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  1. I have the same boat and go there each year. Though I tend to fish within sight of shore and watch the weather.
  2. good morning, does anyone know where I would be able to store my boat for a month or 2 in Oswego ?
  3. thanks Michele, I do not expect you to do that but really appreciate the offer. It is nice to see a sportsperson trying to help another sportsperson. I can get one when I get up there on this trip. i am hoping to get things together fast enough to possibly make the trip this weekend. Please rest assured that your name and business will be remembered and passed on to anyone asking where to go. thanks again for the offer ! it was very nice of you.
  4. Well, guess I will make 2 trips to ny this year from Pa. i will have to make sure not to buy a yearly license anymore. it would have been cheaper with just 2 trips(due to budget) to have just purchased one day licenses each time i went. but anyway i am sure happy that i will be able to get a regulations book to have on the boat with me when I come up there. I am not one to complain but was shocked last year when my fee almost doubled. If it would have went up but ten dollars more it wouldn't have been so shocking. I am now thinking that this will be my last year making the trip. It is just too costly for me anymore with gas, license fees,and all. I am on a fixed budget afterall. We are having the same thing happening in our state of Pa with more licenses for everything -with hunting anyway. i spent many years teaching for the game commission and teaching the shooting sports and fishing. Back then it seemed that sportsman stuck together better on these issues. i can see less hunters and fishermen afield anymore . It is a sad thing to see. i started this topic to indeed see if a regulation book was available so I would have one right there on my boat with me should i have a question about something. I do not go to bars nor am I rich and have a lot of money to spend. i try to save enough to make a few trips each year if at all possible. To some this 30.00 added license fee may be nothing. to me it could mean the difference between being able to come to ny fishing or not. i always buy the yearly license thinking possibly I could get there again sometime through the summer or fall. but this never happens ,as i can not afford to. the topic was not meant to insult anyone. it was just a question asked. i thank each of you for your answers.
  5. Yes, i paid the 70.00 last year whjen the increase first went up to almost double. but I also got a regulations book to go along with it. This year when it was mailed to me it did not come with a book. I called Dec about it only to have them tell me to download it. i was wondering if they stopped making regulation books when this happened. I figured it must be that New York state is just trying to get aall they can get and if no regulation books---they could end up making more on us non residents . Sso i take it now that I can indeed get a book when I get up there next week into Ny. i just might have to wait until a licensing shop opens in the morning before I can get out fishing. i am surprised they diddn't send one with my license as I personally always request this. Good to hearr they are still making them. Must be making them for residents only. Must just try to rip out of staters off as much as possible. That's my conclusion anyway with the almost double fees. Add to that 150.00 or so in gas and stopping for food and it is a very expensive trip to make. doesn't leave much more money to shop in sporting good stores and such . sorry to sound so critical. Just getting it out of my system i guess. i will surely make the trip anyway. i am really happy though they sent a book last year as the life preserver law had went into effect that i would not have known about. i saw lots of guys pulled over for that in oswego. They told me they got fined. Luckily i knew about it and had my preserver on. thanks for letting me know reg books are available.
  6. I am wondering why my fishing license increased from 40.00 to 70.00 per year and this year they sent me no fishing regulations book ? Can anyone tell me if they are available without downloading them ?
  7. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):4/23 Time on Water:5:15-9 am Weather/Temp:30 degrees at 5 am on my grand cherokee thermometer Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 1-2 Surface Temp: 52 Location:oswego east to nuclear power plant LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7 Total Boated:7 Species Breakdown:Browns Hot Lure: copper spoon with red feathers, black/silver rattling rogue Trolling Speed: 2-3 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 8-20 Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS started out approximately 5:15 am. Went east and trolled in front of the fort with no hits. Didn't waste time. Went directly to the nuclear power plant and hit within 3 minutes my first fish. Went on to catch 7 more. Released all of them ! My trip was planned for staurday also. no sleep in two days at this point already. figured I would go in and catch a nap. Got back to wrights and loaded my boat. Gave my wife a quick call and she told me she realizd my truck wasn;t shifting in drive after she already drove miles down rte 81 with it with the radio blasting. I immediately headed home before she did more damage. I got to her workplace just as she was getting out at 3:45 pm. I ended up driving my truck the back roads home at 20 mph. I think she ruined the tranny. i have to check it out better tomorrow and hopefully can fix it somehow. It doesn't pay to take the nicer vehicle fishing nd leave your wife with your truck ! I was looking ofrward to fishing tomorrow. this is the second time i found the lake pretty busy and found copper spoons with red or white feathers to work great. 7 landed on the copper and one landed on the rogue. I also ran a jointed rapale black/silver but no hits on that. Best of fising to all. No pics to post but most all fish were maybe 5-7 lbs. Nothing really big. ====================
  8. Hi, Will someone please update me on the new life preserver law I have heard about ? ?I understand it is from NOV through and including May 1. I understand a life preserver must be worn while the boat is moving anyway(motoring/drifting). Do you have to wear a preserver while anchored ? Any info on this new law would be appreciated as I am going to lake Ontario this coming weekend and want to stay legal at all times. Thanks in advance
  9. Caught 2 of the same color browns out of oswego on saturday. Both had marks on them
  10. That's sad to hear. Seems like they want to stop people fishing. We come up there from pa and it costs a lot of money for everything we buy for our trips. Now they want to almost double the license fees for us. Last year I heard from many people around here that they could not afford to go to upstate ny on a charter fishing trip due to the gas increase and such. I am sure this will shut a lot of charters down if they now increase the price of a non resident license. I think every fisherman should band together and put an end to this nonsense. Seems like each state is doing whatever possible to bring more money in. I spend a lot of money making a weekend trip to upstate ny to fish. It is getting to the point of me putting an end to coming up there. My best to all of the charter captains if this new license increase goes into affect. I think you will see a big increase in loss of customers to your business.
