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  1. Everyone antd the right of way. Has anyone really thought about the rules of the road. I know (as I am one) that the lincensed captians are supposed to know them and would hope that all boaters at have a working knowledge of them. That said with the captians being responasble for their passengers and vessel THEY should be yealding regardless of who,s right if their vessel is in danger.------- Come on.. Play nice.
  2. We use double rubber bands in LO snapped onto the top of a roemer release. A single works good in champlain. They will shake when a small fish is on. Also they get great hook sets.
  3. Hi, I ran a 25' Wellcraft sportsman for ten years with a gill bracket. It puts the main motor way behind the boat. Great for proformance but a pain in the a%$ for seting lines and netting fish. I also ran a Yamaha 9.9 kicker on the port side and the rear port rigger boom set straight back ran about 12" behind the prop. as long as the boat moved forward it was no problem. In fact I caught a lot of landlocked salmon down 5-10 off that rigger in the prop wash
  4. Hi, Just looked at one in the tackle shop yesterday. They have great adjustments for up to your line to adjust tension to manually release and an excellant adjustment of a magnet for the line going back to the fish. Both seem smooth when working them and very adjustable. I will try a couple next year for sure. My only concern is in Vermont on Champlain we have small stockers and I like to keep releases set to set the hook when they release. Rubber bands work great at that time of year. I'm not sure if these will be much better than roamers. Oh, I heard roamer is out of bussiness. True????
  5. Hi. I am interested if they are the old solid style. How much? Please send me a PM.
  6. How about a Raymarine C120 bundle? any one have any experince? Currently have a 750 and it has been flawless and has some great features. Don't see much about Raymarine products on the site. Too pricey? Or? Is somthing easier to use?
  7. I have found Duracell gives me the best proformance and a couple of bulk packs from Costco last the summer
  8. TeamHelgoya Have you seen the attractors that run vertical in line that attach the the down rigger cable?? We fish Lake Champlain for landlocked salmon and find running two vertical flashers on the outside riggers tends to work VERY well to bring the fish into the spread. I generally fish the back two riggers a little deeper than the sides. For salmon here that run 2-5 lbs we find flashers on the line are a bit much so the flashers attached to the rigger cables work great. We then run a spoon 5-6' or longer behind and 2' to 3' above the flasher depending on depth. I aggree that copper with orange is a great color for brown trout in our lake. Good luck.
  9. Went to Cananda a couple of years ago with a friend that had heard about great hunting. We booked a hunt and when we got there it was pened. we knew it was controled land but had no idea to the extent. what a letdown. I could not bring myself to shoot anything. what is for sale looks just like that. at this place we went to it was great to look at the deer, but they are bred and raised like cattle to maxminize antler size for (hunters???) to shoot. They charge by score. Some guys want to have an impressive rack on the wall and I guess it works for them. Even with a bow I could see no real challange. I believe in fair chase.
  10. A free slider is a leader with a swivel and a clip. Hook the spoon to the clip or direct tie it and after you set the downrigger hook the rig using the swivel to your line and let it slide down. It will settle at the belly in your line. You can also use a rubber band looped on the line to SET a fixed 2nd spoon in place after you zero in on the depth the fish are at. Just loop the rubberband on the line at the desired depth and hook the swevel through the rubber band and then onto the line.
  11. Hey, what is the Oak site???? could you please post a link? Thanks.. sounds like you had fun out there.
  12. Jekyll Last year we killed them on the 102 hammer fly, but for some reason we didi better on the green this year. Also caught a couple fish on the PRO-AM fly behind a silver echip with a stripe on green tape on sunny days. Back at work now and it sucks.
  13. Good luck to both of you. If you tie your own hook set ups try 3 black beads between the treble and the circle hook with the ckinkle green howie fly. we also run the chartruse beads and they work well, but for some reason the black fired 3-1.
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