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  1. Better to have that mess in your hand, then it is to have it around your prop!! Even on a nice day
  2. Bill, we have had beagles for many years (dating back to my great grandfather). A beagle club is a very good option to train a pup because many of them have "puppy pens." They are also nice because many of them are fenced in and allow you to work with your dog to break it from running off game. My father and I have been members of the Tunkhannock Beagle Club in NEPA for the last 15 years. As Ray posted above there are many different classes of beagles. In order to have the 1st or 2nd option you are going to put in some time. At our peak in the "beagle world", we had one field champ, one dog that needed a win to become a field champ, and three or four dogs that usually placed in the top 5 at the trials. Since we decided to put more concentration into fishing we only have two beagles left, a house pet and a 13 year old #2. He still likes to hunt but only goes for a short period of time before he is worn out. When this particular dog was younger we ran him for at least two hours a day 6-7 days a week. Trying to get a good trial dog becomes like a full time job, but is very rewarding. This dog is the one mention above who needs one win to finish his field championship, he was also the #1 15" male in the state 2 years and runner up the third. He now gets to enjoy his life lounging around on the couch. A small trick that was not mentioned on breaking dogs is to use tame rabbits. When we want to break a pup, we go to teh livestock market and buy 3-4 rabbits. We then put them in a very small pen with some pallets and old christmas trees. Leave the rabbits in there for a couple of days and they will learn to run when they see you or the dog. We would then put a pup in the pen until they bark on the rabbits or catch one (if this happens grab the rabbit before it is injured and turn it loose). At this point the dog will never go into that pen again. Then you have to find a spot with plenty of rabbits and begin to work the dog. Sorry for the long post, Good Luck and if I can answer any other questions you may have feel free to ask.
  3. I agree with Jax, we usually run our leaders just a touch shorter than the rod. If you want to try long leaders you may want to look into setting up wire slide divers. this will allow you to adjust leader length.
  4. the grayfox, flash 5, sidekick will be making the trip for 2 days
  5. Stan a few years back we got a chart from Ernie Lanteigne on copper depths. If you would be interested I would be more than willing to email you a copy, since I'm not sure how to post word documents to the forum.
  6. Chowder we tried to run a 600 off an inline and were unsuccessful. First few times the release would not hold and when we rubber banded the release tighter the board pulled back way to far. We usually run ours off the big boards as stated above, but with fishing being as bad as it was on the east end last year we had plenty of time to screw around with other set ups. I would definitely buy the 600 marked though as last year our best length was 450, and having the copper marked makes the 600 a very versatile rig.
  7. Just wondering if anyone on here uses Abu Garcia 6500lc's. We used to use the high speed 6500s but recently bought the line counters for our brown gear. After purchasing a few began to read some complaints about the clickers failing. We never had problems with the old reels just wondering if anyone has any insight into this issue.
  8. Heres a little story that I posted last January in another unusual catch topic. This was most definitely the wierdest thing that I have witnessed coming through a hole in the ice. Sunday afternoon while ice fishing a swamp pond, we had a flag. As we approached the spool was spinning out of control, no matter waht we did we could not seem to gain any line, after about a 40 min fight what a suprise we had in store for ourselves. After seeing a dark flash pass below the hole a few times the thoughts were "Man that pickerel is goin on the wall!!!" It was about that time that we learned that it was indeed no pickerel but what turned out to be around a 15-20 pound river otter. He came through the hole hissing like no other and trying to bite anything he could. After a while of the otter coming thoruhg the hole and hissing and returning below the ice to fight some more we finally realized that he was hooked in the hind foot. After quite some time we managed to pull the otter through the hole backward and pull the hook out. That is probably our most unusual catch.
  9. Spoons: NK, Dreamweaver, and Charger. Colors: Black/Glow Green, Black/Raspberry, Black/Orange, Blue Lagoon, Blue Glow Frog, Lemon Ice, White/Chartreuse, Blue/Aqua, Black/Silver, too many to list, all silver spoons have copper backs though. Flies: 95% of our flies are Atommik. Colors: Hammer, Silver Hammer, Hammer TG, Crazy ****, Skein Machine, B Fly, Glow Mirage, and Powder Blue all produced over the summer. Flashers: E-Chips, Spinnys, and Luhr Jensen Dodgers. Colors: Blue, Green, White, Silver, and Glow.
