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  1. Is the launch back open and ice free?
  2. Don't forget white.
  3. I'd do a 2,3,5 and 10.
  4. That's a beaute right there!!
  5. Yes sir! The "weight rods" work! If you run the split shot too close to the spoon it kills the flutter action. And you are more likely to snag the bottom when your board stalls.
  6. Geezer and SSW
  7. Great couple of trips!!
  8. I run heavier than most with 20 lbs big game as a mainline to a micro swivel to a 7 ft leader of 15 lbs floro. No leadcore or sinkers. With spoons I pinch a medium sized lead split shot 50 ft in front of the spoon. A black/gold F7 rapala. Jr thunderstick in fire tiger, mad flash fire tiger and chrome/black/orange. Those are my most consistent producers.
  9. Run a NK28 at 2.5-2.8 where some spring kings are hanging around...and your drags will be screaming!!
  10. If you are fishing shallow water browns I try to stay between 2.0 and 2.5. If you are going after spring kings 2.8 is a good speed and spoons are your best bet!
  11. CAll 315-587-4773 Bill and Joanne have 2 places for rent right on Sodus Bay.
  12. I just use a swivel.
  13. Blood run tackle
  14. Ive used them for 8 years now with Twilly tips. They are a lighter action than most other diver rods. They are a bit awkward to get used to at first. The way they bend is almost like a noodle rod. I've caught a lot of fish on them and still haven't seen the need to change them out for anything else.
  15. What's the legality in tournaments having to use a tablet?