you but no answer, we only did 1 eye first thing in am then nothing went in around noon and worked around camp. As you know Sun was not the greatest weather.
  11. Looking at kicker motors for my boat for trolling, 24 ft thompson hardtop what would be minimum size 5, 8.8 9 ? 4 stroke, thanks
  12. I have a 24ft hardtop with a 305 80 gal tank and between running and trolling I get 80 miles on a half tank. cruising at 2800 rpm 21 mph 2 people.
  13. Nice job Todd. we ended up with just 1 eye each day back at our usual spot Sun and Mon. will have to get togather for some brown trout and laker action as I am just getting into it.
  14. walleyemagic


    Just wondering who is in the Cape Vincent tourney this Sat. Good luck to everyone looks like good forcast so far
  15. Try trolling on the north shore in 20 to 45 fow with boards, if weather permits go to tip and follow shore line stay on depth contour. Good luck and be safe and have fun
  16. only caught 1 b4 also i heard they are good eating ? We did 3 eyes total Sat and 1- 12 # northern Sun
  17. do you have a pict and is still for sale tried contacting a week ago
  18. Todd, Nice talking with you on radio finally can associate a voice with a name> We ended up with 2 sat and 2 today all were just under 10 not enough for the board. We will try again next weekend.
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