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  1. Fleas have been horrible on the North end, cant let a line soak for more than about 30 minutes without cleaning it off. DEC fisheries will be done netting on Wednesday. They have had pretty good results, including a net full of sawbellies this morning. That "coolest little boat" is a Lord Nelson Victory Tug 37'. And your right, it is cool!
  2. I replaced my Eagle (lowrance) Fishelite 500c with the Humminbird 917C a couple years ago, and couldnt be any happier. Installation was easy, user interface is easy and I really like the large dual frequency split screen. I havent had any service issues with the Humminbird, so I cant comment on that. I did have a problem with the Eagle and had to send it back. They fixed the problem (it would turn on by itself and start making all kinds of loud beeps and squeels). Unfortunately, when they sent it back, the speed sensor on it no longer worked. I wasnt going to waste more time, so I bought the Humminbird. Good luck with whatever you choose. Dan
  3. Assuming you are talking about fishing with a seth green rig. Using the jug is not too difficult. A 1 gallon bleach jug is all you need. Wrap heavy mono around it 8 or ten times with a swivel on the line, and tie it off so it cant move. Let out your seth green rig to the desired depth/color. Bend the leadcore (be careful not to kink it), run the bend through the jug handle and loop it around the top of the jug to hold the depth. Run the end going to the spoons through the swivel. I leave the swivel open, it is just there to help the jug track straight. Let the rig out off the back of the boat. I like to keep it quite a ways back to avoid other lines. When you have a fish on just reel the rig up to the boat, take the jug off and bring the fish the rest of the way up. It can be a challenge bringing it in, especially with an active fish, but it is a good way to get another rig out. Dan
  4. Ontario County Sheriff (Canandaigua, Honeoye, Hemlock, Canadice, North end of Seneca lakes) does not monitor vhf frequencies. The patrol boats are equipped with vhf radios and can be used, but are usually not monitored. Boats are dispatched through the 911 center, so the fastest way to get help is to call 911. Even if you cant talk, if you have a newer cell phone they can get help directly to you through the gps on the phone. There is always a boat on standby on Canandaigua lake, the biggest delay in getting to you is calling out MRV deputies to get to the patrol boat. The other smaller lakes will take longer to get a boat to.....
  5. I just read through some of the budget link with the description of the new fees and taxes. Its pure lunacy. Car registrations fees (up 25%), driver licenses renewals (up 25%), wine and beer taxes (doubling), a $200 fee to hire a NYS retiree, establish a seed dealer license ($100/yr) for seed labelers and distributors, establishes a processing fee for filing your taxes on paper ($10), and a whole litany of other moronic ideas. I dont want to pay another $10 to fish for trout/salmon and neither do my clients. My other concern here is the $19 nys and $40 out of state new "Marine fishing license".....according to the 2008-2009 freshwater fishing regs a annual license for residents is $19 and annual non-resident is $40. I dont see a real description of what this "new" license is. Could it actually be a second license, effectively doubling the cost of your fishing license? Do the math on what that would cost your customers before they even set foot on your boat! Even as a resident, if you pay the current $19 annual fishing license fee and then pay the new "marine fishing license" and the $10 trout/salmon stamp, you are forking over $48 in fees before you even wet a line. I hope I am reading that incorrectly, but all of the other fees seem to be doubling, so why not the fishing license???? Oh yeah, did I mention they repealed the sales tax cap (.08 cents per gal) on gasoline and diesel fuel? Just in time too, diesel fuel is already down to $2.89 a gallon! Jackasses.
  6. I gotta agree with Wilson about Raymarine. I have spent a lot of hours in front of the C80 display with the DSM300 module. Clear, accurate, powerful and more screen than you really need. Of course the price is more than you really need also, which is why I dont have one on my own boat. I am currently running the Humminbird 917C, which gives me a pretty good color picture of whats under the boat, especially with the split screen dual frequency. I cant speak for the Furuno graph, only experience I have with Furuno is with radar, but it sounds like everyone else here is pretty happy with it. One thing I will say is that once you get used to watching a color graph, the old mono just doesnt cut it..... Dan
  7. N Callahan, i was out on sunday and answered your radio check twice. I was fishing for perch though, not trout. Did well on trout on Saturday, fished 7-11am and boated 10 lakers and 1 brown. Best action was 80-100' on the thermocline rigs with sutton 71 and 31. I did see a key west and a trophy out there. I am in the Grady White 223, blue top. Just a bout done now though, archery time! Dan
  8. Not since Sunday in the rain. We fished the north end, 80-100' for about 2 hours. Went 7 for 12 on the lakers. Most fish came on the bottom leader of the thermocline rigs, sutton 44 and 71 were best. Took one laker on the green spin doctor and green sparkle fly, 2 hits on the rigger down 70', all fish were small, biggest only about 4lbs. I was hoping to get out this weekend and find some of the rainbows were were getting, but it doesnt look like I will be able to. Dan
  9. City pier has mainly panfish and occasional perch. There are finger piers off from the city pier that will also hold panfish and some perch. There is also a public fishing dock at Onanda Park, 8 miles down West lake road. The drop off there is very steep. Panfish in close with a chance for bass or lake trout out deeper with sawbellies. You can cast into water 60 feet deep, but it is a fairly small fishing area. Good luck wherever you try! Dan
  10. if it was roundish in shape it probably was an eel mark. We do have them, although not nearly as bad as some places. I haven't seen one yet this year though with any marks on it.
