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  1. Spend $100.00 on flies, meat rigs, combos or flashers <
  2. The new Big Weenie HD meat rigs ar on the site. With the big fish we found away to make the flies/squids adjustable so there are no crimps to weaken your line. Also quick set hooks, no rear tooth pic. Pull the hooks to where you want them and let go, its that easy. Custom squids. Heads made in Penn for either whole or cut bait, Owner Hooks and 60# line these hold up better than anything out there. Look for the HD rigs. Thanks everyone, BW No Fish Nick UV black death
  3. Hey Guys, Order Gift Certificates for christmas and the website is set up for free shipping. Also when they are redeemed we will throw in a free Proctologist or any fly they might want for them. Great way to give something everyone wants, a Big Weenie and after the first of the year the new meat rigs will be out that are going to be awesome and something no one else is doing. Biggest fish on Lake mi this year was on a BW UV death rig. Thanks so much and look forward to another fun year in 2012. Have a great holiday season, BW
  4. Had a Charter call yesterday about 4 times trying to figure out what fly he lost. He said he had by far the biggest fish on he ever hooked, fought it forever and finally broke it off and lost everything> flasher /fly. Seems to be everyone is seeing monster fish for lake Mi this year. 10 last night we figured out the fly, the poofster, LOL BW
  5. If I remember right Jon was having trouble getting them because they were selling so well. I heard they are doing fine but probably hard at it for next year. There spoons are nice and hold up, you shouldnt have paint falling off after 2 fish, BW
  6. Thanks Chowder, We try and do the best we can. I have never sold a meat rig or fly I didnt tie myself. One of the reasons we are not trying to get in every store out there, just cant keep up with much more.Great news coming this winter on the meat rigs. BW
  7. With 4 states doing whatever they think is best, it does make it a mess sometimes. I know plants from Mich are way down especially the coho. If you guys ever want to coho fish for great eaters the south end of the lake here is awesome in the spring. The water will look like its boiling sometimes from so many 1 and 2# coho. You get 9 rods in the water and hit a school and all 9 go, chinese fire drill after that. Bigger fish always seemed to be caught north but alot of big fish were caught all over this year. A few years ago we went almost 4 years with any kings over 19#s Hopefully all the states can get there act together and keep it a great fishery but those asian carp look scary down the road. Thanks again guys, BW
  8. We are finally seeing fish like you guys on Lake O. Big Weenie meat rig strikes again. Thanks so much to all the guys over there that support us and Jons little salmon, we really do appreciate it, BW BY ERIC SHARP DETROIT FREE PRESS OUTDOORS WRITER Filed Under Sports Outdoors Lake Michigan Royal Oak MANISTEE -- If you dream of catching a master angler salmon, Lake Michigan and its tributaries in September should give you the best shot at that goal fishermen have had in the past five years. Nearly as many master angler chinooks have come from Lake Michigan in August this year (three) as were recorded in all of 2010 (four). And Lynn Thoma, who keeps the master angler records for the Department of Natural Resources, said most of the record salmon don't get submitted for her approval until September and October. The fish on the leaderboard entering Wednesday was a 37.1-pound chinook landed Aug. 22 near Manistee by Tim Shreves of Fowlerville aboard a 24-foot boat owned by his father-in-law, Rick Schulte of Royal Oak, with Schulte's son, Derek, acting as mate. And minutes before, they had landed another record-angler fish that they cut up to eat, Rick Schulte said, "because the Mickey Mouse scale we were using on the boat was under by about 3 or 4 pounds, but we didn't find out until we took the big fish in to be weighed on a certified scale." Schulte, 57, began fishing for salmon out of Manistee with his dad 30 years ago and says, "I figure that if you add up all the money I've spent over the years chasing salmon, that fish cost me about $5,000 an inch. But it was worth every penny." The big chinook was caught on a herring strip "meat rig," a natural bait that has been a mainstay on Lake Ontario for decades and is growing in popularity on Lake Michigan. Schulte said he and his crew went out on a charter trip with Manistee captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters to learn how to fish with this method, "then we went out on our own and followed his program. Once we knew what we were doing, we just tore 'em up" using a Big Weenie UV ice meat system. "It was amazing. We could hardly get the baits down before fish were on them," Schulte said. "We had four rods out, and there were times when we had three or four going at once." Lake Michigan's prey-fish stocks have declined drastically in the past decade, especially alewives that are the preferred prey for chinook salmon. But recent surveys have showed large numbers of juvenile alewives, and anglers say the big chinooks will eat them as readily as adult alewives. "The salmon we caught were all spitting up real small alewives and shad," Schulte said. "But the salmon were all nice fish, 16 pounds or better. We limited out in 3 1/2 hours." Gordon Butler is a Grand Rapids angler who has been fishing out of several Lake Michigan ports this summer in his 23-foot center console, and he said that "it has been the best year we've seen for salmon, both numbers and sizes, since about 2005. "We went through a few years there where not only were the fish smaller, there weren't as many. And the cohos just became midgets, maybe 3-4 pounds on average. "This spring we started fishing cohos out of St. Joseph in May, and (they) already were 5-6 pounds. And when we moved up to Grand Haven in July, we were getting 15- to 20-pound chinooks, compared to a 10- to 12-pound average last summer." Butler said he has been putting his boat away in early September for the past three or four years because "it wasn't worth the fuel costs for the kind of fish we were seeing." "But I'm going to fish this September as long as the salmon is hitting," he said. "I figure we have a real good chance at getting a couple of fish over 30 (pounds), and fighting a salmon like that is an amazing experience." Schulte said the 37-pound salmon taken on his boat "took off 250 feet of braided line, and I had the drags on the reels screwed down pretty tight because of the weight of the rigs we were towing. "I had rotator cuff surgery last year, and my shoulder was already killing me when that fish hit. By the time it stopped running, it was about 450 feet behind the boat. I looked at my son-in-law and said, 'I think it's your turn.' That's why it took 45 minutes for Tim to bring it in. "Derek took over the wheel when I got ready to net the fish. I didn't realize how big it was, so I picked up the walleye net. I could barely get a third of it into the net, and then it rolled out, so I leaned over and gilled it," Schulte said. "I had my hand stuck right in its mouth, and those teeth hurt, but I wasn't about to let go and held on until we got it into the big net." Schulte said he hopes his fish holds its place as the biggest Michigan salmon of the year, "but I'd kind of like to see some get a 40-pounder, too. I wouldn't feel bad, because the one we caught is going up on the wall."