  11. got to oswego friday evening. Only 4 boats out including myself. Had a hard time with lighting and such and no hits. Came in and napped for an hour. Went out sat. morning and caught limit of browns within a short time. fished east of the fort and caught them in about 20 feet of water on a stickbait and a copper spoon. I heard that oswego was loaded with people and left there the day before the walleye opener thinking it would be overcrowded. Decided to go back up and give it a try this past weekend. Had the river to myself. too bad i didn't catch any walleye.
  12. Is that Danville area PA ????? I have info here somewhere for that pheasant reserve. I have heard good things about it but have never gone there. We used to raise pheasants ourselves so we would have good birds to hunt our dog with. Let me know if you meant in the state of Pa and i will look for the information for you.
  13. Just a quick note to give praise to a fine sportsman. I am new to the Lou site and had asked a question on fishing for walleye out of Oswego. I got an answer back the very same day from one of your members going by the name of landshark. He offered to meet me in Oswego and take me out fishing for browns in his boat. He told me he would show me where, and how to fish for the walleyes in that area. I met up with landshark yesterday morning in Oswego. He took me out for a great day of fishing . He showed me many things that I did not know. He catered to my every need,and fished not at all for himself. This young man spent his time and money to make sure that I had a great time. He would not let me reimburse him. I also lost a couple of his lures ! I DID NOT REALIZE THAT FISH FOR FREE DAY IN NY CAME IN YESTERDAY ! It is a privelege and honor for me to have met this person. He brings only good things to the sport of fishing. The LOU organization can take great pride in knowing that they have such a great member representing them in such an outstanding way. I hope that each of you gives landshark a thumbs up for going out of his way to help a fellow sportsman. THANK YOU LANDSHARK FOR GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP ME GET SITUATED !
  14. I have a royalex osprey canoe for sale. Comes with electric motor, oar locks, seat backs, anchor. retails about 1500. i want 500.00 It is a wide canoe (38.5 inches) and very stable. It is 14 feet long
  15. I have a 14 ft old town canoe Osprey for sale. electric motor included along with seat backs,paddles and oarlocks. this canoe is great for duck hunting as it is 38 1/2 inches wide. It is very sturdy. I purchased it in 1999 brand new for duck hunting. i have since lost my dog and have stopped hunting. Canoe has normal scratches on it. This canoe sells for around 1500.00 at this time. I want 500.00 firm for it. It is a royalex canoe. Pm me if interested. This canoe is 45 miles south of Binghamton NY in Pa.
  16. I am thinking of going to oswego for the first day of walleye. I saw here that a vhf radio would be good to have to hear what they are catching walleye on. any help for what type of vhf radio to buy would be appreciated. I was thinking maybe a handheld one ! Also looking for someone from the oswego rea that would be interested in maybe taking me out fishing sometime to show me the ropes and what to use for walleye,salmon, or trout. I fish oneida lake in the soring for walleye and bass. any tips would be appreciated for walleye fishing. I have a deep v 17 tracker boat equipped with a downrigger. I also have two inline planner boards and a dipsy diver. thanks in advance !
  17. Hi, I'm new to this site. Looking for some info on oswego ny for walleye fishing this spring. I hear #18 rapalas are being used quite often. Any special color choice ? Also need some help in type of rod etc to purchase. Any help would be appreciated so I know what to stock up with. Any info about this area to fish would also be appreciated. Ifish oneida lake every year for bass .
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