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  1. I'll second Gambler. I reite mine every season as one of the "winter" projects. You may want to consider tying some extras in case you need them during the season also.
  2. get a mast if you go to heavy the copper will tangle in the dipsys. i know from experience.
  3. Fishman, that is exactly what we were thinking. Did you buy those somewhere or are those something that you made?
  4. Not sure on the surface speed, but a copper/orange crush stinger works well. Also the copper NBK and the last two years I have taken quite a few on silver prism dodgers with powder blue flies.
  5. Cant comment on the bahas but can comment as for the age of glass boats. Our Penn Yan is a 1989 and has been well cared for (indoor winter storage, regular maintenance, etc). and we had it surveyed last winter and the digital tests showed that the transom, stringers, motor mounts, etc. were all solid and in great shape. Not sure if it helped but any holes we put in the boat have been resiliconed every year and we try to keep the boat covered as much as possible when not in use.
  6. #16 Rubber bands work the best for all purposes.
  7. I usually run the spoons clean. I have however taken fish on a metal dodger (small) pulling evil eyes behind them. Works occasionally for late summer browns
  8. Well it depends on what you want to target with the planers. We target browns and steelys with our planers in the spring on the east end and target cohos with them when we venture west. My planer rods are Daiwa Heartland 7'6 rods paired with Daiwa Sealine 27lc's. For line these reels are spooled with 12# Big Game and then we add leaders anywhere from 12# down to 8#. As for the releases when using the light line we use clothes pins on shower curtain rings. Just drill a hole in the end of the pin and attach the ring, we usually paint the tips orange so there easier to see. If we reun lead, copper, or dipsys off them I go to scotty releases and rubberbands.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has gotten in to any decent perch at either Sodus or Little Sodus. Considering towing the small boat up this weekend. Thanks
  10. We switched to otters 3 years ago and wont go back. I also got rid of all my inline church boards. The performance of the otters is hard to beat. They track nice all the time and perform nicely in the rougher water.
  11. Just wondering how you guys have your planers set up, in particular those of you who have pulleys toward the front of your boat. Mine is set up using Great Lake Planer rod trees with the reels at the back of the hardtop and a big jon pulley mounted on the hand rails on the roof. Problem with this is that the pulleys hit the roof if there is any slack on the tow line. Any ideas on optional mounts for the pulleys? Thought about bolting them to the side of the hard top somewhere, not sure how or where though. Thanks in advance.
  12. Daiwa Accudepth Plus 57lc and and a Heartland Rod mine are 8'6 for the lead
  13. Pete i usually run a 2 setting, which I beleive was the setting both times. When they hit I usually tell dad and he writes down the rest as he drives. Those are the numbers from his "notes" that he keeps all the time.
  14. I only run mags. I run the mag walkers so that i dont have to deal with replacing rings. I like being able to get a little deeper without having to let out extra line. I bounce bottom this year in 65' out 150 and 100' out 285 going 2.2.
  15. The release should be above the probe. I used a klincher to attach set up that Billy V posted. Maybe some one can find it for you, at the moment I cannot. Here is a pic of the Yankee Troller setup which will also work. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4582&hilit=depth+raider+connection
  16. Deepest we took fish this summer was 185 down out of Fair Haven. Marked fish on the bottom dropped a rig down there and went 1-2 with a nice laker (if thats possible) and dumped a screamer.
  17. I put about 10 ft. of mono under my braid just to get it started easily.
  18. Started Sat. morning off the college in 100fow marking lots of fish and bait off the bottom. Just got set up and took a nice coho on the rigger chrome/green dot spinny w/ purple mirage fly down 88. Trolled about 20 minutes and the dipsy was up and running, nice king about 25 pounds green spinny/b fly. Turned the boat to go back and the fish were gone and the bait had moved to the bottom. Made a few passes in the deeper water and managed to pull two more nice kings and dump a real nice coho. Ended our day aroudn 11:30 4 for 5. Sunday we had a small tourny we call "Porkys Summer Cup Challenge", in which a small group of boats go out to fish for the "Bouy". This year we had two new entrants who would take first and second prize. Congrats to Tom Allen and team Crazy **** on the victory with a three fish box weighing in at 64.08#. Seconds place went to Del Casterline and team Liquid Plumber with their box weighing 60.14#, third place went to tourny chairman Porky and team All Out with a 56.10# box. Big fish was weighed in by team Mouse and was 24.14#. Congrats again Tom, just make sure you bring the bouy to next years weigh in. Monday: Started fishing aroudn 6:30 and it was slow from the sounds of the radio. Worked the skinny water until 9:30 and only saw one boat hook up. Pointed the boat north and trolled out to 400 and turned around very little picture out that far. We got back into 250fow and the dipsy took off. Gave the rod to my brothers friend and when the fish took off again he cranked the drag down as tight as it would go...well you get the picture. We pulled the rods around 11 and headed in. Got back to camp and stripped the boat down and headed home. Good luck to all of you who continue to fish and we'll see you in the spring.
  19. To reask the first part of the question does anyone on here, have a kicker on their 245 contender. I would like to add one to mine over the winter and would like to know what shaft length works best. I have talked to 2 different marinas and each marina said the opposite. Just curious if anyone has installed one on their penn yan.
  20. Saturday out of Oswego best speed for us was 1.7-1.9 on Sunday best speed was 2.0-2.2. We usually start slow and speed up until we find the right speed.
  21. 600 copper off the walleye boards will work if you are not running dipsys. I tried them first and with the 600 they pull back and consistently tangle in the dipsy.
  22. Call Garafolo's Market in Oswego and ask for Joe. He has a couple of storage barns between the five stacks and the nuke plant. Reasonable priced indoor storage.
  23. I run watermelon or black, mainly watermelon. The only change I make to the dipsy is to add an orange ring to the jensen divers if I am running one. My "normal" divers are #124 Watermelon Walkers.
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