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  1. Yes, they buy Vibrator flies down there. They run them on GT's and by themselves. I wish I could think of the lake, its in PA that a guy crushs them with GT's. Seems like it was man made as he says there is a lot of standing timber and he runs them just above the stuff. Maybe he reads this board and can help. Here is something else they use the GT's and Vib flies on in Colo. I guess they fight like crazy. Thanks BW http://www.kdwp.state.ks.us/news/Fishin ... lery/WIPER
  2. The Grease Traps are great on lakers and guys love them on both the great lakes and small inland lakes. We sell alot to guys on Cumberland lake in Kentucky fishing for stripers, Colorado for Wipers, Nj and Penn for lakers and out west for lakers and of course the Finger Lakes. Best way to go is get a GT and extra blades, you can save alot of money. The blades change out in a flash. Less drag than cowbells but the cowbells do work great. Randy from Hit or Miss charters sells cowbells I think if you would rather have those. Rod did use them for stripers in the ocean. Small spoons, clean meat heads with a minnow, spin n glows or Vib flies all about 30" back. Any questions feel free to call anytime, Thanks guys, BW bigweeniebrand.com
  3. For lakers, check out our grease traps. Video on our site of what is looks like in the water. Very little drag. First year on the market and won biggest laker in 2 differant tourneys on lake Mi, BW
  4. You rock as always Jason! Had a guy do very well on some rubber vibs today, I need to get them on the site :beer:Thanks guys, BW
  5. Over here on Lake Mi they run them with a peanut, spin n glo or small flutter spoon like the little warrior spoons about 24" back and the meat heads about 30" back. Jason would know what works there for sure. Stripers, I know nothing about but I sell alot of the GT's to guys on Cumberland lake in Kentucky and they have went crazy for them on stripers. Those and the Vibrator flies. Not sure how big they are down there. Now the stripers at the shore it will be cool to see what happens. Those blue fish, look scarey! I also sell alot to guys in Idaho and NJ who fish for lakers on smaller lakes. Good luck guys and hope this helps, BW
  6. No problem Mark, you got my email and I didnt want to share that with the world but hope you understand why.Like I said in the email, we can always make new products, if it is flashers, meat heads etc, plenty of places looking for work. Business is so far beyond what we ever thought it would be and we like to buy ad's on sites to help promote them and keep them running for everyone. Its only fair. Good luck fishing, hope I can get out, BW
  7. Hey Mark, The stuff you are using is frozen, right? Thats not fresh. I dont know where the " to catch big fish you need big bait" comes from. The kings eat what ever bait is handy. If the bait you put in front of them is 4 to 6 inchs thats what they hit, no problem. If you want fresh bait there is tons in the lake, just check the pier heads. There is plenty of herring available from whole to strips that works also. I know you want to promote F.B. but when you make it sound like our heads wont hold a alewife and we at least pay for a add on hear, its wrong. I for one am sick of GLT bad mouthing us and every other company and I have plenty of guys that tell me. Lots of plastic companys looking for jobs that can make a bait head anyway I want it. Take that for what its worth, BW
  8. Depends on what size bait you use. We will be doing something about bait to help guys out soon. Be a very nice and money saving way to run good fresh bait Mark. Also herring fits in our stuff very well. BW
  9. Hey Guys, Make sure and use the whole leader. They are about 4 foot, dont cut them down like you would say 22"s to use with a flasher. Put your knot in the leader and snap it on a swivle like you would a spoon, NO FLASHER. You can use one but you dont need to. They are tied on 30# gamma fluoro so they have plenty of action and will move left, right, roll shake. I have seen them move 12 to 18 inchs one way then shake and go the other. Lots of guys are really doing great with them and you can also you them as a slider. Good luck and anything we can help you with just call, BW Also I got a call from a guy catching stripers in Kentucky with them, who knew! www.bigweeniebrand.com
  10. Jason called to say Rollie knocked him down to get to the rod with the big brown on it . He said it was caught on a Rapala. Heard they had good luck with a Agitated frog also, Big Weenie
  11. Stop by Jon's little salmon in Mexico. He has a life size cut out. He was taking her to the chicken shack the other day, he is nuts,lol. We are trying to shore up something with her right now that will be great for all the guys. You can always come here to and fish with us. She is the BW bartender. BW
  12. Narrow end forward, leader about 3 times the length of the flasher and your good to go, Big Weenie
  13. We have the Imposter strips, they work great. Our whole bait rigs ( super magnum or big pig rigs )use either strips or whole bait. Herring, alewives what ever you have. Guys have been running live bait ( minnows ) and doing well on the inland lakes also.Owner hooks, awesome rigs. Call anytime we can help you out, look for our ad at the top of the page, thanks guys, Big Weenie www.bigweeniebrand.com
  14. Randy from Hit or Miss charters makes those and does come on this board. Get a hold of him. On another note, if you like catching lakers check out the video on our website www.bigweeniebrand.com Its called a grease trap because they are laker taking machines. Just put out by us this year Biggest laker Mi city tourney 500 bucks Spawn bag, Grease trap Winner calumet In tourney yesterday $ 4,200 kicker motor Spawn bag grease trap 1st overall for 2009 RVTA Paul Silva grease traps Jason can tell you how good our stuff is. You can run small spoons, spin n glows, peanuts, or clean meat heads behind them. These are awesome guys. Thanks so much, BW
  15. http://vimeo.com/user379678/videos check out 5 / 24 and 6 / 1 Big Weenie
  16. Hey Splitshot, what did you catch them on? Big Weenie
  17. We are going to be doing this now so guys can change out all the flashers they dont like the tape on. Also they can trick out there stuff. Most companys all have the same tape but there are some really great colors out there. Let us know if you need any we should have a great selection in a couple weeks, like frog and glow frog.
  18. Motoman, We are about to start selling tapes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 7 inch ladderbacks for flashers, tapes to fit flashers so you can redo any your not happy with. Everyone has flashers that they dont use because the tape colors suck. Glows, because glow tape just dont glow as bright over time. If someone has patterens they want cut we can do it at a great price to. Any size any shape just about. Spoons, flashers whatever you want to customize. After talking with Jon from Jon's little salmon and Jon talking to his customers and also all the people we have talked with we are starting with 12 colors. Some old fav's like cracked ice glow, some that people got a hold of and they were hot and some we used this summer with great success. Feel free to email or call and I can let you know whats up. Thanks guys, Big Weenie [email protected] 616 233 0618
  19. Hey Guys, Jons Little Salmon bait and tackle has whole bait meat rigs and our new flashabou flies that have been hot. If you dont have a proctologist in the water your missing fish Yukon Joe has done very well with the new stuff as have a couple others over in Mexico. We had those guys try it before we hooked Jon up with it.If you get over by Jon's stop in and see his Big Weenies.
  20. Jons Little Salmon bait shop has whole bait meat rigs in several colors with chrome and gold heads that will hold bait 5 to 8 inchs long. Big Weenie rigs with Owner hooks.
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