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  1. lfthzmrk

    Ibay Perch

    Fished Ibay on Tuesday the 16th afternoon and the bite was slow but steady. A LOT OF DINKS to wade through. Took home a couple dozen keepers 9-11". Pleasant afternoon away from work. Life is too short to only fish on weekends!
  2. lfthzmrk

    Lake Erie Perch

    I went to Lake Erie twice this year in my 14' Bluefin and was successful both times. Last week we caught a few out of Cattaraugus Creek 65 FOW.
  3. Thanks for the Salute. As a fellow Vet it is MY honor to serve. Having 24 yrs under my belt so far I am thankful for the continued good health to be able to continue to serve this GREAT nation of ours. I follow in the footsteps of those who went before me, who I honor with my service. I dare not speak for other Vets but I know that I am greatful for the many heartful notes of thanks and verbal thank-yous that I receive from those who know me. May the Lord bless you all my fellow members of the LOU!! BTW Muskybob the Army National Guard was established Dec 13th 1636 in Massachusetts Bay Colony... Keep up the good work because I Love the LOU!!!!
  4. Congratulations on some nice fish and nice report, Thanks
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