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  1. Hello all to those that will be attending the springfield show this weekend! We are set up in the young building in booth 869 and will be booking trips for the upcoming season on the Salmon River and also on the eastern end of Lake O! Stop by and say hi to captains Ray and Dan! We look forward to putting the faces with the names!
  2. I have both units complete with probes and cables! Both units work and are in very good shape! If interested please call 315 882 6435 and leave message thanks!
  3. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Brillyant ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/31-8/1 Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: Mexico Bay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: too many to remember Total Boated:37 Species Breakdown: Coho, lakers and browns Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS We tried for kings out of Port Ontario with no luck so we moved in for trout and wow they are still around in big numbers! After the smoke cleared the weekend totals for 4 trips with great clients turned up 1 Coho in the mid teens, 3 lakers with the largest being 13 pounds and 33 browns with the largest being a touch over 14 pounds!!! A great weekend despite the lack of Kings around but looking forward to the appearance of the big boys!!! ====================
  4. Large 17 foot on trailer with 89 75 hp Mercury motor! Runs flawless and has trolling plate! new batteries, fish finder, new bilge pump, bow mount trolling motor w new battery, plenty of rod holders and storage! everything works and also has live well! boat is very clean and well taken care of just have too many boats! $3995
  5. Yeah President Obama is the Jerk that put Stimulus money into the "Green Energy" project which supports putting wind turbines in the great lakes! UGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Greenpeace??? NNNNNNOOOOOOTTTTT ME! EDIT: Please hold your personal comments, thanks
  6. Just got home from the meeting in Jefferson County on the proposed wind turbines being built on Lake O! It was a unanamous vote to reject any wind power on the easter shore! Lets hope Oswego County and all others follow suit! Oh and by the way Kessel was there and said that Niagara county was all for wind power on the Niagara Bar so start asking your county legislators if this it truth or more BS from Kessel!
  7. Glad you will put them to good use!!! AS for the float trips I get $300 for an 8 hour trip and that usually turns into more as long as my clients want to whoop on some more fish!
  8. All good points and good info! If I were you leave a good thing alone and as long as it aint broke dont fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aftermarket can be difficult to assemble and not always worth the savings over oem so if you do go efi I would suggest going with a Mercruiser system. The cost of the systems would take years to recoop in fuel savings and the chance for failure is still there and harder to diagnose! Just my opinion and I am a Mercruiser tech with 18 years expierence and well versed when it comes to efi!
  9. heavy duty w removeable cushions and swivels. no rips or tears and ready to bolt on! $195 for the pair.
  10. Well said Paul! its hard to sum up the lakes status when your just over 2 decades new to the lake! to those of us that have fished it longer than you have been alive we are estatic that the lake is still producing good numbers and good size which we were sure would go the way that some of the other fisheries have gone! To the DEC and other orginazations that have helped maintain our fishery we solute you and please keep up the good work!
  11. now just take an old shower curtain and wrap it around on a piece of conduit and youll have a full enclosure
  12. Snow goose kennels in pennelville! Just got a black from them and the pup is very smart! reasonable price and real dog lovers! they are hunting dogs with great lines! not sure on next litter but they may have a black left!
  13. The ice is good in spots and bad in others, take caution and check the ice as you go! fishin has been fair to slow but should be improving
  14. Anyone else fishin the harbor? I fish most days and usually by myself! let me know as Ive been doing well on the perch and its an easy walk!
  15. I am not from out of state, actually grew up on the shores of Lake O, but solely rely on out of state non resident fishermen to make my living and yes, they pay more for licenses and should be allowed and always will be allowed the same rules as residents! Back to reasons to support the 3 rod rule 1) we are allowed 15 hook points per rod, why not decrease the number of hook points per rod and add another rod per person. 15 is a little excessive for one rod. 2) with the array of ways to present a bait such as planer rods etc that spread our lines it is possible to run upwards of a dozen or more rods off the back of most boats without as much as a tangle and allow the fishermen more opportunity at success 3) The reason behind the 2 rod limit was implied for statewide regulation for reasons that dont realy apply to the great lakes, adding a 3rd rod would not harm the fish or the fishery. 4) many boats are rigged so that a larger spread is easily fished and when there arent enough anglers on board the productivity is much lower, it should be up to the discression of the angler to the number of rods run!
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