  10. A friend of ours in Oswego attached an 8# downrigger ball to the bottom of his boards to give them more pull. He has rather large boards too though. Not sure if this idea will work for you. I run otter boats and would not want to attach any weight to them. However, this may work for you. Good Luck.
  11. We usually run 10# big game with an 8# leader in the spring for the brown. During the summer when the fleas get bad i usually spool the salmon reels with 25# big game. we run the lite line with all of our spoons until the fleas get bad, we run all dodger, fly setups on the heavier. we took multiple fish last summer out of Sodus (mainly steelheads) on a wire dipsy out 45-60 feet with no problems.
  12. I'm pretty sure that you can order them from Jann's Netcraft, but dont quote me on that. There usually pretty cheap too.
  13. As Billy V stated above we are goin into our 3rd year? with a set of berts and the rachet is wearing out. Once any type of pressure is put on it the rod holder falls down level to the water. still use'em though just moved them to the back of the track for the deep dispy.
  14. i've seen them both while fishing on other boats. no big shakes by goin to the color camera. everything looked close to black and white down deep anyway. We also ran walkers for 20 years with no problems to mention.
  15. If you guys run Berts rod holders, we just clip the scottys to the thumb screw. the ones that came with the riggers were just long enough to reach teh wire.
  16. Thanks, the antler restriction has def. improved the quality of the deer. Unfortuntately for us Rt. 690 and Rt. 502 cut our farm into three peices and we lost two absolute hogs to cars during the rut . Maybe next year I'll have to practice with the bow some more and get out a little earlier.
  17. Thanks guys, I am usually the end of the season late in the afternoon shot so it felt weird havin my deer in the truck by 8am.
  18. Nice weather this year for a change. Had two buck come in early just as the sun was rising, one was a real small spike who stopped about 15 feet from my ladder and the other stopped behind a group of trees. Seeing only half of his rack I assumed he was hopefully a nice 10 point, so I took the shot. When I got up to the deer the side I could not see had been broken off only leaving the brown tine and what I beleive is the G2? Hard to see in the pic but you could tell where the other horn broke off. Oh well it was still a nice 7 point and he was down and tagged by 7:30 a.m. My younger brother hunted a friends farm and took a 6 point aroudn 1:30. Don't know the details, so I cant share any of them.
  19. We usually fish with only two people on board. Those two extra rods would be great. Our typical spread is two riggers and two dipsys. If we want to put anything else out we have to decide what to pull, two more rods would be great for us.
  20. We run Big Jon Otter Boats and like them better than the other boards that we have run. The others that we have run are Cannon and Super Ski doubles.
  21. We fish out of oswego and have found kings early in the year, usually in deeper water. Not in great numbers though. There are days that you can find them and the next day they're gone. We did good on kings this spring, the weekend of April 19?? i beleive in 30 fow in front of the state park in fair haven. kings on the east end early in the year are inconsistant. if you want to have fun take your boat to the western end of the lake like the others said.
  22. Our best are jr. thundersticks, yozuri, kaboom, rapala, and challenger stick baits and r+r, nk28, stinger, dreamwever, charger, and hi tech spoons. color depends on conditions. Hope this helps. If you check GLA billy v wrote a good article on fishing browns a while back. May have some info in it that could help you.
  23. For us our best brown setups change depending on conditions. In the early spring we pound the shore with flatlines off the boards and riggers down 2-3'. We also try to fish colored water as much as possible. As the browns move out we'll throw in a couple cores or flatlines with drop weights. If we want to target browns in July or August we run wire dipsys and slide divers off the riggers. We usually run our outrigger poles to do so, this way our outside wires are way off the side of the boat and not tangling with the inside wire. We usually run the slide divers on a 0 or 1 setting this way we don't tangle them with the inside wire when setting up. These few setups take the majority of our browns each year.
  24. We ran 4 Walkers for over 20 years. Never had any major problems. Switched to Scottys last spring and love'em.
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