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  1. We use a different method that we think works a little bit better than the rubberbands. We will strip 16 gauge wire into coating strip about three inches long. We then cut a hole in the center of the strip. Next we put a bead on the main line and then insert then end through the wire coating. When the line reaches the hole we pull it out and put it through the split ring on a swivel and then insert the line back through the other half of the coating. we then attach a swivel and a leader. the slider line is attached to the swivel sticking out of the coating. To setup we hold the coating and pull desired amount of main line through and then attach to the ball. we then hold the lure on the slider and put the ball down around 10-20 feet. At this point we stop the rigger and toss the slider lure over, then set it to desired depth. If we cut the hole in the plastic on the boat we just use fingernail clippers but usually make them in the winter using a small, round peice of metal. we line up about 20 peices of plastic and then heat the metal with a torch and then quickly melt the hole in place. The bead on the top allows you to reel the slider down without damaging the plastics. Sorry about being so long winded, hope this helps.
  2. Maniac, we run our 5 color cores on the Okuma Classic 450L. We have them set up with 300 yards of backing, 5 colors of core, and leader with more than enough room. We usually pick ours up at Gander Mountain I beleive that they are 30 bucks a peice?? They have held up very well taking many fish throughout the year, including a few kings in the fall. -Gray Fox
  3. Thanks for the help Yankee. Have seen the product before but was just wonderin if anyone had every used it. Ill have to check into some of the other products. Thanks again. Gray Fox
  4. Was watchin a show on the Outdoor Channel and they were fishing for kings and cohos in Alaska. There choice of bait was Berkley Gulp Cut bait. It looked as if it was in a long sheet and then you just cut off what you want. Also saw on there website that you can buy it pre-cut, but looks as if though its really rounded on the top and bottom. Has anyone tried this? Did it work? Would it be worth buyin some and trying it over the summer? Also, how well did it hold up? Thanks for all the help. Gray Fox
  5. Black and orange Optimizer and the white/chartreuse V Charger have been on top the past two years for us.
  6. icekimo, it was very cool indeed having to run for tip ups. We set with 15 tipups and at one point had 13 flags waving in the air. Each time we go to this lake we take about 8 dozen medium shiners and leave with empty pails.
  7. The only reason that we kept the pickerel is because the farmer who provides access to the lake likes to eat them and asked for them. As for the perch we take them to eat ourselves. Pickerel in this lake are over populated. Of the 103 fish that we caught many were perch but almost half of the fish were pickerel of that size. We have fished it a total of three times this winter and each time caught 50-60 pickerel that size and slightly smaller. The day that we took the picture we released nearly 60 fish the majority of them being pickerel. As for ice conditions, it was tricky to say the least.
  8. All together I beleive we put 103 perch and pickerel on the ice. Not a bad day except the 1/2 of water on the ice.
  9. Sunday afternoon while ice fishing a swamp pond, we had a flag. As we approached the spool was spinning out of control, no matter waht we did we could not seem to gain any line, after about a 40 min fight what a suprise we had in store for ourselves. After seeing a dark flash pass below the hole a few times the thoughts were "Man that pickerel is goin on the wall!!!" It was about that time that we learned that it was indeed no pickerel but what turned out to be around a 15-20 pound river otter. He came through the hole hissing like no other and trying to bite anything he could. After a while of the otter coming thoruhg the hole and hissing and returning below the ice to fight some more we finally realized that he was hooked in the hind foot. After quite some time we managed to pull the otter through the hole backward and pull the hook out. That is probably our most unusual catch.
  10. thanks for the reply guys the information is very helpful
  11. Hey was just wondering if the guys who have the 585 could answer a quick question for us. Question being can the Furuno 585 be hung from our hardtop? All the pictures that we have seen dont give any hint to whether or not this is possible. Thanks for the help.
  12. thanks for all of the info. am gonna order the depth raider for christmas
  13. still fish on the 89 penn yan 245 contender we bought out of the showroom no complaints here. stringer, floor, transom, and motor are still goin strong. would highly recommend the penn yan if you can find one in good shape.
  14. Want to order downspeed for next year and was wondering were most of you guys order yours from. Am looking at the Depth Raider or the Moors but leaning towards the D.R. Any information woudl be great thanks.
  15. Finished in 7th place in the spring derby. 22#14oz. out of wilson.
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