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  1. for sale 2 offshore roller rods 8 ft. price to sell 100 for both o r50 a piece used maybe 12 times. plus shipping contact me at 315-523-4958. ask for chris http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 0410491149 also for sale are 4 stainless steel rod holders for dipsy's and planer boards. here is the link for them to...100.00 for all 4 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 0410485714. bids on today
  2. ok we read alot about leadcore and its favorite lure down the chute. but what about your favorite lure to run on copper down the chute?
  3. ok i just bought this boat and i have herd changing the name ia a bad no no. what does everone think?
  4. fortgot to add the picture of the steering and electronics. The new ff and chartplotter/gps will be added in the next couple weeks.
  5. i bought this from home office. Had it delivered today and i am very pleased with it. I have 3 proos downriggers, raymarine dsx600 ff, with a 435 chartplotter. Also came with a lowrance 70a ff, and a older subtroll. very pleased with it. When i get back home from iraq for good a few more upgrades and I will be in some really good shape. Here are a few pics.
  6. any pics might be interested in the long arms is it for both or price per each unit
  7. i am looking for any ideas of how to make a hard top cover to replace my soft top. materials used, how to secure it, angles that should be used, and pics if u have a hard top you have done yourself. Any help is appreciated
  8. very nice cant wait till i can do some mods to my boat next winter
  9. nice fish 47 days and a wake-up and i will be on the water. Cant wait
  10. nice ride, I am shur it will be covered in blood no time. Keep us posted how it works out for you. I just bought a new one to. done upgrading till next year.
  11. momay4000, That is were i picked mine up from and i got the ds600x from another website for 325 so i cant beat it it is a steal exscpecially when money is tight to get two great units for really cheap. It was a fabulous steal..... were do u by the card at though.. Cant find it
  12. it has a 6" screen so it will do me right i do believe. For the price on the unit I could not pass it up. Raymarine is a very well known brand. I also havent herd any bad remarks about it either. so I went with it. Just looking to upgrade the chip for the great lakes in it. Any ideas for it
  13. what is a good map card to go with this unit. i bought it and looking to get a map card for lake ontario
  14. that is good to know i am headin there in may thankx
  15. for sale 3 down rigger rod and reels for sale 250.00 for all three. baught in july 07 used three times. must sell.. one rod is a 7' stratamaster rod with a okuma stratamaster 20d reel. 2nd one is a 10'6" heartland downrigger rod with a guideseries reel. 3rd one is a 10'3 okuma classic pro with a magda pro 30dx reel. all reels have linecounters and in working condition. rods and reels work well but i sold the boat and gettting rid of all things that I bought for the boat. I am located in northern new york. Will ship. buyer responsible for all shipping cost. we used these on my boat. we sold the boat and now must get rid of the rod and reels. if someone is interested make me a reasonable offer and they are yours.
  17. Went out sunday with SEADUCKTION looking for KINGS. Well the kings were no were to be found. Everyone up in henderson could not find them and if they did they were tight lip about were they were. So we went for lakers to get my two buddies that had never fished Lake onterio before. My buddy Johny was first up and landed a nice 3-5 lber. Then My buddy Matt was up and dropped two of them. He Had a bannana on the boat. Jinks us all day long. Then we had a double. I lost mine, and My buddy johny had a monster on. Landed it. It went probably 12-15 lber. Real nice. Johny was three for four for the day. Matt 0-2 and I was 0-2. We did manage to land two small jacks. SO overall we were 5-9. A lot of thanks goes out to SEADUCKTION for taking Me and my buddies out fishing. Not a lot of people out there take military poeple out fishing for the hell of it and teach them the way to work things and teach us the fishery of Lake Onterio. We enjoyed it SEADUCKTION and look forward to doing it again soon. My buddy Johny also said He will definently Love to go out with you again. THanks.
  18. Went out sunday mourning out of henderson. HAd an alright day. Fished till noon. We went 3-6 with fishing hitting on spoons and flies. We had a lot fo trips and drops but that is life. Fished 100' to 150' FOW and with the riggers down 75 ft. HAd the dipsies down 50-60 ft. All lines fired. Which was the first for me. One king went 26LB. 7 oz. and the other king we 17LBS. And we took one laker and didnt bother with weighing it. hopefully getting out wednesday and thursday but we will wait and see. These are my first fish taken out on lake onterio and we are still learning so. In the pictures in my dad with the 26LBer and jd with the 17lber. I had the laker. O well i still dont have a salmon landed in lake onterio. I guess my time will come. My dad with his first ever lake onterio salmon 26 lber Me with a laker [/img] JD with a nice little 16 lber
  19. what kind of cut bait do u use for lake onterio. salmon rue i know to use but what else do u use that is a proven fish catcher for cut bait... very new to fishing the main lake need some help please
  20. I fish black river bay a lot and for the salmon when they make there run up the river made ir out ouce when it was perfectly no waves at all. my questions are... my boat is a 21 ft. open bow boat... will it be safe enough to go out on the wall and threw sandy creek area trolling for the salmon in 1-3 foot waves... i want to be safe then sorry. Honesty please. i am not going to take anyones fishing grounds becuase there is more then enough lakers,browns and salmon to go around i love to fish for them they put on a good fight.. please any help will be good.
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