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  1. Well Tom, not at all what I wanted to hear, but thanks. I guess I'll just have to deal with the flea flicker for some more time.
  2. Haven't been on the water in two weeks and was wondering how the fleas are out of Fair Haven/Oswego area. A few weeks back they were so bad that we had to switch to flea flicker unfortunately to be able to fish. I would love to be able to strip the reels and respool with trilene if the fleas arent that bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated...I need to get rid of the flea flicker.
  3. Hey Greg, I'll take them for 120. Is there any chance that you will be up at the lake on Friday or Friday night. I would love to have them for Saturday. I'll be out to Fair Haven on Thursday night and can meet you anywhere around Oswego. Not sure where you live but I will be traveling to the lake from Burlington VT on thursday afternoon/night if pick up would be a possibility. Let me know and we can meet up, I am at school for work but you can call me at 570-309-7980 if you'd like to make arrangements or post something here thanks
  4. IMO Ray said it right with getting to know your trailer and how far you need to back in. We have rollers under our Penn Yan and bunks under our Smoker Craft. As long as you get the trailers in close to where they need to be, the boats crank right on easy. I find the rollers easier to tighten up on land though.
  5. Guys just curious were you launch at the Oak. I am considering trailering out this weekend and fishing. Just looking for the best place to launch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Another vote for the depth raider. Install was simple and I remove the probe after every use. Three years and had to reterminate once which takes about 3 mins.
  7. =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 19 Total Boated: 14 Species Breakdown: Kings/Steelheads Down Speed: 2.4-2.7 Boat Depth: 250-400 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished the Oswego Challenge and had a good day. We managed to box 6 fish but no majors made it to the boat. The 6 fish box consisted of four steelheads in the 7-10# range and two small kings. We dropped 5 majors in the prop wash out over the deeper water and released 8 small kings. The majors hit the 500 and 600 coppers and after fighting them all the way to the boat, as soon as the leader hit the rod top it was like someone unhooked them and they swam away quick. We pulled five coppers most of the day as the wires never took a hit and quickly went back on the roof. Top producers were Stinger Tuxedo magnums on short coppers and flys on the riggers and deep coppers. Top combos consisted of green chip/green hypnotist, white green strip spinny/martini fly, white green dodger/glow ghost.
  8. Another vote for the scotty pro packs
  9. Date(s): 5/16 Time on Water: 6:00-10:00 =============== FISHING RESULTs =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated: 1 Species Breakdown: 1 King Boat Depth: 75-150 Lure Depth: 48 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Took a quick run out of Fair Haven Sunday morning to make sure the boat and equipment were all functioning properly before we head to Olcott Friday. We marked alot of fish in the top 20 feet and alot of big marks down toward the bottom with the occassion mark around 50-60. Only being two of us on the boat we ran riggers and dipsys and targeted the deeper fish. We were rewarded with 1 king about 14 pounds on a green chip with a Siggs Rigs green hypnotist down 43. We had two others hits both on a white spinny with the glow ghost siggs rigs down 58.
  10. heard this morning that fat nancys is opening one...not sure how true that is though
  11. Not sure if you will make it out of stoney creek. I was out of there about 3 weeks ago and we almost didnt get out with a 17 ft starcraft. We had to trim the motor up and in spots I would say there wasnt much more than 6-7 inches of water.
  12. We pull our 24' Penn Yan with an F-150. Had an '04 with the 4.6 and that pulled the boat with out a problem. Bought a new F-150 over the winter and went with the 5.4 motor and what a difference. Its like the boat isnt even there. Pulling hills wasnt a problem and maintained speed all the way. Even towing the boat I still averaged a little over 16 mpg.
  13. White/glow, silver/green dot, blue/green dot, blue/glow, not a spin doctor but we did real well with a white/blue bubble smartfish last year.
  14. I dont leave the dock without Jr Thundersticks or Kaboom shiners.
  15. Posting for a friend. He is looking for a prop for a Mariner outboard in the early to mid 1990's. Its a 50 horse. He said it has 13 splines and a 14 pitch. If you have anything, let me know. PM me with the info and a phone number or email address and I will have him contact you. Thanks
  16. Thanks Andy...the one gust blew that little boat right back over the top of the board! what a tangled mess that made...all in all it was nice to be on the water.
  17. The atlantic hit in 7 ft. of water south of the launch. The brown hit in 22 ft. between Mexico and the river.
  18. =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated: 2 Species Breakdown: 1 brown 1 atlantic ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Spent the weekend fishing out of Mexico and the fishing was slow but the weather was alright. Fished with a buddy who recently purchased a boat and wanted to give it a try. The boat ran well but will need trolling bags or some other device to slow it down. We trolled the shore anyway with an average speed of about 3-3.3 mph and managed to pick up two fish. The brown was about 5-6 pounds and the atlantic was just under 10 pounds. Unfortunately the atlantic had some major gill damage from the fight so we kept him but what a beautiful fish and a great fight. We fought the fish for about 15 minutes trying not to break the 8 pound leader thinkin that it was a nice brown. Two other boats were fishing with us and one boat was 0-3 and the other was 1-2. Here is a pic of the atlantic and the brown caught by the other boat. We did not take a pic of the brown that we caught.
  19. Watercraft Clinic in Red Creek. Not to bad of a ride from Rochester out 104. Clint did some work for us a few years back and the work was very nice and priced right.
  20. Can somebody give me some insight to the location of the Stoney Creek boat launch. The DEC website on says that it is off Rt. 3. I will be traveling north on Rt. 3 from Sandy Pond. Thanks.
  21. We run the big jon mini discs alot when fishing for browns. We usually figure 20 down back 100. Last year we did real well on browns with them.
  22. Not to hijack the thread but I am thinkin of takin the small boat up the weekend of the 27th. Are any of the ramps open?
  23. Wondering if anyone else has pics of their bases? I would like to mount in the front further than the seat mount. I made the mast from 1.5" galvanized pipe.
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