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  1. Selling a Pair of Super Ski double boards. Used but in great shape. Boards are located in Fair Haven, NY. Asking Price of $50.00 for the pair they can be picked up in Fair Haven.
  2. Its an 89 Penn Yan 245 Contender. Thanks guys, I wish we could get some of those fish back around Oswego.
  3. Ya we could even yell Tally HO as we did not have the dog with us.
  4. After putting in 17 hours on August 2&3 for one major king, we decided that we needed to come up with a better game plan. We decided to throw the boat on the trailer and head West. We made our way down the lake to Olcott. The fishing was much better there and we never made it out to where the other guys where. On Monday morning we left the dock at around 7am and headed out to the "28" line. We never made it that far, instead we set up in 200fow and trolled north. By the time that we made it to the 28 line we had already boated a mixed bag that contained 11 kings and steelheads. There were a bunch of boats at the line so we turned around and trolled back to port. On the way back our batting average dropped considerably and when we tied the boat off to the dock we had finished 19 for 31. Late the first morning we decided to put a Spinny/Fly down deep and that produced all our kings. Our dipsies were the hottest part of our program on day one. Day 2 We ran a little deeper and set up with more flies in the program. A 10 color core was hot first thing producing steelheads. After about 3 or 4 I pulled the core and switched it to copper with a fly. The 300 copper consistently produced fish but the riggers were hot also. Magnum watermelon spoons, black/silver spoons, and silver prism w/ powder blue were hot colors today. We finished with a better average today, 15 for 17 but with fewer fish. Day 3 Wednesday was our last day before we would return to Fair Haven. We only fish about 3 hours todays but still finished 3 for 5 with two kings and a steelhead. Flies were the hot ticket today all on the riggers. Overall the trip was a success with no problems. Our best setups were mupp rigged spoons, flies down in the ice water, and flies on the copper. We did better overall with the flies after I took off the chips and spinnies and switched over to metal dodgers. Also we ran our dipsys anywhere from 180-240 on a #2 setting. Listening to the other boats it sounded like they were running there dipsys 90-125 out but we couldnt get ours to fire that high. We only hooked one major during the trip and he hit the 300 copper. After a long battle we ended up dumpin him behind the boat. Magnum spoons produced nicer fish in the long run. Hot coloers were anythign with silver, black, blue, chartreuse, and green. Havin camera problems so heres a few pics that I could upload.
  5. Dont know if this will help but to keep tension on our wire attach a small bungee cord to the swivel and then to the reel after fishing. This allow there to be constant tension on the wire. We also dont break our wire rods down. We just lay them on the floor when we go home for the week. Since we started doin this we dont see nearly as much pigtailing.
  6. Tried the Ande a few years back and had bad line twists. Ended up stripping the reels and goin back to big game. We run 30# BG clear on flasher flies and for dipsy+copper leaders and run 12# BG clear on all the other rods.
  7. Shade we often run leaders with a small bead right above the swivel and leader ecspecially when fishing for browns. This way if we hit some weeds most of them hang up on the bead not the lure.
  8. Fish Magnet, We fish out of Oswego almost every weekend. We also target kings the majority of the time. Our boat name is Gray Fox. We usually head north/northwest out of the harbor. Feel free to give us a holler any time you want we run channel 66.
