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  1. Team Royal Flush/Shirley B at the KOTL Awards ceremony photo;
  2. Our newly improved cuts turned out to be quite successful for the Team Royal Flush/Shirley B while fishing the King of the Lake tournament series. They committed to our strips to catapult them to Win the entire KOTL series and also "Big Fish friday". Here's a recap straight from the team: Team Royal Flush/Shirley B. KOTL Recap « Thread Started on Sept 6, 2011, 4:23pm » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First I would like to thank Yvan and the rest of the Big Jon KOTL staff for putting on a whole seasons worth of great events. Mother nature cooperated a little nicer this year too. It was great hanging out with all of the tourney guys for another season and we can't wait for next year already. We also got hooked up with another great observer (Ben), another first class guy that will hopefully be fishing these events soon! For this tourney we went with the same team as we did in the spring Myself(Pete), my dad (John), the owner of Royal Flush(Bob), and our Canadian good luck charm(Jamie), we always seem to do good when he's with us! We arrived in town on Wed afternoon and fished from about 3 miles past the weller to the weller. We hooked a few, but nothing we wanted to fish a tourney on. On thursday our plan was to hit the niagara bar early then check out in front of port. A few days earlier Tony from Reelthrill had done a huge box on the bar right in 60-80 fow running a combination of spinnie flies and Familiar bite cutbait. We ran to the bar and saw all kinds of marks first thing. Unfortunately marks dont win tourneys. We only pulled five kings a few steelies and lakers too. The biggest king was just over 21lbs. and the rest were all small. At about 1pm the boat started overheating so we headed in early to make sure we got it fixed. We ended up finding some crap jambed up in the thermostat housing that was blocking the water flow and got it all back together. We took it out front of port for a test drive and to check the graph. The screen actually looked pretty good and we needed to decide what we would do on friday. After a long debate we decided we were going to make a run and check out Bronte, although we didn't have any recent info on that area, we have done well there in the past and wanted to check it out. A few things went into this decision. 1. We didnt think that with the boat traffic out in front of port that we could put together 2 consistant days. 2. We hadnt actually fished in front of port and didnt know if we could catch those fish. 3. We didnt think the fish in front would be very big (we were wrong). So off to bronte in the fog we went. Hoping for the whole run the fog would lift (wrong again). We got there at about 815 am on friday and set up in about 60 fow and worked our way between there and 35 fow. As soon as the first rod went in the water with the familiar bite on it it fired. Everyone was smiling thinking we just hit the mother load. Unfortunatly we were wrong and only got 4 kings on friday, but all of them were big. The biggest being big enough for us to win big fish friday for the first time! Another would have been big enough to place as well. Now it was decision time. Do we go to Bronte and hope to get our 5, or do we fish with the pack and just try to protect our overall KOTL lead? Everyone on the team likes taking the risk going for the big score so we decided on going for it and heading across the lake to see what we could do. (especially since no huge fish were weighed in on big fish friday from in front of port, we had no clue those pigs were even there) Saturday Morning and off to Bronte we go. The whole way hoping that there wasnt going to be much boat traffic because there weren't alot of fish. We set up in 45-50 fow of water just east of the creek. I put down a #2 wire diver back 85 feet with a Familiar bite strip bait and a matching setup on the starboard side rigger down 35 feet. we went with a spinnie fly on the other rigger and before the other dipsey was set we were doubled on big kings on the meat rigs. It didnt take long before we were running 4 meat rigs and it was a good thing because the bite died around 9am. We kept pounding the inside water hoping to get one more upgrade but it didnt happen. With about an hour to go and a blank screen we decided to troll out deeper just to see what was there so we could decide what to do on sunday. This would prove to be our best decision as we found kings stacked in 70-120 fow and pulled our biggest king when Jamie set up a familiar bite rig on a 300' copper down the shoot, before he sat back down the