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  1. Chris, i will be on ch 68,71,or 72. give me a call . 24 foot Thompson hardtop.
  2. Yea i know they have one of the best jobs around, you can be wrong most of the time and still have a job. As far as eating they taste fine, if you dont like them i will give you my address and you can send them to me.
  3. i was starting to think i was going to be alone lol As of now it looks good , partly sunny/ winds nw15. Water temps are looking pretty good also. Good Luck and be safe
  4. Wow, I guess we will be the only boat out there
  5. But then whos counting, I am Everyone ready. We will be in the Black River bay and Chaumont area. Here Waldo , Here Waldo Ready or not here we come
  6. Wow 32 gal a season, I was putting in 24 to 30 gal a weekend. Got a kicker this year. hoping for 10 a day.
  7. Oneida lake 8 ft of water, 1/8oz jigs tipped with fatheads. The O Big ones are all between 13 and 15 inches . Pile O Perch mmmmmmm
  8. 10 lb Big Game mono , barrell swivel then 5 ft of 10 lb seaguir floro.
  9. it took a toll on the nerves thats for sure.
  10. Still deciding, We have a nice 13.5 on the wall now. would like a nice stringer mount.
  11. Did very well on the Perch and Even Son got Nice Eye. Walleye was 10 pnds, 29 inches long witha 19 girth. Nerve rattling getting out of a 6 inch Hole. Perch was non stop smallest 9 ", largest 13" 18 fow had 12 inches of ice. Ice is spotty in areas though.
  12. Nice fish Todd. we went to Oneida today and got into the perch, dropped 1 eye at the hole. good luck at the derby
  13. Nice catch, a speacial place if i would say where you can catch all 3 .
  14. Now i see and understand your thoughts, just what i thought and just a matter of time before they were revealed See the problem is the NY TIMES you read. Some of us can read this paper and decipher for OURSELVES what is Mislead information and other material the is actually TRUE and can be backed up by Facts. See you need to beware of words like . Seems, apears, could have, may have, and other words that make it sound like it is true but does not hAVE ANY BACKING OR FACTS. Even the public water systems have nasty bad chemicles that can hurt you. Sodium fluoride "The lethal dose for a 70 kg (154 lb) human is estimated at 5–10 g.[6] Sodium fluoride is classed as toxic by both inhalation (of dusts or aerosols) and ingestion.[12] In high enough doses, it has been shown to affect the heart and circulatory system." "In the higher doses used to treat osteoporosis, plain sodium fluoride can cause pain in the legs and incomplete stress fractures when the doses are too high; it also irritates the stomach, sometimes so severely as to cause ulcers. Slow-release and enteric-coated versions of sodium fluoride do not have gastric side effects in any significant way, and have milder and less frequent complications in the bones.[13] In the lower doses used for water fluoridation, the only clear adverse effect is dental fluorosis, which can alter the appearance of children's teeth during tooth development; this is mostly mild and is unlikely to represent any real effect on aesthetic appearance or on public health.[14]" Political persuasion overall The New York Times has been variously described as having a liberal bias or described as being a liberal newspaper. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_York_Times. Also Do you live near one? Did you possibly sign a lease? Is this a good lease ? or Did you make a poor decision and accept a low price lease and others are getting a better deal? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  15. "We can live without natural gas, as it is want to be had through the hydrofracturing process" Another Idea See everyone wants the end product and needs the end product. But no one wants the risks associated with the process. Right now it is Safe if done properly [/b] , and Maybe down the road even safer. But again even playing ball or flying a kite can lead to an accident. Ever spill any oil from that outdrive on the ground while changing, hmm you contaminated that ground water. How about the boat that leaks oil, or sinks. hmm contaminated the water. All accidents. See the words are IF DONE PROPERLY and YES Some Companies DO THIS. Why not shut off all the Natural gas on the Pipeline,s that feeds the entire USA . Import All our gas from foreign countries. keep supporting the terrorists . Keep sending our troops over there instead of being in our own country protecting Our Country here and being with there families. For just 1 week lets See what everyone heats and cooks with. and you know what might even by chance affect you electricity hmmmmmmmm. Including NYC. The entire city of Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Syracuse, Scranton,. and all the others feed by Nyseg and Rochester gas . and all over the USA every one and everthing that uses CNG You know what right now we would be #$%^%$# if that happened. You tell me what else that is clean, abundant, natural, and can actually make our country USA self sufficient. There is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror. WE Need to see More of what is ahead of us versus what we passed. Merry Christmas Have a Safe and Happy New Year
  16. Merry Christmas to Everyone and Have a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.
  17. Ray, Dont work to hard, also better dress warm for that cold water.
  18. I got an idea< WE can use Big giant wind mills situated all over the Great lakes and Finger lakes. We can start cutting whats left of our hardwood forests. Start using Hydro power Install Nuclear generator plants all over the great lakes Finger lakes and our Rivers since they need water to cool them And then We Can All GO TO BASS PRO SHOPS AND CABELAS AND FISH IN THERE Fish TANK AND PRETEND TO HUNT ON THERE SHOOTING GAME >
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