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  1. Try running a longer leader behind the dipsy. I run mine the length of the rod as the shortest and often run them longer. Also you may be letting the dipsy out to fast. A jplug will dive/float and keep tension on the leader as the diver goes out. The spoons will flutter and if the diver goes out to fast will tangle.
  2. Thanks guys, still cannot find the camera cable so here is a pic of the fish from my phone. Once I find the cable I'll have a few more pics from the week.
  3. Fair Haven Left last Friday morning for vacation with plans on fishing Fair Haven until Wednesday and then moving the boat to Oswego Wed. evening. Fishing out of Fair Haven was good with an average of 7-15 hook ups per day. We fished straight out of the chute in 160-225. Best colors out of Fair Haven were white dodger/ultra glow whitefly, blue spinny/hammer fly, silver e-chip/b fly, and a smoke dodger/blue bubble fly. Fish came primarily on the riggers with the dipsys close behind. It was a slow week for the coppers. Riggers were run between 75 ft. and 160ft down and the dipsys were between 225-350. Catch out of Fair Haven was mainly kings with two steelies and one brown. Average king out of Fair Haven was between 14-22 pounds. Oswego Moved the boat Wed. night and got it all tied up in the slip and ready to fish on Thursday morning. Our goal was to find fish for the LSRC with out having to run back to Fair Haven. We setup off the steam plant in 160 Thursday morning to find a slow bite that got much better for us as the day progressed. We ended the day aroudn 1:30 with 7 kings and many missed oppurtunities. Colors were teh same as the one mentioned above but were run from 75-115 on the riggers and 225-275 on the dipsy. Missed a few real nice fish between junkyard and moon beach late in the day so that was to be our starting point on Friday. Had some friends up for Harborfest and they arrived late Thurs. night and were sluggish on Friday morning so we never got on the water until around 8:30ish. We called it a day around 12:00 as I was getting bored riding around by myself listening to them snore. We finished 3-3 with a nice major tipping the boat scale at 31 pounds (pictures to come). Thanks to Home Office for giving us some room as the fish tangled with our 450 copper and was giving a first timer the battle of his life. Returned to that point Saturday morning and found lots of fish on the screen but just could not get them to fire.After many attempts finally got some hits but finished 2-7 with an upper teens and king and a real nice steelie. 5 of the 7 bites came on the dipsy with a silver e chip and a b fly out 250. Wish we could have had a better day but oh well the week of fishing was nice with no blow days and good fishing. Ill post some picutres when i come across my camera cable.
  4. Nk Mag lazer spook and nk mag super glow copper, three purple. If not those two than def. something with copper
  5. What gambler is refering to is that the boards will pull back further to the back of the boat rather than running off to the side.
  6. I pull my 600' on my otter boats with no real problem. As for your second question, there may be more than one answer given but I always hook my release to the backer. I use scotty releases and rubberbands. Some guys on the board are peicing in some mono between the backer and the copper and hooking the release to the mono.
  7. We have a 1989 Penn Yan 245 Contender and love it. There are a few others on the board who have the model also and I would imagine they will say the same thing. We have the chevy 350 in ours and it doesnt burn that much gas. We usually fill up after each weekend and purchase 30-35 gallons on average. Pending a survey, go for it.
  8. 10 ft. Okuma Blue Diamond dipsy rod (not roller) with an Okuma Convector 30 spooled with 30# wire. Setup was made as a back up and has been used a few times. The wire was fresh last fall and has not been used. Would prefer to have someone pick up the rod or you pay the shipping. I am in Fair Haven and Oswego every weekend and with be there all week 7/18-7/26. Trying to clean up the shed $125.00
  9. (Gray Fox) : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): (7/11/2009) Time on Water: (6:00 AM – 10:30 AM) Location: (Fair Haven) LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords) =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: (2) Total Boated: (2) Species Breakdown: (2 Kings) Boat Depth: (100-200 ft) Lure Depth: (105 Rigger, 450 Copper) ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Set up around 6AM saturday west off Fair Haven, off the silos. After getting the rods set the 105 rigger fires and we landed a nice 15 pound king. The fish hit a white/green dot spinny with an ultra glow green atommik. Trolled around a while longer and ended up off McIntyres in 188 when the 450 copper fired. After a short battle, we landed another king around 15 pounds on a glow/chrome frog spinny with the 42 second fly. Pulled the rods and headed in 2 for 2 around 10:30 due to the threat of crappy weather.