reel was screaming. Now we had a plan when our inside bite died. Sunday morning brought a 45 min. weather/darkness delay. A good safety idea for the tourney, but a horrible morning bite decision for us (or so we thought). When we finally got to go out we had one thing in mind, get to the fish as fast as we could. This wasnt bad for the first 8-10 miles, but it kicked to 3-5 footers and the ride got alot less comfortable. The Royal Flush was good to us though and got us through it at a 26kt pace. Luckily once we were inside 60 fow it calmed back down since there was enough west in the wind to protect us. Good thing we got there fast. We had decided we were going to run 2 dipseys and 2 riggers and 1 shoot leadcore all with familiar bite. As we were setting our third rod we tripled, unfortunatly we only landed one. However the overcast sky kept the bite going all day and we ended up having between 15 and 20 matures on. The shoot rod only got in once, just long enough to cut off a screamer on the rigger, so we just fished the 4 rod program. We did have a scary moment around 9 when all of the sudden our motor died. Right when about 200 sailboats were headed our way(this year the sailboats were actually not bad as in years past, a few even turned off to give us room!). We quickly diagnosed that we had no ignition power, but couldnt figure out why. We tried to backfeed the ignition system and eventually found a hidden blown fuse. We only had 1 spare fuse and didnt detect a short circuit. we figured either the spare fuse would hold or we could kiss the tourney and the overall KOTL goodbye. Luckily for us the fix worked and after 45 minuted we were fishing again. We got 2 more upgrades after that and came in plenty early just in case we had more problems. Overall it was a great year for us, we seemed to catch every break and always seemed to get on the right fish for one reason or another. I hope you all have a good off season and look forward to seeing you next year! http://www.thekingofthelake.com/ Congratulation guys, Sincerely, Walter Thompson
  3. For the short time we have been producing the new Familiar Bite Herring Strips, we are very pleased with the reports of catch! We would like to thank the many who have helped us improve our products with their suggestions and will always have an open ear! The fresher the baits the better the catch! Sincerely; Walter Thompson of GLTSupplies
  4. MDryer; Watch video time @ 3:10. There's a hole at the back of the baithead that holds tension on the leader line, in order to maintain the arc (curve) you've established. GLTS
  5. Hey Mark: (A.K.A. Sir. Kingslayer) and Uncle Bill; Way to go - Adrenaline junkies - huh! Wishing you the best for the rest of the Derby. Sincerely, Sir Walter
  6. Duane, Really enjoyed meeting you all. Didn't seem to loose much travel time for you and the group. Hope you had a great weekend, it was a hot one in the sun. Glad to help. Thanks for the appreciation - puts wind in our sails. Walter Thompson GLTS
  7. Mark; That fish picked the wrong partner to Tango with! GLTS
  8. Mark, I dub thee “Sir Knight†of the King Slayers! "Sir Walter"
  9. Mark; Capt. Ernie Lantiegne (http://www.fishdoctorcharters.com) was nice enough to send me some studio shots of the Alewife Sushi Flies rigging. He said he would have sent a Sushi rig in a King's mouth but the strip is usually destroyed by time you get the fish in. I know from speaking with Capt. Ernie, this set up is the differance from Kings nipping at your flies or attacking them. Filleting one of our FAMILIAR BITE alewives Filleted and split tail end. Copper tied fillet to rig. 0048 PHOTO; Alewife Sushi Flies completed. NOTE: See Capt. Ernies notes below. Capt. Ernies recomended brining of fileted strips. Always keep COLD! For more detailed information conerning the Alewife Sushi Flies rig, pick up a Copy of the 2009 July Issue Great Lakes Angler Magazine. (Pg.22) Capt. Ernies NOTE to photo 0048Alewife Sushi Flies completed; Check out the attached series of "studio" shots...., in the 0048 photo, green fly is a baited fly with a standard Tournament(double hook) tie, with the treble trailing at the tip of the mylar. Hook setup on the Mirage fly is the best, with the leader extended between the beak hook and the treble, so the treble trails right at the end of the Familiar Bite bait strip. Thank you Capt. Ernie. Sincerely, Walter Thompson GLTS
  10. Mark (REEL JERKS), A picture speaks a thousand words. That's a great photo of one of our rigged baits. Could you e-mail them to me? I would like to include those along with our How To Manual via e-mail to our customers. I also would like to thank our Pro-Staff, whom I feel are some of the finest fishermen on the Great Lakes, for taking the time to test and relay these standard lead length; in hope of helping others. Sincerely; Walter Thompson GLTS
