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  1. I would be interested. Its a manufacturers job to supply a quality product at a reasonable price. The customer should find the best product for his $!
  2. Then why start your first posts by being a ****** ***, if it's only a couple guys ? This is a very informative message board & light hearted banter is the norm. People who seem to be looking for trouble probably won't add much but unwanted drama?
  3. Is there any more rules that we should know about when fishing the "bar" ? Trolling direction? Turns. Right or Left? Do you hold any authority, when in comes to these "Ol blue" words of wisdom?
  4. Launched out of state park in Wilson. Went towards bar. Landed 8 all 15-20#. Flasher fly bite. Riggers 80-90 ft. 400 coppers. Dipsy divers same range.
  5. Launched today out of state park. No problem at all.Headed north west towards the bar. Set up in 180 ft of water & trolled west. Best water was 180 -210 ft . White spin drs with atommik stud flies early & went to chrome or uv two face spin drs with atommik goldie locks & uv190 flies when the sun got higher. Landed 8 broke off 3. All fish 15-20#.
  6. Off the Tristate taxidermy website business started in 1982. So 2017-1982 = 35 YEARS Genius.Tristate fishing charters started 1988 So 2017-1988=28 years. I can internet creep as well as you but evidently can do math better! Captain Paul Czarnecki has been a full time professional guide to thousands of guests on Lake Ontario since 1988, and currently owns and operat
  7. SO YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH PAUL? Common decency would keep one from dumping guts in the harbor. Fish cleaning station is available. I didn't know there was a topic sheriff, you are a wealth of information & knowledge. Olcott has been a savior to many guys including myself that trailer our boats. The state certainly wouldn't do the necessary work to keep launches open. They already sold the seasons passes & were offering no service or refund. You can bash them if you want, I choose to thank them for the effort.
  8. Shorelunch you clearly missed the point of the thread. You think you know more than anyone else. Most people do! Bottom line is a post was started as an observation that was clearly not personal. If it was, the name of Charter or Captain would have been given. There is a rule put in place that should be followed. Then this became a personal stone throwing contest insulting two separate businesses & the member who started the thread. I thought the person responsible would have seen the thread & been aware that this was unacceptable & started complying with the rule.
  9. Anyone who bought a seasons pass should get a free one next year!
  10. Book a charter the first day & take it from there. It will shorten the learning curve for sure!
  11. Spin Dr & fly paddle & fly, Meat rigs behind both!
  12. <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F249100315256173%2Fvideos%2F811479812351551%2F&show_text=0&width=225" width="225" height="400" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
  13. Capt Bob Songin from Reel Excitement Charters posts in instant lake wide reports at the LOU site!
  14. Unfortunately this is lesson learned. Laker was over 24# & guess who didn't get in the derby?
  15. Olcott 7/2 Got a late start due to an electronic issue. Trolled west of harbor. Best depth 200-225. Riggers between 75-100 ft. Spin dr's & paddle flashers in white,chrome & UV 2face patterns. A-TOM-MIK SS Stud meat rigs, SS Stud & Glow hammer flies. Went 8-11 with 3 skippys. Down speed 2.6 -2.8 mph down speed on fish hawk.
  16. I think many topics are started by asking a question. Many members including Professionals chime in with information & tips on the subject. Members often add to reports if they have fished the same port on the same dates. I have found many members to be very helpful & informative. These same members speak at the various seminars & salmon schools around the lake. I have had many great learning experiences when I have attended. These guys are good guys & will help anyone who asks!
  17. The concrete ramps have been under water. We were backing straight down with a guy in the boat. Fired her up & idled while I parked the rig. Walked to floating docks just to north of ramp & hopped in!. Debris was the only issue! We moved a few logs that had floated up to launch!
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