  10. We run 25# Big Game. Never really had a problem with fleas, we get a little bit at the swivel knot but not enough to cause a problem. I bought a bulk spool of 30# Flea Flicker two years ago spooled the reels and it lasted one weekend. Stripped the reels went back to Big Game gave the remainder of the bulk spool away. After one day of fishing it was twisting way back onto the reel, tried different brands of swivels through out the day also to make sure that was not the problem, check the rod guides, etc. Maybe I bought a bad batch, not sure alot of guys seem to like it. The guy I gave the bulk spool to burned the remainder of the line after two trips and also switched line. Good Luck with whichever you choose.
  11. I'm also running Daiwa Heartlands in 9'6 and 10'6. They are a couple of seasons old now and still look like they are new. I also have 9'6 Daiwa Firewolf rods (cheaper model than the Heartlands) for my braid divers and a couple of coppers. For the price you cant beat these rods.
  12. I beleive it is this coming saturday. June 27th.
  13. We got our penn yan 245 brand new in 1989, picked it up from the factory and it never had a capacity plate.
  14. We run our thumpers on 9'6 Heartlands. There pretty cheap, around 30 bucks and work great. I also have used the Daiwa Firewolf rods which are chaper yet. They work well and hold up nice. I still run them on occasion but they are now set up with 1000 ft. of Power pro so they can double as braid dipsys.
  15. Had the same problem a few years back and also changed the transducer and had no more problems.
  16. I run a depth raider and have more bare spots (coating gone) on my cable than I can count. Some are close to 6 inches in length. All caused by tangles and such over the last three seasons. My depth raider still provides rock solid readings with the bare spots. Last month at the bar I had it down 135 for a few hours and never had a problem getting a reading.
  17. Here are a few pics from our spring trip to Olcott and a couple from Fair Haven. Fish-n-ambition crew with some silver Kings with a few Cohos Flash Five crew with some kings Fish-n-ambition crew again Nice King Biggest kings of the trip 26.11# on left and 24.08# on right Biggest two again Flash Five on the last day Fish-n-ambition on the last day Gray Fox on the last day Big Guy on the floor And last...the big fish of the trip 26.11# Father/Son Double Some Browns from the Sterling Creek Campground Brown Derby, Team Dog House winners Good Luck to those of you fishing the Pro Am out there this weekend.
  18. I agree with Yankee, I give the tow line a few good yanks or hold it just under the surface of the water. The releases slide then.
  19. Sorry Pete my mind was in two different places, the spoon is called the hot carmel not the carmel dolphin and its made by dreamweaver. Another hot spoon was the Stinger magnum fat nancy with glow tape.
  20. Spent a week in Olcott and the fishing was fantastic. Everyday that we fish we boated 25-30 fish mainly kings with a few cohos mixed in. We fished anywhere from a little east of Olcott to the bar. Fish were scattered all throughout the water column and seemed to hit different colors everyday. Only two lures that produced on a regular basis were a metallic glow frog and a hot caramel both from DW. Average king was around 17 or 18 pounds. Biggest king on the trip was 26.11 pounds. All in all it was a great trip with many doubles and triples and no major problems to mention. We returned to Fair Haven on Firday to spend the weekend. We fished for browns on saturday and had a good day. We finished around 12:30 ending our day at 9 for 13. Hot setups were spoons behind big jon mini discs on the boards and off the riggers. Saturday was also our campground brown trout derby. A few boats were unable to make it for the weekend so we only had 7 boats. Congratulations to the Sutter family/Team Doghouse on their win with their nice 3 fish limit of browns. Just realized I left the camera at camp so I won't have pics from the trip or the derby until next weekend. See those of you fishing Jon's BrownTrout derby saturday and best of luck to all.
  21. This may sound stupid, but did you put power to the antenna. We have an X-15 and the antenna gets power directly from the head unit when you plug in the antenna cord. Last year we added and X-113C and had to add power to the GPS antenna. Just an idea as another guy in camp bought a new unit and had the same problem, but he didnt realize that you had to put power to the antenna with the new units.
  22. I let out all the copper and then wrap a rubber band around the backer. The rubber band is then put into a Scotty rigger release and put out on the board. I pull my behind a set of otter boats as a think the copper pulls the inline boards to far behind the boat and was scared to tangle with my dipsys.
  23. I used small nylon cable clamps. Bought a pack of 50 for around $4.00. Attaches with a small screw.
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