  11. There are several Anglers having questions about meat leader length recomendations. Here's our findings when running FAMILIAR BITE whole alewives and some proven meat leader lengths to get you started with a recommended speed at ball of 1.8 - 2. Our FAMILIAR BITE whole alewife pre rigged daisy chains (Tango's) are tied to match a standard fish catching leader length, based on blade used. For example; our 2Tango (2 skirts) daisy chain is better suited with an 8" blade having a leader length of 34" and our 3 Tango (3 skirts) daisy chain for 11" - 13" blades, having a leader length of 53". These leader lengths also apply to clean leaders (no skirts) and from swivel (no flasher). One of our Michigan Pro-Staff and a serious Canadian meat fishermen by the name of Big D, has prompted us to test a 4 Tango (4 skirts) for 11" to 13" blades, having a leader length of 72". All these lengths are great starting points but ultimately the angler determines what's best, based on the day. PM or e-mail us for our whole bait; care, proper rigging and instructions with lead length for downrigger,dipsy,copper.... Photo shown is one of our Pro-Staff (Todd Choate) A.K.A "Turkey Todd" using a 34" to 36" clean leader off an 8" Bechhold. It produces Big One's too! GLTS
  12. Line Dancin; You should talk with Captain Paul Dreher of Paul's Planer Board. Very friendly and knowlegdable. I'm sure he can round up some references or needed information . Fortune Charters Capt.Paul Dreher 716-569-2274 [email protected] http://www.fortunecharters.com/
  13. Final Flight; Do yourself a favor and contact Sharon at Narby's for either a 12lb,14lb, or 16lb Troll Rite Downrigger weight. Tapered ball to keel design makes tracking the way it should be - straight! Narbys Superette 1292 Oak Orchard Rd. Kent NY 14477 585-682-4624 http://www.narbys.com/ [email protected]
  14. Henchen Marina & Fishing Camp 13442 Rt 123 Henderson Harbor NY 13651 315-938-5313 [email protected] All Seasons Sports 3733 State Rt 13 Pulaski NY 13142 315-298-6433 [email protected] Jon's Little Salmon Bait & Tackle 221 State Route 104B Mexico NY 13114 315-963-7800 [email protected] St.Peter's Outfitters 3 Basin Street Oswego, NY 13126 315-345-6683 [email protected] Screwy Louie's 596 Main St. Fairhaven NY 13064 315 947-6348 [email protected] Sodus Point Bait & Tackle 8538 Greig St. Sodus Point NY 14555 315-483-2183 [email protected] Bayside Boat and Tackle (NEWLY ADDED) 1350 Empire Blvd. Rochester NY 14609 585-224-8289 [email protected] S & R Bait and Tackle Ron Gatz 4423 Culver Rd. Rochester NY 14622 585-323-1182 [email protected] Captains Cove 14339 Roosevelt Hwy Waterport, NY 14751 585-682-3316 [email protected] Narbys Superette 1292 Oak Orchard Rd. Kent NY 14477 585-682-4624 [email protected] Good Luck to those fishing this 2008 FALL LOC DERBY! FAMILIAR BITE WON the 2008 "GRAND PRIZE" Summer LOC Derby! http://www.loc.org/derby/leaderboard/index.asp
  15. ChromeSlayer; Each years harvest cycles different size baits. The Red labels are (5" to 6") and the Green Label (6" to 7"). Good News is, this years harvest has produced large - thick bodied Red Labels (averaging 6") and thick, Yummy! New York (Lake Ontario) Tackle shops and some of the Gander Mountains will be getting this years harvest shipments starting this week 8/5/08, along with our rigged FAMILIAR BITE baitheads. I've created a dealer list for NY Lake Ontario Anglers (scroll down): Henchen Marina & Fishing Camp 13442 Rt 123 Henderson Harbor NY 13651 315-938-5313 [email protected] All Seasons Sports 3733 State Rt 13 Pulaski NY 13142 315-298-6433 [email protected] Jon's Little Salmon Bait & Tackle 221 State Route 104B Mexico NY 13114 315-963-7800 [email protected] St.Peter's Outfitters 3 Basin Street Oswego, NY 13126 315-345-6683 [email protected] Screwy Louie's 596 Main St. Fairhaven NY 13064 315 947-6348 [email protected] Sodus Point Bait & Tackle 8538 Greig St. Sodus Point NY 14555 315-483-2183 [email protected] S & R Bait and Tackle Ron Gatz 4423 Culver Rd. Rochester NY 14622 585-323-1182 [email protected] Narbys Superette 1292 Oak Orchard Rd. Kent NY 14477 585-682-4624 [email protected] Good Luck to those fishing this 2008 FALL LOC DERBY! FAMILIAR BITE WON the 2008 "GRAND PRIZE" Summer LOC Derby! http://www.loc.org/derby/leaderboard/index.asp
  16. The WAR "TRIPLE TANGO" is rigged for our 13" WHIP FLASHER, We plan to have a WAR "DOUBLE TANGO" for our 2009, 8" LiL WHIP FLASHER, we are in testing now for final "DOUBLE TANGO" rigged length. A.K.A. FISH PISTOL
