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  1. I buy whatever cut bait strips they sell at my local shop. Some people like the whole bait. But it takes more experience and knowledge to get the right roll with it. As for brine...I use fire brine by pautzke. I soak my strips in a zip lock bag the night before I fish. Usually 12-24 hours is best. It adds color, scent and firms it up so it doesn't fall apart.
  2. I keep some tied short and some tied long. Some days the fish want it different.
  3. Afternoon fishing is tough. Unless you stay until sunset. There's usually a flurry for a half hour just before. That is if you are on fish.
  4. Use the search engine. Most questions have already been brought up and discussed.
  5. Plugs are cheaper than engine rebuilds. I run semi-synthetic in a carb 90hp. Never have issues. Quiksilver premium plus.
  6. You never know what can happen! I had a metal bunk bracket crack last year. 2005 Yacht Club trailer. Us guys with smaller crafts that are trailer queens need to realize how much abuse these trailers take. Up until this happened I never thought about that. Thinking back I guesstimated my trailer probably has 60,000 miles on it. Then I thought of all the rail road tracks she's gone over and all the rough roads she's been down. Yup...makes sense now.
  7. Hughes is open. He rebuilt all his docks to float the first week of the flooding.
  8. You could always go to Hughes Marina he definitely is open.
  9. Nice catch John!
  10. Red thread not exposed.
  11. Knot doesn't matter really. You'll never get down that far with a fish on. You're good!
  12. The fast retrieve is great for deep riggers. Can get tight fast to a fish. The extra capacity is awesome for the thicker flee repellent lines. I double duty mine...they serve as lead core reels in the spring.
  13. Call Warrens hook line and sinker in Sodus point. I think they have some.
  14. That's a good deal!! You will appreciate the fast retrieve.