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  1. Heard the Fish USA rod is a nice one!
  2. Davenports bait and tackle in North Rose still has quite a few original NK's in stock. If anybody is looking. They had some on copper blanks. Was just there yesterday.
  3. Leader length depends on your trolling speed. An 18 is going to run better at a slower speed than a 24. I tend to troll about 2.5-2.8 sog. And most of my rigs are tied with a flasher length about 22-25. This week I was running them 15 ft behind the ball.
  4. It's not pine sol...its listerine. Put it in a spray bottle diluted a little. Works for about 10 minutes. The bugg spray works for a little while and then I keep getting bit. Thermacell works if it's not windy and covers any area not susceptible to ventilation. Thick socks and long pants are the only thing that works imo. I try to mop up any blood and guts asap. I think the smell draws them in. And I'll put a few pumps from the listerine mixture down.
  5. We took hits on a gold NBK spoon and various chrome flashers with glow flys. 2-face with a green BW UV fly, pig pen with a big fin glow, pig pen 2 with green hammer glow. 220 divers, 52 and 62 riggers.
  6. They act as an attractor which can be good on days when the fish are aggressive. On other days when the fish are negative it might work against you. I'm thinking of buying a pair. I'm going to get the black (non-extreme).
  7. I've had the same cannon brand termination gizmos for 8 years now. Unless you dragged bottom, the wire is kinked or something seems off you should be fine.
  8. The Amish snubbers are very durable!
  9. Daiwa sg57LC is the reel you want. Fast retrieve and room for 1000 ft of 30 lbs big game.
  10. Call Screwy Louie's in Fair Haven. If they don't have it try Allseasons or Fat Nancies in Pulaski.
  11. Full moon has made the bite slow. We took a coho and a steelhead. Had a couple others on and gone. One hit like a mature king. We took our bites in 200-210 fow out front. 300 copper was the hot rod (3 bites) with a gold NK 28 NBK in the bright sun. One bite on a flasher fly off the rigger.
  12. I buy whatever cut bait strips they sell at my local shop. Some people like the whole bait. But it takes more experience and knowledge to get the right roll with it. As for brine...I use fire brine by pautzke. I soak my strips in a zip lock bag the night before I fish. Usually 12-24 hours is best. It adds color, scent and firms it up so it doesn't fall apart.
  13. I keep some tied short and some tied long. Some days the fish want it different.
  14. Afternoon fishing is tough. Unless you stay until sunset. There's usually a flurry for a half hour just before. That is if you are on fish.