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  1. I hit Silver Lake 2 or 3 times a week, and the past two years I have not caught very many pike at all. I know they are there because the last two weeks of April there is a post spawn frenzy but after the opener I see very few. Maybe two or three during the open season. Granted I am not targeting them, but years ago I would see one or two every time out. Too much natural forage perhaps? Population down? I don't know the reason.
  2. I like to use 3/4 ounce Hopkin's Shorty's in either gold or chrome. I use on casting gear with fairly heavy Flouro line (17 lb Vanish for me) It's a good idea to use a swivel of some kind to prevent line twist. Drop the spoon right off the side of the boat and let it settle to the bottom. Engage reel and snap briskly up 4 to 8 feet, let settle and snap, let settle and snap. Although you can feel bites occasionally on the fall, more times than not you will set the hook on one of the upward snaps. There is no quicker way to put smallies in the boat when they are on the spoon!
  3. I heard a rumor from another local bass club member that they are supposed to be there for their open tournament there on October 12th. That is what someone from the parks dept. told them anyway. We shall see!
  4. The best fishing will only be getting started at that time. Smallies really turn on about that time and the bite lasts all of October and November. Don't forget jigging spoons late in the year to.
  5. I do agree with Erie being a better SM fishery, but I remember days on Ontario not too long ago where 30-50 fish days were quite common. They just weren't as big with 2 to 3 pounders being the biggest. The numbers were good. So what would a goby do to decimate a smallmouth population? They are not competing for the same food source and I find it hard to believe gobies could wipe out entire spawns from year to year. What else is there? I think gobies are the easy blame, but I think there is something more to it than that. Maybe many things including VHS and fish kills due to temperature fluctuations could be factors. Just odd to go from catching as many as we did to not getting many bass bites at all anymore.
  6. So what is the difference between the invasion of gobies on Erie, and on Ontario? On Erie it seemed to improve the smallmouth fishing, at least for size and the numbers aren't too bad either, but on Ontario it wiped out the bite all together? It just doesn't make sense to me.
  7. The first two weeks of the season have traditionally been fairly tough across the board on Conesus. The next two weeks "should be" a complete 180.
  8. wnybassman


    I was there today and there is ice out past the channel markers, of unknown thickness. There were two boat trailers in the lot, and I was told by a guy down at the Bayside that they were duck hunters, and they blasted a swath of open water through the ice to get to the channel to get out near the lake.
  9. That's a tempting offer Rick, but will probably be on Silver. Good luck if you go!
  10. They were always suspended, at roughly 20 feet down, take or give. Many times we would just drop the spoon near the pillars and it would only sink 20 feet or so before it stopped, and we knew were in 60+ feet. Fish on!! There were guys trolling the area during that time, but they couldn't get close enough to the pillars that way. This was definitely a vertical thing. It would certainly be something to check once and a while. It would make sense this was a stop along a seasonal migration or something. The schools hanging out there were massive, and they were hungry.
  11. Seven years ago my buddy and I had an awesome stretch of walleye fishing on Irondequoit. He and I are both tournament bass anglers, and he was prefishing the bridge pillars there one July/August day and stumbled onto the action. He and his son caught 34 walleye, all 2-5 pounds in 2 1/2 hours. Didn't matter which pillars all across the bay from one side to the other. He repeated the same activity the following week as well. I fished a club tournament there about a month after he discovered this action. It was around noon, the bass bite died, so I hit the pillars to see if I could duplicate this bite. I caught 7 or 8 walleye in about 10 minutes, all that same size range. Most fish he and I caught were spoons, but they were caught on other things as well. The following year was after 9/11, and the Coast Guard didn't like anglers/boats hanging around the pillars. My buddy got chased off them a couple times, and I never tried. The last couple years I have tried, as well as he, and the walleye have not been there. Neither him or I know a great deal about the habitat or migrations of walleye, so we never pieced together why they were there for that stretch of time. It was fun while it lasted though.
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