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  1. Try janns netcraft, I have gotten blanks through them
  2. I run them on mine. I'm sure there will be pros and cons from others, but I can't say that I have lost fish or had problems becuase of them. I run the small clear snubbers made by opti-tackle.
  3. I run them how they come in the package.
  4. Cant beleive I hadn't seen this before, took one look and went right to the garage and made one. Luckily I had a peice of galvanized post, some eyebolts, and pulleys. Now I just need to build the reels and get out there chasin browns with the small boat. Thanks for the idea musky
  5. I've had the coated cable for two years and haven't reterminated yet. I just thought the weight retrivers might be faster and easier then the tip up feature.
  6. Just wondering if anyone who runs Scotty riggers and uses the weight retrievers has used them on coated cable. Just wondering if I would have any problem using the retriever on my probe rigger. Thanks in advance.
  7. Try running it any time that you are deep enough. Last year when the kings were deep I wasnt running my 300s so I loaned them out. The guy who had them caught a bunch of steelheads with them.
  8. Another vote for the scottys. Can't comment on the customer service because we've never had a problem with them. Like seasquirel said they make a nice beer holder and arm rest too!
  9. We've been running the bags from Amish Outfitters for two years. We run them for the purpose of slowing down while keeping the rpms higher than needed. They are holding up very well, they do help steady than boat and keeping it from rocking side to side. We also will pull one or the other to help keep the boat tracking straight in rough water.
  10. Just another thought but you may want to consider Fair Haven in the spring. There are multiple launch options within the State Park as well as a free public launch at the Little Sodus Inn. The launch at the Little Sodus Inn is short and shallow which might work for you, I launch my 17 ft.er there every once in a while. Only problem with that launch is that you will then have to run the length of the bay. Little Sodus Bay is quite large and provides excellent bass, pike, panfish, etc. fishing all year round and will hold browns in the spring. If you launch in the State Park access to the lake is quick. You can also launch out of the Park pond, which will allow access to Sterling Creek, this is a good fishing area for the fore mentioned species as well as some steelies in the fall.
  11. A friend from Oswego runs them, not sure cause i havent paid much attention to them, but they used to be made by okuma. Not sure who makes them now
  12. I'll second iceman on the dual frequency transducer. I run 50/200 when fishing deeper than 50 ft. and its a nice option to have. Only other suggestion I have is to get the largest screen you can afford and fit on the boat. I upgraded to the Lowrance 113c last year and the large screen is awesome.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/2-BIG-JON-OTTER-BOA ... 5885f4547c
  14. Thanks for the help guys, I have a call in to a local archery tech to see if he can get rid of it for me.
  15. Hey guys wondering if someone could help me. I am considering selling my bow and am not sure what it is worth. I have an '07 Darton Vapor, 70# 31 inch draw, muzzy zero effect rest, stabilizer, tru glo sights, and 6 carbon express 300s. If someone could give me an idea what it's worth, I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. I would recommend the depth raider. Fish the temp but dont be scared to fish out of temp, opposite of salmon boy, I took the many of my kings this year way above temp out of Fair Haven. We marked what we thought were kings high in 60-65 degree temp, they bit early and late but shut off during the day, oh yeah they were kings! They stayed high all day, but we could only get them to bite early and late.
  17. Looks an awful lot like a parker.
  18. They are great reels, we've had them for years but just dont need them anymore. Kdawg these will not hold copper. They make great rigger and dipsy reels.
  19. 4 Daiwas left...would like to see them go!
  20. Awesome pics...I've only managed to catch one but it was well worth it. I got mine in Little Sodus Bay just out of the State Park ramp and man did he jump...put all the steelheads i've caught to shame in height of jumps
  21. Thanks Hank, thats good to know
  22. Thanks for the help guys. I'll keep lookin til I find the right one.
  23. Thinking about adding autopilot for this summer and I am looking for some suggestions. '89 Penn Yan 245, 5.7 Merc I/O, cable steering. Thanks for the help.
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