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  1. Listing for a friend: (2) Cannon Mag 10's with 6 ft. booms and swivel bases. Both riggers in good working condition. Ill do my best to answer any questions one may have... Asking price is $275 each.
  2. Spent Sat. & Sun out of Fair Haven looking for kings. Fished anywhere from the silos up almost to the green can out of Oswego covering water from 100 out 620. Had one king on that took a dipsy out 240 over 560 on a chip/fly setup. Picked up some LT's so we had some action. Lots of bait and active fish around but we couldnt turn kings so save our lives. Didnt try targeting browns but heard some of the boats having a steady pick on them.
  3. Another vote for wire. I run snubbers but will only run the small clear snubbers. Had braid dipsys as well for a while and mine were spooled with 65# PP and I never had a problem.
  4. Just out of curiosity, are all of the tournaments going to be restricted to the east end this year? I know the Atomik Challenge is but will there be teams traveling to the west to get better boxes? It'd be kinda nice to see the whole thing done on the east end.
  5. Ive got a pair of 12lb balls with the tail fins bent so they would track wide. Rerigged the boat with three riggers and no longer use them as the spread is wider spaced. I dont really want to ship them but if you are interested in picking them up in Fair Haven or Olcott (Bouncing back and forth for the month of May) there yours. Let me know and if need be I'll bring them up with me. No charge just gotta pick them up.
  6. Picked up a 2010 Ford Expedition (5.4L) a few months back and have been very happy. Recent calculation puts the vehicle in at just under 17 mpg which I thought was suprisingly good for a large vehicle. It also tows our 24' Penn Yan with no problem. My father has a Ford F-150 with the same motor that is getting roughly the same mileage.
  7. Can't say much about the day fishing for the walleyes as we have only ever caught one during the day and that fish hit a slider out over 600ft! As for the night trolling we have done quite well and have pulled many fish in the trophy class from the river and harbor at night. Two key items for us were speed and lure. We only ran S18 rapalas in a variety of colors and trolled as slow as we could go. We always fished from our small boat which has a 25 horse on it and would bump in gear at idle and start fishing. Good luck if you get out there after them. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. Try turning the little silver knob behind the drag counter clockwise. The spool tension may have been tightened. This can cause the reels to turn harder than usual.
  9. Try varying your speed. We have had good days at higher speed and good days at the slower speeds. The days we did good with higher speeds we were pulling bigger sticks and spoons (Smithwick Rogues, J-13, Thundersticks etc.)
  10. Thanks for the input guys. This is the first I have tried to tow with this vehicle. I'm gonna "guinea pig" my fathers truck tonite as a test. I used the truck to tow last year with no problems. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. Im not at all mechanically inclined so Im gonna ask a question to those who are... I plugged in my trailer lights this afternoon and blew the fuse for the trailer tail lights. I still have brake lights and turn signals which are on other fuses. I changed the fuse and it blew again as soon as I plugged the lights in. Would the problem be on the trailer end or the vehicle (vehicle is still under warranty). Thanks for the help.
  12. Walleye, I sent you another pm. If you are not receiving them, you can email me at [email protected]
  13. There is wire on one of the reels. The other two were stripped to put fresh on. Wire on the one reel, is one season old.
  14. Selling (2) Daiwa Great Lakes 47lc. Both reels rebuilt by St. Peters Outfitters in Oswego two years ago and havent been used since. $40 each buyer pays shipping.
  15. Selling (3) Daiwa Sealine 47lc. Were used as wire reels for three seasons. $70 each or $175 for the three. Buyer pays shipping or can be picked up.
  16. Selling (5) Daiwa Accudepth Plus 47lc. (2) of the reels are brand new and (3) are one season old. Used reels were used as rigger reels and have minor scratches from traveling in the boat. All reels fully functional with no problems. No boxes. (2) New reels: $65 each or $120 for the pair (3) Used reels: $50 each or $130 for (3) All (5) for $225
  17. Hey Pork, ya its power assisted cable steering. The boat is at the Watercraft Clinic having some work done so we are just having Clint do the steering and the autopilot. Thanks for the input though
  18. We are considering putting hydraulic steering in our Penn Yan 245. We will be adding an autopilot this winter and the major decision is whether we want to switch to hyd. or keep the cable steering. Just looking for some advice and opinions. Thanks
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