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  1. 19 hard baits Vintage hard baits, Kwik fish, Rattle trap, etc. Corfu NY $40 pickup $50 shipped
  2. Price drop $60 for all 3 lots
  3. I know the bar hasn't been set too high the last eight years but I see an improvement in US perception in the world unless you ask the people who have been benefiting from the status quo! People getting rich at others expenses rarely will speak up & bite the hand that feeds them.
  4. It amazes me how people scream for tax cuts & less government until it effects their own interests. I'm quite sure those on public assistance don't want to get their freebies taken away either. Illegals don't want free health care discontinued. Arrested Drug addicts don't want outpatient rehabs that keep them out of jail defunded either. My point is cuts need to be made.& Spending has to be reigned in or the debt will grow. We need to hold leaders accountable for appropriately spending the $ raised with revenue generated by the fishing & hunting sales,licensing, charters, dock fees, hotels, tackle sales... etc goes back to propagate that industry. NYS pays some of the highest tax rates in the country & is one of the biggest offenders of fiscal irresponsibility. The problem isn't always the misguided intentions of projects needed it's the siphoning & diverting of the $ on the way to these projects.
  5. Private individual selling at outdoor show 40 lb leader over 40" long
  6. Diver lot 2 50 Tru trip divers 1 new 2. 40 Tru trip divers new 1. 40 Jet diver new 2 40 Jet divers used with some missing paint Corfu NY pickup $30
  7. You run the longer deeper cores closer to the boat. Shorter cores go in first & slide out further on big boards. When you want to get deeper we add snap weights to line where core meets flours leader. DONT snap weight on leadcore it will weaken Dacron sheath. Hook to flouro leader. You can also run leadcore way outside off board & dipsy diver in tight to the boat on the same side. You can run jets off the boards but don't recommend using them on same side as leadcore. Some do but I don't like to.
  8. New price $75 for all 3 lots
  9. Spring cleaning Fly lot.25 rigged flies mono leaders, beaded bodies & treble hooks. 9 rigged squids mono leader & single hooks. Still in packages. $50 Corfu Ny pickup or buyer pays shipping.
  10. On Lake Erie for walleyes we run a segmented lead core program with varying # of colors needed by the depth you are fishing off big planer boards. We use mainly stick baits & the opinions of which ones work best will vary from angler to angler. I use Rapalas, Renoskys, Reef runners & Bandits at different times at different ports. We add riggers later in the summer when they get out to deeper water. Many guys run bottom bouncers with worm harnesses & do well also. You will decide how you like to fish & what techniques work for you. Good Luck & feel free to ask questions at any time. I am no expert but have been known to stumble across a few fish now & then.
  11. I will sweeten the deal & will include two flasher storage cases for the same price of $100
  12. New price $30 each lot or $80 takes all 3
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