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  1. "Then much of it is brought back up, poured into holding ponds until it is pumped into trucks and hauled away to be dumped someplace else" See here is are the myths again . Holding ponds, hmm i guess you are refering to Fracking ponds? Wrong again. The So called Frac ponds are Actually a FRESH Water Pond that holds FRESH WATER that is tested for any contaminites and is Strictly a FRESH Water pond. Some even 12 million gallons of FRESH Water. Theses are used to Help Eliminate the Truck trafic and Pump water from the Pond to the Drill site. The Extract water is then filtered and 98 percent is reused. And again your Wrong So Pay attention to the Facts and dont get caught up on the Myths "Plus, the ingredients in the fracking fluids do not have to be divulged as public info because of proprietary issues. But this is not pizza sauce. These are combinations of highly toxic things made at a few limited plants, then pumped deep into the ground in huge quantities ALL OVER (or under, really) THE PLACE." The Companies Have released the ingredients. Maybe a little reading will help you on this subject. I know it takes more time than hearing from other people talk that dont read either but you can Learn if you read it for yourself. They even have the MSDS for it That is the Material Safety Datat Sheet want to make sure you know what that is so you dont misinterpret that for something also. http://www.halliburton.com/public/proje ... tml?SRC=MP
  2. I know the feeling. I bought a 6x6 Max iv for this year . sold the sled and atv and got 1 vehicle that can hopefully do both.
  3. Im really sick and tired of all the anti gas people that go by myths and what the anti groups say. There are NO Facts that this is harmfull.They line the well with 3- 4 seperate casings of concrete encasing the pipe way below the aquafer. Methane is naturally in the shale. I know people that can light there water on fire in NY where there are and have never been wells drilled. As far as the roads, the roads are ground down and a layer of rock is built back up and a very thick base and topcoat of blackttop is applied. way better than b4 and look whos paying the bill the Big Gas Companies. Another thing that drives me crazy is like the City of Binghamton saying they dont want drilling, I dont think they are planning on Drill rigs in downtown Binghamton and if they did it would be better that half of the slum houses down there. Also How about the No fracking signs in the City. I say shut off the gas and see what they heat and cook with. Everyone wants the end result of clean natural gas but they dont want the drilling. Why not be self sufficient rather than paying the other countries and support the terrorists by importing gas. How about drilling a well here and saving a solder. who is naking the money by importing the Gas ? We could all switch to wood and cut the trees all down Then where would we hunt? How about Solar its not developed yet people. You have to store the energy somwhere? Coal well that a real clean energy source ? How about some more Nuclear powere stations there fun to fish around? Maybe more Wind farms like everyone fought to keep of Lake Ontario remember that ? Accidents can happen and cause enviromental dameage. How about a truck overturning spilling its contents into a creek Hmmm? If drilling can be done and it is being done responseabaly then lets do it and start talikng control of our own country for a change. The main People complaing are the people that have 2-3 acres of property and were greedy and did not choose to join a coalition and then they were not chosen to drill on. Greed Greed Greed.
  4. I hate when that happens. Those look like the canadian breed.
  5. The Black River is doing very well, we have a camp there and have done very well the last 4 weeks
  6. We have been at Black River Bay Campground in Dexter NY now for 4 years as a seasonal site. They have everything you could ask for, even a small boat. You can fish the river for walleye (spring and summer ) and salmon in the fall and bass and catfish also. You are only a mile run in the river to the bay and open water. seasonal prices are very good. look them up.
  7. Thanks Landshark, well i guess this will work http://www.henchenmarina.com/eastern_la ... eport.html
  8. Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Spring Classic Derby Yeilds Trophy Fish in All Categories Henderson Harbor held its annual Spring Classic Fishing Derby from May 13-15. Sponsored by Fuccillo Auto Mall and proceeds benefiting the Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Association (http://hhpaa.com), this year's derby saw over 250 area anglers compete for cash prizes up to five place in each category. This year, for the first time, we added a pickerel division to the lake trout, brown trout, walleye and northern divisions we've had in the past. In the walleye division, anglers brought in a several over 10 lbs that didn't make the cut. The following were the winners in each category: Northern Pike: 1st Christopher Jones.....14lbs 2oz 2nd Greg Meyers.........13lb 8oz 3rd Bill Poole....13lb......Tim Meador--Captain's Pro Purse (photo attached) 4th Tony Fitzsmman...12lb 10oz 5th Jesse Kellar......12lb Walleye: 1st Kris Loftus.....11lb 5oz 2nd Gene Bolton....11lb 3rd Girad De Rochie...10lb 13oz 4th Dick Wallace.....10lb 13oz 5th Todd Merrill.....10lb 12oz Tim Meador--Captain's Pro Purse Brown Trout: 1st Dan Butler.....14lb 2oz 2nd Kevin Fisic.....11lb 12oz 3rd Ray Cichy......11lb 8oz 4th Corey Decillis...11lb 8oz 5th Randy Knickerbocker 10lb 5oz Tom Widell --Captain's Pro Purse Lake Trout: 1st Les Knickerbocker......14lb 13oz 2nd Curtis Knickerbocker.....14lb 9oz 3rd Joe Lamb.......13lb 5oz Tom Widell --Captain's Pro Purse Pickerel: 1st Richard Jones......5lb14oz 2nd Julie Ludwig.....5lb2oz 3rd Brian Noecker.....4lb6oz Bob Dick --Captain's Pro Purse 8:55 pm edt
  9. Hoping for the best, went to put boat in and with the way the Black river was no way, we had a guy drown there Sat night. the river was 4ft over my railing on my dock Sat.Sun it was just starting to come down to the deck boards. Hope its better for this Sat. by the way the eyes were floating and splashing on the dock from the high water. Good luck out there, and be safe. Have to get my seasonings ready for the fish fry Sat night.
  10. The quality of the fish in BRB taste bad you dont want them, Actually the smaller ones are near the buoys, and like the others said worm harness are the main lure drifting or trolling over the delta. Boat traffic the 1st week or 2nd can be bad. the main bay is the best for the bigger ones. July and August they are there just have to find them. 18 more days till it time to fill the coolers. But who is counting
  11. Tony is one of the best I know for customer service. I have several of his products on my boat. captains pack hard top launcher, triple rod holders 2 sets, and also a drift bar with 2 holders. Also you know its made here locally and pretty much all aluminum not plastic. keep up the good work Tony.
  12. 3 lb walleye i think i know where there is at least 1 or 2 hiding
  13. Mid 80's BF7.5 HP . 4 stroke Long shaft with charging output. Runs very good, trolls great. New fuel pump installed by dealer 6 gal fuel tank included. Reason for sale is upgrading to bigger motor. $675.00
  14. http://www.greatlakesplaners.com/index.htm I have the Hard top Rocket launcher and it it one of the best built ive seen or had. They make a Charter Captain pack that incorporates a rod holder and a mast system. Tony is a great guy and wont steer you wrong
  15. We will be there as long as the ice holds up. Should be pretty good i think. Have not been there in 2 weeks. Come here Perchy, Perchy Come here Perchy Perchy
  16. How does it work with self service bait shops, honer system?
  17. That was awesome nice job on the release
  18. No sweating here just 12 turns and you are thru 6inches, I sweated more starting the gas auger. Hey still getting them in BOQ
  19. 6 inch nils , no gas, no fumes, no noise, lighter and almost as easy,
  20. nice video wont be long now, picking up new snowmobile for this year. walking on oneida practically killed me last year with my bad knee. no more
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