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  1. Rod, Thanks for the nice words but I still aint making more Whoopi Goldbergs . We have been working hard on these knowing that the time would come we would have to have our own. Wait till you see all the new stuff coming this summer. Time to take it up a notch, BW Thanks to everyone
  2. http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/uv%20flashers.jpg http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/100_5843.jpg Here it is - a look at the new Big Weenie Meat Head. We think this will be the most versatile head on the market and of course will be done in colors, and material that will blow others away. It has been tested with the final test this morning by Team Kingseeker. Everyones response, AWESOME!! Perfect roll with no tuning at all. Look at the pic and you can see the tape is slightly small for the head. That's the tape we used on the old heads. This head is just slightly bigger than the one we used to use and was tested with cutbait, whole herring and other baitfish. These will also be available to match our custom flashers with lots of glow and UV. We also will be doing true super glow that not only is bright, but lasts way longer than others. You can see that the flasher in this pic is UV, as all our clear meat flashers are. Owner hooks, 60# line so they hold up better than others,custom cut eyes that fit the look much better. Also will crush others prices, period. Should have them out next month and ready for the meat fishing this summer with a big introductory price break for you guys. As always great customer service, call anytime we are always glad to help. Thanks so much for all the support, BW
  3. I have one of Mark holding it, dont know how to post it but he does have a DW hat on. Come on Mark, Geez. BW
  4. That fly is like Detriot lions tickets. Leave them on your dash and somebody will smash your window and leave 2 more! Got a pic from Jason and Mark this morning, another 18# fish. Those guys are good, BW
  5. The name fits the fly - ugliest fly ever made! Ask Rodney for some he has the rest of them.
  6. Green glow, black, pearl, have at it, BW
  7. Jason just called, Kill me!!! Take care of the Whoopi Goldbergs Rodney. Jason is 3 for 3 and it was by 7.30 am Still aint makng anymore, BW
  8. I can make you a flashabou fly up to 12 feet long, how many hooks you want on that thing? BW
  9. Rod, Wait til you see the 3 headed Vibrator. First trip out last year with it had 2 charter capt on board who made fun of it.Until it took the first 2 fish and I took it off and put it away. The only guy that thinks your Whoopi fly looks good besides you is the Gov of NY , BW
  10. I dont care what you catch with that fly. I think the Woopie Goldberg fly would be a better name and that aint bad enough. Post a pic when you get them. Just say Tom made it, LOL BW
  11. Rod, I have 10 of those flies you call the V V done. I added a bit of glow. I made about 50 without the silicone, look good. Now that color combo you wanted, I made a bout 30 thats what you get after you blend the commercial hanks of flashabou. Without a doubt the UGLIEST FLY ever made, just brutul. Please dont tell anyone who made it and use them well I aint making more, there all going to you. BW
  12. Will do Paul. Rod just keeps telling me we need to get you over you busting his balls. Gill here is some background on the guilty. Me and a friend love the show the first 48 and when they bring these guys in they all say ( I didnt do nothing, wasnt me ) Please you know they are Guilty as hell. Balloon Knot, look that up on Urban Dictionary, LOL. Most of the flies have hidden meanings if you know what I meen. Homosezwhat was made for the radio fisherman. Boat 1-Hey What did you catch that on? boat 2 -Homosezwhat. Boat 1 " what " Just having fun guys, BW
  13. All right in defense of Big Weenie, the name came from our weenie dogs. most of the names started after I named the Proctologist. A bunch of companies have a Hypnotist fly, didnt want to add to the confusion. We get so many emails and calls asking us to use this name and that name so we usually do. Now Jon from Jon's little salmon comes up with the best or worse, depends on what side your on, LOL. I even make some for him that dont go on the website.He's the best If you hear someone caught it on a goat pecker,( green onion with cream cheese and meat wrapped around it, what were you thinking? ) I guess you know who made it right. Rod, were you not working a name for a fly for Paul? Didnt you have a good story about him
