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  1. also looking to change tim what garmin thanks
  2. Bought the retrofit available from Traxstech and they are worth every penny... Moving rods around we have run dipsys and copper rods out of them with no issues.
  3. Sterling creek campground fairhaven is nice close to statepark Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Guess I shouldve read a little deeper into the flea flicker post. Thanks anyways
  6. Anybody try the Sea Flee line from Blood Run? Just looking for some reviews. Thanks
  7. We have some at the lake. We will be able to get in campground on April 13. Our camper is in Fair Haven. If you don't find any before that weekend, you can contact us.
  8. We get our rubber bands from staples. We use #16. We wrap the line 3 times and then put the loops on each end in a small snap clip or carabiner, dont have many issues. As said above watch the rod tips, you can usually spot a shaker on the line if you load your rods good.
  9. My 19 strand frayed in large sections deep in the reel on 3 different rods. Ran it about a month and switched back to Malin.
  10. I run four dispys quite a bit, I pull the mags on the inside normally on a 1.5 setting and then run a regular dipsy over it on a 3 setting. Dont have many issues with tangles unless there is an accidental sharp turn.
  11. IMO you can't beat the Daiwa Saltist [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  12. I prefer clothes pins for browns. A bag of fifty clothes pins, metal shower curtain rings, and a can of orange spray paint can be picked up real cheap. When Im pulling copper I use the Scotty releases.
  13. Had some fiberglass work done by the Watercraft Clinic in Red Creek, NY. Was really happy with the work as well.
  14. White Echip w/ a billy v glow ghost from siggs rigs... best rig for the last two years!
  15. Hit the woods early this morning with the hopes of seeing a few buck making their way around the farm. Got on my stand and was overrun with red squirels. Just as the sun was coming up heard a shot up across the hay fields where my brother was gonna be on stand. He called at 7am and said his day was over, he had just dropped a nice 6 point. I stayed on my stand and told him Id come out if he needed help loading his deer. At about 9am I see my brother sneaking along the back of our pond approaching my stand when this deer comes rocketing out of its bed in the thicket at the spill way. After a quick check I knew it was a shooter and took the shot. Two shots, two deer and we were outta the woods by 10 am. pic below shows my brothers 6 on the left and my 9 on the right. No single pics of my brothers buck but it was a great way to spend the morning.
  16. try bev mandaville 716 870 6244 or 716 778 7616 convenience cottages located in olcott. have stayed there for the past two or three years. houses are all very nice and affordable. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  17. It sure would be nice if Daiwa would release the saltists large enough for coppers!
  18. Another vote for the Saltist. Ran them all season and feel they are the best reel on the market. Had the Sealines, Convectors, and Tekotas over the past few years and the Saltist blows them all out of the water
  19. Had the same problems as WWIV. I was using the 19 strand though. Now the problem that Im having is that strands are starting to fray back in the reel. Had to strip wire off a few times this year... Tried different rods and have the same problem with all four wire reels. Im with Tim, once the season is over Im going back to Malin.
  20. If youre out of Oswego, most boat will run channels 5, 66, and 68. Usually some helpful information on all channels. We usually run 66 and 68 on scan... feel free to shout we'll give any info we can... its a big lake so there is no need for secrets
  21. They are still available... Can have them for delivery to the Fair Haven Challenge if interested. Otherwise buyer pays shipping or pick up in Oswego or Fair Haven
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