  11. Hey Chris. We had a good time when we went out Weds and thurs. Fishing was slow for us, we only boated 6 'eyes but caught a lot of other fish. At one point all 6 rods went off, filled up with silver bass(?) and a sheepshead. Wind was East both days which probably didnt help. Our best lure was the chartreuse harness on the dipsey, 170' of wire out. Best screen was in the 83-90' range. Hope you do better than we did! Dan
  12. Boated 50 or so perch in about 3 hours on the North end Friday morning. Kept 25 over 10" and a couple bass 15-17". Good steady action, a lot of small fish were thrown back but the bigger ones are around too. Small crabs on a red hook worked until I ran out, then a small plain white jig worked almost as well.
  13. Cool, thanks, I will call before I go. Everything I look at shows light winds for the next few days at least. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully it will settle down and stay that way for you too! Dan
  14. Weather forecasters are the same everywhere, arent they ? I actually have a trip for three booked in the morning on Canandaigua lake. I wont get the boat on the trailer and be on my way until probably 2:00pm. Hope to fish Weds evening and Thursday till noon or so then head home. Is there a phone number of a marina or someone I can call to get current conditions before I head your way? Thanks again. Dan
  15. After checking the weather sites it looks like Wednesday and Thursday might be the best for me to make the trip. Winds look to be light as near as I can tell....anybody over that way have better info? I hate to drive the 2 1/2 hours to find it rolling. My father spent 20 years chasing walleye out of Dunkirk, now i take him back there once a year and would really like to spend the time on the water!!! Thanks for any assistance! Dan
  16. I hope to be on the lake for a couple days next week, maybe weds-fri. I usually come out from the launch at Dunkirk, head out to the second 90 and run the worm harnesses. I would really like it if someone could give me some real-time information regarding the wind and weather before I drive the two hours from Canandaigua. The last two years the worthless weather man says winds light and waves under two feet.......show up and find 4 footers rolling down the lake. I will post again on Tuesday or Wednesday if someone is around the lake to help me out with the forecast that would be great!!! Thanks. dan
  17. I am planning on being out Sunday morning if the weather cooperates. I have a guy with 2 young kids going, so we will see. I will turn on the vhf on channel 68, try me if you want. I started out the other day with a purple dipsey but switched to blue and white when they seemed to want blue. Earlier in the year it was chartreuse on the dipsey and green fly, but that has been out of favor for a few weeks now. I will be in the same area and start out with big spoons, silver and blue again and go from there....
  18. Weeds were non-existant at the North end, but the fleas were as thick as I have seen them all year. Good luck!
  19. Fished the North end off German Brothers, 100-130 feet. Marked plenty of fish, split between the top 25 and the bottom 40 or so. First hit came on the downrigger set at 75 with a hemlock spinner and smelt behind cow bells. While bringing that line up the thermocline on the port side started bouncing, resulting in a eater 3lb laker on a Sutton 6. Get em reset and the top water plug, silver/blue deep diver bomber starts slamming. After a pretty good show we get a gorgeous 21" smallmouth to the net, 4lb 10oz on the digital scale! A while later the starboard thermocline went with another laker on a large sutton also. Reset it, make the slow turn and the same rig went with a smaller 15" smallmouth. Havent had much luck on the wire and diver lately with flys, so with a 1/2 hour left I pulled the fly and put on a silver/blue diamond king and had another laker on in short order. They wanted big spoons today and the only colors were silver and blue. Cant get out again until Sunday...
  20. Went out for perch this morning with my dad and son. Nice morning on the lake, steady light wind for a good drift. We boated a bunch of fish at the north end, anywhere from 6-16 feet of water. Took home 4 nice bass in the 14-16 inch range and about 25 perch over 10 inches. We threw back another 20 or so that were smaller than that. Grass crabs on a red hook were the ticket today. We will give the trout another shot tomorrow!
  21. Riggers and thermocline rigs. Also had the wire fire twice with a green fly. Did 6 again this morning, 2 on hemlock spinners all the others on spoons. Not even a hit on the wire today. Smaller fish though and a lot of South wind!!
  22. Had a decent morning finally. Went 6 for 10 on the lakers, suspended 80-100 over 120. Ended the morning with a big bull male. Blocky, bony head on him, color was dark bronze, almost like a browny. Put him on the scale, 11lb 10oz. Got him in the water and revived to catch another day! Try it again in the morning.....
  23. You got that right! Weed piles everywhere and the fleas are thicker than ever. Trout bite has been real slow on the north end. We did get two nice ones about 7lbs each on Friday down about 130 over 200 on the Hemlock spinners. Just got back from the pro-am in Sodus a couple hours ago. Fished the last 5 days in a row..... time for some sleep!
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