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  1. Congrats to Matt, Rod and there crew after getting hit by the border patrol they did get big fish in the pay every day tourney both thur and friday. Good job guys, hope this takes some sting out of the fine, BW
  2. I talked with Rod, They docked and had a big fish to weigh. They went up and did that and I think they had big fish for the pay everyday tourney.They called and checked in with the BP. They got back to the boat after all that 25 min the BP was on the boat. Went thru the whole thing and held them for 3 hours doing this crap. After all was said and done, either $1000.00 or your boat. Reason, they said they didnt call the min they docked. So fish Canada at your own risk, if they want your money not much you can do. Sounds like some of the TSA agents at our airports on there little power trip to me, BW
  3. Hey Yankee, first, nice boat. What year? I have a 10 meter also, nice and wide.If you are running a meat rig with a single treble I can not say enough about getting a pack of Owner dancing stinger hooks. Get the #2 singles to try. They are pricey but you can switch from rig to rig with them. Your hook ups will go way up and they also work on flies. Any questions just call me 616 233 0618. I think tackle direct has them BW
  4. Damn. I thought the no comm rule meant I didnt have to talk to Rod anymore . Must have miss read it, BW
  5. Some of our guys asked us to get involved with the Pro Am so we sent out gift cert and enough Proctologists for everyone ( we hope ) Good luck guys Big Weenie
  6. Jon has a bunch of them and he's willing to ship. Give him a call 315-963-7800. 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening or weekends is the best time to talk to Jon direct.
  7. Rod you guys did a great job as always. Congratulations on a Top Ten finish. We appreciate you working with us and we really enjoy working with you guys . . . we always seem to have fun no matter what. Last tournament you sent us a pic with your pants down and now you guys are holding hands in the latest pic. We're thinking instead of jackets we're going to send you a gift certificate for a weekend in the Poconos LOL. Once again, Congratulations Team Oh Baby!
  8. Stop by and pick on Rod, lots of the new stuff and make sure you check out the glow stuff. Have not had much time to be on here as the dogs are a bit much right now. Get what you need before Rod takes it all Thanks guys, BW
  9. Rod the pearl fishscale paddle is the go to paddle over here. Light blue or white fly, deadly combo. Have tapes coming that way and another nice one is the new Homosezwhat xxxtreme glow fly, BW
  10. Got it, Goat Peckers are in. Lots of great stuff. Check out the glow on the new beads we had the mold made and beads in Penn so we are the only ones with those and the UV M dew and UV beads. Only sending a couple kits but you can sure change up a ton of your old flies to give them a whole new look. I think the Green dot and ily stool should be must haves. Tim door prizes will be in there you have to get them from Rod who has agreed to wear BW boy shorts in the booth, BW Boy shorts are like the UFC ring girls wear, NICE ROD!!!
  11. Anyone wanting anything from the site just e mail us, we will be sending the stuff next week to Rod. I know last year someone forgot to send Proctologists, GEEZ Thanks Guys, BW
  12. Time to start bringing out the new Meat stuff. We have what we call mini meat rigs, Mike in Wisconsin called the small heads that all summer so sounds good to us. These are perfect for running small strips or 4" and under whole bait. Roll great right out of the pack, no messing around trying to bend it and HOPE you get the right roll. Fluorocarbon line, Owner hook, built in tooth pick and mini 2 1/2" squids.Run great with any 8" flasher you probably all ready have in your tackle box. Should have all th colors out in a day or so. Check out coming soon on our website. Thanks guys, Big Weenie http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/image...flake%20uv.jpg
  13. To all, Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you get everything you want and the new year brings tons of fish in your boats. Rod, AKA numbnuts I hope Santa brings you 2 phones, BW
  14. Jason, Picked up a ton of the new stuff for 2011, start prodution tomorow ( saturday ) Will have some in the mail first of the week. Smoking hot looking.Big Weenie EXXXTREME.
  15. Thanks to all who have and do serve. It is great that everyone can see all the sacrafices you make. Cant say I miss the Marine Corp but glad I did it , BW
  16. Hey Ray, We used to sell quick change flies but its hard to get guys to try new things. I think Curt ( taco ) came up with those. Jon had kits at his store before. They were tied on a 1/4" tube. Gave about 100 to a club last year, BW
  17. Hey Numbnuts, Happy Birthday!!! Hope all is well and still working on a fly with your name, BW Sensitive Rod Sore Rod Tender Rod Little Rod Help me out guys.
  18. Krylon makes a fusion paint for plastics but do a test spot first. For instance the crushed glow tape is really flat glow tape with crushed pearl over it. The crushed pearl will melt with some paints. Dont ruin all your stuff with out testing first. Also try a water proof marker. Great way to get your kids involved and they are cheap at someplace like hobby lobby. You can color spots, lines etc on flashers and also add some different colors to your flies, like add green stripes to a white fly. Good luck and any help I can be just call, 616 233 0618 BW
  19. Then trying to play it off as "Helping out" seems a bit more lame to me. Tom, I have been nothing but helpful to guys when ever I can.I didnt try and steer anyone anyplace. I got to fish 0 times this year and was way to busy taking care of dogs and making sure our tackle shops had everything they needed this year as july and aug for a shop makes there year in a lot of cases. If not fishing, and working on orders 16 hours a day 7 days a week is what it takes we did it.For me to worry about selling a couple mirage flies is stupid. BW
  20. Hey Jsmac, Not a problem Tom makes good stuff I was just trying to help.I know from a newbies point of view it can be confusing. Like I said I looked every where for purple mirage mylar and green mirage and thought I must be stupid because everyone else seemed to have it but me. The 2 pics I posted are flashabou which is different than what Tom uses and I didnt think it would upset people. Good luck, BW
  21. I posted that a purple mirage fly was just mirage with purple beads just like a green mirage is a mirage fly with green beads and so forth. Then I thought later some one would call me out because there are different color mirages out there so I post the pic's of them. Never said anything about buying from us just trying to help some guys out that had the same problem I had years ago, looking all over for a purple mirage and not being able to find it. You always have to becareful on these sites because people want to try and start trouble for no reason. Remember Tom when people were all over you because you gave out free shirts and then didnt get them sent on time for a couple peoples liking? No good deed goes unpunished. I also send guys to Tom all the time for spin docs, cant remember the last time I sent them any place else. I think if I pay for a year around banner I can at least post when people have questions.As far as hijacking the thread, please buy those mirage flies you want from Tom, I need a break after this summer, BW
  22. http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/m ... ltiple.jpg http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/T ... uation.jpg These are also 2 different color flashabou mirages available, yellow and blue. There are a few different colors but when you hear purple or green like they say its the beads. BW
  23. When you hear Purple Mirage or green mirage its just the color of the beads you would use. Nice thing about a mirage fly is it is so different depending on the beads, BW
  24. Hey Rollie, When you have time give me a call, 616 233 0618. A friend of mines dad drowned fishing alone, fell out of a small boat on a small lake. Mid summer, life jacket would have saved him with out a doubt, BW
  25. If you need some just call 616 233 0618 Have not added to the site yet as we are making a bunch of changes. Anything not on the site or out of stock just call me, BW
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