  17. Chris; Does this help at all!!
  18. Mark; Very rearly will they not hold up and NO BRINING NEEDED (Fresh is Best!) The herring I've tested all needs brining whether cut or whole and some of it disinigrates even after brining - go figure. At first most anglers over shoot the proper curve (arc) in bait for proper roll and they spin like a top - causing them to explode - like being in a blender. Your looking for a 1 to 2 cadence per second or a steady spiral roll. Too slow will produce a delayed rolling effect and to fast will be like a tail spin, just right gives a continual smooth spiral. Sounds like you got them rolling right, I'm really happy to hear your satified. We were out yesterday and let me say BIG Steelhead LOVE them too! I see several guys have an interest in our "Triple Tango" (Daisy Chains) and Narby's will have them by wednesday, if you care to check them out. See reply to FishStix for Daisy Chain tie measurements if you wish to tie your own.. Attached HOW TO RIG; poor picture quality but if you click again on the full sized image (after opening) it clears even more. Again thanks for your patience as we slowly release product. We should be locked and loaded for your FALL LOC DERBY! A.K.A. FISH PISTOL
  19. Salmonite; Narby's will have our RIGGED and U-RIG FAMILIAR BITE Bait Heads by tommorow afternoon. We appreciate your patience and plan to have NY stocked as fast as we are able. Soon, FAMILIAR BITE "Triple Tango" Daisy Chains will be available on our site. We will be filming an instructional HOW TO VIDEO and offer a HOW TO MANUAL for your viewing at shops selling our products or e-mail us and we will be glad to send one out in PDF. There's not a better designed baithead to match our FAMILIAR BITE alewives than ours. This is a whole alewife trolling system that may -at first- require patience and adjustments but is certainly worth the effort for catching the "BIG ONES" As you may know; Todd & Carrie Choate (another of our Pro-Staff) won the Summer LOC with a 31.14lb King and here's another 31lb King recently caught aboard BUC-A_ROO Charters (one of our Pro-Staff) out of the Oak . http://www.bucaroocharters.com/ Sincerely, Walter Thompson A.K.A. FISH PISTOL
  20. Mark; The Rochester Gander Mountain has no FAMILIAR BITE, must be herring. They aren't currently interested in frozen bait since the bait you saw sat for quite some time. Some of the Ganders are starting to order FAMILIAR BITE but it's the managers call. Here's a shop out of Rochester that came recommended by our Pro-Staff Capt. Ken Biemiller (Off the Hook Charters) http://www.othfishing.com/index.shtml S & R Bait and Tackle Ron Gatz 4423 Culver Rd. Rochester NY 14622 585-323-1182 [email protected] also; Narbys Superette 1292 Oak Orchard Rd. Kent NY 14477 585-682-4624 [email protected] Hope this helps, Fish Pistol
  21. Photo Shows: FAMILIAR BITE Premium whole alewife in a FAMILIAR BITE custom designed (for alewives) baithead. This is a whole bait trolling system speciffically designed for Great Lakes Alewives, A.K.A., mooneyes,sawbellies..."GRAND PRIZE WINNER" 2008 Summer LOC Derby on a 31.14lb Salmon. Fish Pistol
  22. Mike; Here's the FAMILIAR BITE bait rigged in our custom designed (for our whole alewives) FAMILIAR BITE baithead. This is the same whole bait rig Todd Choate's wife Carrie, used to win the "GRAND PRIZE WINNER", 2008 Summer LOC Derby. This is and always was a whole bait system, designed speciffically for our whole alewives. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if more information is need. Get the "BIG ONE" with FAMILIAR BITE! Fish Pistol
  23. I ONLY RECOMMEND THE BEST!! http://www.alleghenyguideservice.com/
  24. Todd and Carrie Choate of Gasport NY, took the "GRAND PRIZE WINNER" in the 2008 Summer LOC Derby with a 31.14lb Salmon that paid $7,500.00. He had a FAMILIAR BITE whole alewife in a FAMILIAR BITE baithead behind an 8" Bechold flasher on a wire diver set on #1, 220ft back over 200ft of water between Olcott and Wilson NY (7/17/2008) aboard his 28ft Baha named Litt-Bit (Craz). Todd chased line and Carrie reeled it in. With-in 4 days fishing the derby they put 2 fish on the board, a 26.10lb Salmon then the 31.14lb Salmon both caught on FAMILIAR BITE behind an 8" Bechold Flasher. Congratulations to Todd,Carrie and son Tyler (seen in photo). And special thanks to Mr.Chilton LOC President, Bill Hilts Jr announcer and all the behind the scenes workers that make it possible.GREAT DERBY!
  25. Here's a unique diver wire terminal kit.Keeps things tightened up! http://shop.gltsupplies.com/merchant2/m ... ct_Count=2
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