  14. Slow roll about the size of a soft ball, not a spin. If you would like to talk about it just call anytime, 616 233 0618, BW
  15. Rubber Proctologist! That just aint right. Nice job guys, BW
  16. Big Thanks to everyone who puts this. Thanks so much to Rod, Jason, Jeff and Rollie. The Weenis crew is really pumped for this and Rod put in tons of work to make it look killer. Great deals and hope everyone finds something. Also look for some of the new flies with the fine cut mylar, just check them out and let us know what you think, BW
  17. http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/s ... 20glow.jpg http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/images/h ... tomper.jpg Tape looks wild Carl. I think if you get the hang of it flashabou looks just as good or better than mylar. We have changed some things on our flashabou and not only do they look great but last so long and work awesome, check these out. They are Flashabou with rubber skirt added to the hillbilly stomper. BW
  18. Flytying ( Carl ) ? Yes that is a new banded mylar. Very fine cut and the silicone legs are from another co but the same thing as everyone is using.I like the flashabou the best because it holds up for so many more fish than mylar but this is really nice stuff. Just gives a great look in the water.BW
  19. Hey Gill, I have it in 3" wide. How many feet you need. $1.00 a foot. Got a guy picking stuff up monday night and he can grab it then for you. Thanks BW
  20. Sorry guys, The boss has been in Vegas and just got back. She will be shipping tapes all kinds of cuts, some Grease Traps and blades but we are really low right now. Never knew so many people fished for lakers. Any thing else, last box ships tomorow please let us know, Thanks BW
  21. Hey Jerry, You use to coach UNLV? Of course whats hot is whats working but the big flashers have made a big comeback over here. Yea we buy a ad on here as we feel its only right if your going to sell product you should pay your way. Send me your address and I will be happy to send you a couple of the new flies to check out. Always like peoples input. Big Flashers are on the site as combos with flies with long fluorocarbon leaders. Thanks so much, BW
  22. Over here on Lake Mi the hot set up was a big paddle 11" flasher with a 42" leader to the fly. The hottest boats here kicked butt with that. How do I Know? One of the guys owns a tackle shop and he asked for the flies to be rigged that way with those yellow beads. We have the 11" big shooters but you can use the DW big paddles,or any 11" you have. As for LOTSA, great deals that those guys will have and some new flies that will be brand new to the market. Guys had this material last year and its smokin hot. Thanks guys, BW
  23. Hey K, Meat is simple and we make good stuff, give it a look. Colors are paired up nice on these the clear blades ar UV so fish see them from a distance and we do offer more rigs on thee on the web site. The blue glows were awesome last year ( tape looks white ) We are using more of the rubber skirts now and we seem to do better as they add a lot of flash and action. Owner hooks and if you want to talk about it feel free to call anytime,,BW 616 233 0618 http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/category ... egoryId=48
  24. Hey Jarret, I cant help you running meat without a head but to run meat as most do on the great lakes all you need is a meat rig and flasher. The meat rigs and there a several brands but most come with a bead chain and are built to the right length just snap it on a flasher. You can run it right with the flies or spoons in your spread just remember that the larger the flasher the more arc so dont run them right next to each other. I think you will have great succes with them.We sell alot to the west coast and guys love the fact they dont have to cut the bait just right to get it to roll. For bait you can but, herring, alewives etc, get a sabiki rig and catch bait when you see it. I know guys who use coho bellys, smelt from the grocery store and fake bait also. We have slick strips on the site that are made by a charter capt that has been selling on Lake O for years. Good luck and feel free to call if I can help, BW http://shop.bigweeniebrand.com/category ... egoryId=48
  25. Hey Bay, Check out the tapes on our site www.bigweeniebrand.com One thing with spoons, you want tape that will stick. Most tape sticks fine on a flasher but on a spoon its another thing. We have 6" x 7 " in great colors if your handy with a razor or scissors. Otherwise we offer tons of cuts. Thanks, BW
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