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  1. It dosnt have to be a monster to be a trophy any true bowhunter knows that. Congrats and nice shot placement .
  2. I went out for my opining day bow hunt this evening to hunt a nice rub line I came across a few weeks ago put a stand up on our very tightly posted land last weekend only to return an have to hunt on the ground. Brand new stand never even got to sit down in it. 150 bucks out the window. Guy must have relly needed it , it was a ladder stand locked to the tree and all three pieces locked together with cable locks. he was nice enough to leave me the cut locks and a battery powered dremal tool at the base of my tree. what more can you say but SCUMBAGS!!!!!! I thought us hunters stuck together but I guess there will always be a couple of losers out there. To the piece of crap that took my stand, I hope you fall and break your neck !!!!!!!
  3. Far enough away as to not piss them off LOL . This time of year you want to try to keep your distace when you in close . Alot of guys run copper and lead core witch can go back along way, when they get shallow there will be planer boards out also . If you get too close and start snagging another boats junk,they get pissed you get tangles and if it gets in your motor your F---ed . Haven't had it happen but have herd enough stories here to watch what I'm doing COMBAT FISHING !!!!!!!!!! :shock: :x
  4. Nice little boat .I have pretty much the same one but its a 88 starcraft with the 48E . Home made rigger stands on the back corners. I'll post a pick if I can find one. Sounds like you have what you need to start. If its salmon and trout your after I prefer the Olcott lanch, ramps are nicer and theres a fish cleaning station on the spot if you get lucky and I pesonally like the fishing better there. Plus their are alot more salmon hunters in Olcott to chat with for help. Check out the local club seems like a great group of guys and you can't beat it for 10 bucks. http://www.lotsa.org/
  6. Welcome to the site . If you search the posts you will find most if not all the ? you just asked. Good luck and have fun. Wire is run with dipsys ,copper is run like lead core out the back, to run 2 poles off each rigger you use stackers or you can run 1 pole with multi lures using sliders. read some posts and you will find alot of great tips. My catch has prob has tripled because of the great guys on this site that are willing to give you all the info on what they have learned though the years.This site has the best bunch of guys around to learn from and you will get a few good laughs too. 7 break offs ? I would be wounder if my line was old or too lite . What test are you using? Hope this helps alittle Mike
  7. Took a day off from the sh**y fishing I've been having lately and hit the field for a little early goose busting. Did a quickie set-up with only 6 dekes sat down and waited . Not much calling needed small flocks of 6 and 8 birds started showing up shortly after 7 we were in my front yard taking picks of 10 birds by 7:45 great fast morning. Mike
  8. NY link http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/28941.html
  9. Thanks what about speed spoon speed 2.8 or so. Or is it slower more like 2.2
  10. Whats the starting standard for lead back and speed. Have had j-plugs for years but never ran them much and really don't recall catching anything with them but have never really given them a chance. Thanks, mike
  11. there is a new one on ebay 999.00 or best offer Mike
  12. Not a bad day went 8 for 11 everything we hit was between 50-70 feet 46 degrees down 50. 3 steelies on black magic a laker on a purple thunder and 4 kings on green dolphins and green holograms . small steelies all kings were nice between 21 and 26 lbs kings all about 50 down . Some really nice bait balls in the 50-60 foot area . Man they show up nice on a color finder . First time through one we had 2 rods fire dropped one other was 26lbs and we hooked an alwife one a third rod.It was the first day out with the new finder and man was that cool. MIKE
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