  9. We also have copper and leadcore on the gander mountain rods with no complaints. Seem to be plenty heavy enough.
  10. I usually use sampo ball bearing swivels. I attach these to the my mainline or leader using a palomar knot as well.
  11. On May 24 we held our annual Campground fishing derby. This year fishing was tough with only a few fish weighed in. Teams set out of Fair Haven and Oswego early Saturday morning and found good colored water with little bait and fish. Our team set up at Berts Point working the Ford Shoals area for most of the morning. As the morning progressed we worked west to the point and then out to deeper water. We took one brown along the shoreline on a Jr. Thunderstick. As we worked out off the point we took a steelhead about 22". We usually dont keep them but this one was bleeding real bad so we boxed the fish and kept moving. About an hour later we caught another steelhead this one about 27". This fish was barely hooked and in good shape so I lifted the fish out of the water, my father removed the hooks and the fish was released to fight another day. (Little did we know that we would later come in 2nd place losing by only 7 ounces) When we returned to camp most of the teams enter one fish and a few had nothing to show for their early morning efforts. Team Rise Up and ourselves (Team Gray Fox) were the only teams to weigh-in two fish, with team Rise Up pulling out the very close victory. Entry money collected from the derby was donated to the Oswego, Salmon River, and Fair Haven Challenges in memory of Shane Zimmerman (a former camp resident). This money is going to help fund the Youth Big Fish Awards for the three events. Here is a pic of some of the team members with the fish that were weighed in... Here is a pic of the largest fish caught by a youth contestant... My father and I stayed up for the rest of the week and the fishing never improved in fact it got worse out of Oswego, with the charters only getting a fish or two. We spent two days relaxing at camp...with fishing being extremely slow and gas at $4.60 a gallon on the Oswego River :shock: it wasn't even worth goin out. After fishing on Thursday morning we talked about our game plan for the remaing three days of our vacation. We needed to fuel the boat so we decided that it was better to pay $3.98 at a station in Oswego than 4.60 on the river, once the boat was loaded on the trailer and full of gas we decided to change ports for 2 days. We towed the boat back to camp, and left early the next morning for Sodus.We put in 12 hours out of Sodus, we managed to boat one king, two steelheads and missed a couple of others. Saturday morning we slept in and listening to the radio it sounded as if we missed very little. As for the fish we caught during the week the only fish worth noting was one of the steelheads from Sodus. The fish was tailed and cradled by my father, I removed the hooks and snapped a quick photo and the fish was released immediately. The fish was estimated to weigh about 13 pounds. Here is the pic of my father and the SH. The fish hit a glow blue frog from Dreamweaver which is becoming our most productive lure this year.
  12. Thanks for the responses, install the DR this morning and the beads go right through the antenna that came with it.
  13. Thanks for the help Tim, I'll have to check the diameter when I get up there.
  14. Gonna be installing our depth raider saturday and heard that there is a special antenna for the scottys. Is this antenna necessary? thanks for the help.
  15. The fish came on spoons. The blue lagoon and the glow blue frog from dreamweaver took fish on saturday and the fish in the picture took the glow blue frog sunday. we werent in the derby so the fish were only weighed on the water.
  16. Fished out of Fair Haven for the weekend and found a couple nice kings. Saturday morning we landed two nice kings and dumped one at the back of the boat. The two fish landed hit the scales at 14 and 21 pounds. Went out this morning and hit one fish in 80 fow. After a long battle we landed him and he tipped the scales at 22 pounds. These spring kings sure were fun on the brown gear. Forgot the camera both days, took pics of the fish today on my phone sorry about the poor quality.
  17. Come on guys these things have to go. They are in great condition. Price reduced to $100.00 for the pair.
  18. fishtails, not sure if you have a smaller boat or not but the sterling creek is home to some excellent bass and northern fishing if the lake is to rough to fish. Its very easy to access from the park as well. That is another good way to keep the kids happy.
  19. Selling (2) Scotty 256 Triple Rod Holders. Used for three seasons. Like new condition. Comes with the No. 230 Power Lock rod holders. They sell new for around $95.00 a peice. Asking $130.00 for the pair. Available for weekend pick-up in Fair Haven or Oswego.
  20. Dreamweaver Lemon Ice and a Glow Green Evil Eye are two mainstays for us.
  21. Did good multiple times the past 3-5 years in the early spring from the green can to moon beach in the 350-500 foot range for the kings. Last year we never even put the brown trout gear on the boat just targeted kings all year. Hope this helps.
  22. When we are out of Oswego we are usually on 66, but will occassionally check 68 or 5 to see what else is goin on.
  23. Will also throw in a vote for the rubberbands. However, we use number 16 and a large bag from staples will last us about a year and a half. We have used them out of the blacks, big jon band buster, carabeners, and snap hooks off the ball. The band buster is the easiest.
  24. We typically use an Albright knot to tie the braid backer to the core.
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