  9. Chowder call me sometime. Jekell call me as well 616 233 0618. We are letting guys decide if they want stuff now or january when alot of some new stuff is ready to go. Makes no difference. Got to know if you like flies or meat rigs or a mix blah blah blah. Calling on weekends is fine also. Thanks so much for all the support, BW
  10. William going over your invoice it was a Proctologist that did the damage. Great Job and congrats again, BW
  11. BW fish also won it, yippee. Bob call me when you can we can talk about your prize, same goes with anyone else, BW 616 233 0618
  12. No problem Bob. As long as it's a Big Weenie fly. We know guys modify flies, spoons, etc. all the time. Good luck!
  13. Just Jons little salmon in Mexico or on our site. We are still shipping on time, finished what I needed this morning for mondays ship. I know shipping costs suck but we always throw in a fly to help ease the pain Thanks guys, BW
  14. I think alot of times when stuff is posted it can read many ways with out being able to hear how someone is saying it. Scott was not trying to blast anyone. The first time I talked with Scott was 2 weeks ago when he called to say how great the butterface worked he bought from Jon. He is a great guy and fun to talk with. Thanks Mark there is no doubt the dogs come first here, quick story, one time I got some aweful cookies in my lunch and asked Karen, hey didnt I see you bring home new cookies from the store last night, I got those nasty ones? Answer, yea but Biscuit dont like those! See where I rate. We love all dogs and have one that looks like a weenidog but about 4 times bigger. They were going to put her down so we took her and kept her. Whatever choice in stuff you use just try and buy the stuff that gives back so your kids can fish these lakes one day, the Chinese could give a crap. Hope you guys dodge the hurricane, BW
  15. You wonder why people stop posting. Mark here is a example of why we are not on the board as much, we dont sell as much. Take mexico for instance we only sell at Jons little salmon because I told Jon I wouldnt sell to anyone near him so that is going to cut way down on how many fish are being caught on our stuff. Triple s and a few others have called wanting to sell our stuff we told them NO we control where it goes because we have a hard time keeping up as it is.JRC wanted to sell our stuff years ago, not a chance in hell I would do that. We rescue weeniedogs first, got a new one last sat. We were 2 days out on tackle shop orders but caught up as of today. I am sure Scott wasnt trying to be a jerk by posting that, we make awesome stuff and people like it. As Rod said and you know its true all you guys use whats working no matter who makes it. We support the tourneys over there, the Pro AM gave to the net pens and spent $15,000 on molds and plastics in Penn last year because we thought it was right to spend where guys support us. You should PM Scott and ask him why he started using our stuff. Got to go, stuff to do, BW Jon gets another load tomorow, better get there fast.
  16. The standard beads on a fly are 8mm. The beads on a tourney tie between the hooks are a 6 mm. We have super glow beads in 10MM on the site for sale that work fine. We had a mold made in Penn and have our xxxtreme beads made there in 8mm for under the skirt. We had them made in the UV mountain dew, UV, xxxtreme glow green and blue glow. We also are testing something right now that is rocking that I think we will do next year. If you are running a light colored fly like mirage or little boy blue differant colored beads change the whole fly. Have some fun with it, BW
  17. Gotta bite, Last year because it was late in the season on a differant prize pack we let the guys wait until winter if they choose to so they could get some new 2011 stuff if they wanted. We are trying to work on something new that I am sure guys will like but wont be for a bit as the bite has gone crazy here. Lake O type fish almost here right now. It wont be a bunch of crap that we are trying to get rid of. Anyone that wins just call me and we can talk. You can also trade for a trip with Rod on his next Canada cruise Thanks guys, BW
  18. 5 Jackets, what did we get married or something? I would go with the clown theme, maybe black with big giant colored spots on them and in each spot a company name, should look good for you Rod. Talk to the boss lol, BW
  19. You cant win Rod, how would that look? Call your cousin, LMAO New rescue here and boy is he a trip, BW
  20. Just a reminder Big Weenie and Jons little salmon will give out a $200.00 dollar prize pack to anyone that catchs a fish on a BW product and places in the final top 20 of the LOC going on now. You can get the stuff in Sept or wait and get a bunch of new stuff we are working on for 2012 that is rocking. Thanks so much guys, BW.
  21. Had a guy send in 3 gift cert from the Pro Am and along with it his list of stuff and a BLANK CHECK to cover any additional cost. Made our day to think that someone is that trusting anymore. Really says alot about someone IMHO. Stuff is on the way along with your check. Thanks so much, BW
  22. Great Job Liam!!! Good thing you were there to help your dad land that monster, BW
  23. Jon has some 11/ 12 inch flashers that will work great, anything with a bit of glow should do. I like our black moongoose but dont know for sure what he has. Big Paddles work and I have a guy here that uses 10 inch spin docs. Good luck with them. Just got a text guy has a 21# on the butter buns this morning, thats pretty good here, hot fly and Jon has them as of later today, BW
  24. Thanks Todd. If you get down to Jons, stop and chek out the new stuff. Bring him a happy meal, LOL, BW
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