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  1. I've got (3) Daiwa Sealine 47lc's I'm looking to part with. These are not the older Great Lakes model, they are the newer model of the reel. Asking price will be $60 each or $150 for the three plus shipping. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. Glenn, if your buddy can find a better way to mount them I'll sell the riggers @ 120 for the pair without the bases. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. I have tried blacks and chamberlains but went back to rubberbands. I do have a blacks over my probe but its set real tight and I run the rubberband out of it.
  4. Yep, there sitting on the shelf with the mounts collecting dust. If ya want them, there yours
  5. Bump, I have a set of gimbal mounts for the riggers that will be included also...
  6. Best deep water rig we have found has been a clear/green dot spinny w/ a green hypnotist siggs. Produced multiple fish when pulled deeper than 170.
  7. I have a pair of Big Jon gadabout riggers (manual) that I picked up a while back that I would like to move. These are brand new riggers that had damaged boxes. They sell new for $150 on average. I'd like to get $200 OBO for the pair. I'll pay the shipping in the U.S. They are complete and have never been used, just put together and put on the shelf in the basement.
  8. If the vectors don't sell let me know. Ill take them off your hands [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. I've run both sizes but only from Mason. The 20# took more hits than the 30# and the amount of fleas was relatively the same. I now no longer have 30# wire, all four are setup with 20. Cant say that I had anymore breakoffs with the lighter, just watch for spots as usual and you should be fine.
  10. there is a nice launch in the state park. lake fishing has really slowed as of last weekend but the bay should start producing some nice pike bass and perch about now. good luck if you get out... I should be around the bay looking for northerns and perch this weekend.
  11. We catch a good share of browns every year on flies. Typically from July on... once they have moved out to the deeper water. This year we took our first brown on a spinny. When we target deep water browns I always pull at least one fly. The best brown combo to date for us has been a frog dodger with a glow green horse fly. Not sure what the material is but its can get really matted, almost feels like a frayed pair of jeans. I'll see if I can dig one up here at the house and post a picture a little later.
  12. 1. White echip / siggs billy v glow ghost 2. Green echip / powder blue howie 3. Trash can / purple howie with glow beads 4. Green echip / siggs green hypnotist [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  13. 9/11 Oak Trailered down to the Oak early saturday morning for the day on the count of slow fishing around Oswego. We fished from 6-5 and finished our day 11 for 16. Fished the short water early and couldn't get any fish to move so we began to work out deeper. I found a pocket of fish early in the afternoon and worked them until the turned on. Of the 16 hooks, 14 were on the dipsys with one and one on the riggers and coppers. 12 of the hits came on the same dipsy pulling a Siggs Rigs Billy V glow ghost behind a white chip back 260. Two of the fish we landed were good steelys and the rest were immature kings in the 10-12 pound range. 9/12 Oswego We were in no rush to get on the water this morning but thought we woudl give it try since we were up. Launch the boat around 8 and started out making the decision that we were not gonna fish around the harbor in the traffic. We powered up and headed west down toward Burts Point / Ford Shoals. We made a few passed marking some fish in the 70 foot range. On the second pass the dipsy back 160 pulling the Siggs Billy V fly hammers and we were locked. After a good fight we netted a nice king. We made a few more passes in the same area and managed to pick up a nice brown and dump two more fish. Listening to the radio it was extremely slow, and after having a good day in the rain we decided to quit at 11:15 finishing 2 for 4. Heres a pic of the fish from today, no pics from the Oak.
  14. Went to the Oak on Friday hoping to get a few hours in before getting chased off the water. We launched the boat sometime around 6 and were off the lake around 2. Things sounded OK for some and really slow for others, nothing was hot and heavy for us but we ended our day 6 for 8. We got 3 majors, a nice brown, and release a king and a laker, we also broke off a 450 copper and lost a nice fish on the rigger. Hot items for us were spinnys and chip in both green and white pulling Siggs green hypnotists, glow ghost, and martini flies. Hes some pics of the couple we boxed...
  15. Can anyone give me any information on fishing walleyes around Henderson Harbor. We are thinking about trailering up in the next two weeks. Is there any particular areas to fish or any tactics that work best? I have harnesses, cranks, stick, a large variety of spoons. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Stinger tuxedo, stinger lemon lime, or the silver grape r&r. If the waters real clear light line and natural colors are the best option.
  17. I'll second Paul...the best thing I did was drop down to three riggers.
  18. Fished out of Fair Haven on Saturday, started straight out in 120 and worked west to the silos. In the first hours we picked up two small kings and then started to work east. From the chite to moon beach we pulled 1 small steely and had 3 other fish up and running only to come unbuttoned. We wanted to turn around and work shallower on the west troll but got cut off andwere forced to go out deeper, it was a good thing we got cut off cause we stumbled onto a school of majors. We were able to land 4 that were between 27 and 31 on the boat scale. Hot items were clear green dot spinny w/ al capone siggs, chrome green dot w/ mystery siggs, chrome black dot w/ monster siggs, chartreuse mountain dew spinny w/ siggs frog and a jv cheerleader setup. Had to youngers guys on the boat who did a good job even when they saw the big boys in the prop wash! The smallest one even managed to win a lenghty battle with a mature on the 500 copper. Some pics below...
  19. Trailering to the Oak early saturday morning and will be fishing for the weekend so I have couple questions... 1) is there a fish cleaning station anywhere remotely close to either of the state launches? 2) what vhf channel do most guys run? dont remember from the last time 3) is there anywhere along the river to get food on saturday night. We will be spending the night at North of the Ridge campground if that helps at all... Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  20. Flies 1. Green Hypnotist 2. Glow Ghost 3. Green & Pearl Krinkle 4. Martini Dodger, Spinny, etc... 1. 8" Green E Chip 2. 8" Silver Prism E Chip 3. Blue Glow Spinny 4. White Green Stripe Spinny Mix and match the combos and see what works. Each day can be a little different.
  21. I have (2) Shimano Tekota 600LC I am looking to get rid of. Both were purchased this time last year and have been used lightly. Both in good working condition with a few minor scratches. Asking $150.00 each. PM me if interested.
  22. Ive got a couple of daiwa great lakes 47lc if your interested. I look when I get home and let you know how many i have.
  23. =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7 Total Boated: 4 Species Breakdown: 3 Kings, 1 Brown Hot Lure: Stinger Tuxedo Boat Depth: 170-450 Lure Depth: 70-140 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Started in the shorter water looking for browns amongst the massive piles of bait but couldn't get them to go. Started to slide and found scattered fish and bait here and there around west nine mile back west to Fair Haven. Our 350 copper fired 3 times and we landed 3 small kings just over 21 inches and all were released. We managed to pull one brown out in the deeper water. The brown came on a hot carmel spinny with a mirage siggs rigs down 135 over 350. We dumped to majors early off west nine mile. Both majors hit 240 on the dipsy over 190 on a 8" green chip with twinkie and meat. Both times the meat was shredded when we got it back to the boat. Its not Rhys Davis but the new cut bait held up really well.
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