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  1. Check out a Lowe before you buy a Tracker
  2. Cut up a pool noodle into sections. Wrap around and put in a tackle box. I just wrap the fly around the flasher and put back into flasher file box.
  3. I had a great morning. 120-240 down 40-60. Long leads off the riggers and dipseys. All spoon bite.
  4. No. I use these attached to releases with big planer boards that have a mast system. Just spool on 5 colors to your backing and terminate with a 20 ft floro leader. Let all the colors into the water plus another 50 ft of backing line. These work great early season when you are fishing shallower water. Say 20 ft down over 40 fow. I’ll mostly use copper from now till Labor Day. If there is an upwelling and the fish are closer to the surface I’ll try a short core.
  5. I used to launch in sodus...now I drive a few extra miles and pay the $10 to Hughes Marina. Much easier and more comfortable place.
  6. Dang...heck of a job! Congrats!!
  7. I do just a wrap of electrical tape
  8. Any light to medium weight rod will work. I use my ugly stick light action 8 ft 3 inch downrigger rods and they work well. It’s all personal preference. I have 2 of the Okuma LC/Copper rods too and they are too heavy for my taste.
  9. If nobody responds. Spool the first one on backwards. First the Wire and then backer. Re-set your counter when you start the backer so you know how much. Then wind it onto the other reel.
  10. I recently changed the planer board line from the stock Big Jon to 200 lbs braid (generic power pro off eBay). Definitely some improvement in how the releases slide. Still had to coax a few but much better.
  11. The best solution is to buy a bunch of clipper releases and sleeve them and add a nut/bolt to add weight. You need a heavier release. These work best if you use the same backing or line on all your rods as you have to adjust the release for the diameter of the line. I have the same issue as you using the scottys with the shower curtain ring. I let a rod out on one side then do one on the other and do turns. They will move out a few feet at a time with the slack. I also pull a few feet of planer line in and then let it snap back out (by hand). It's a PIA. Ultimately replacing your tow lines with power pro and using the clippers is the best way to go. I only do a handful of trips for browns. And might run one copper off each side the rest of the year. So I haven't upgraded my tow line or releases. But have been on boats that did and it's night/day difference.
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