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  1. Not sure where you are or how far you want to travel but we guide Snow hunts from mid march till mid april as long as they give us the extended season again this spring which so far is a go! If you need more info on the spring hunts please feel free to call us at 315 882 6435 thanks for inquiring and hope to hear from you or any others that want info on spring goose hunts!
  2. We always run the junk on the planers, helps pull them out without putting alot of backer out which in turn gives you less line out so that when the big one decides to run you dont have to pucker up and hope you dont run out of backing!!!!!!!! We also like having nothing else to pull in, its enough just pullin in the empty copper! Ive seen it done alot of different ways but to each his own and the best way to find out for yourself is trial and error!
  3. Approaching 40 and wonder what I would have done with my time if I dident hunt and fish! So many memories!
  4. Well Ray, for once I agree with you!!!!!!!!! Anyone that thinks coyotes dont have an effect on deer populations should come to upstate NY around Pulaski area and north! I hunt the adirondacks area and have seen coyotes track down post rut bucks in the snow and take them down! Dont tell me these damn coyotes dont have an impact!!!!!!!
  5. Well taken care of, refit every christmas eve and ready for pickup December 25th! Holds a multitude of gifts, most of which was fishing tackle for good fish heads! Includes floatation for water deliveries and rod holders! Downriggers not included but will leave bases and wiring! Pics not available, dont want to expose to all those boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks S. Claus
  6. Any sugestions or know of anyone selling a used boat! needs to be 20 foot or larger and accomodate at least 4 Thanks
  7. Why is it that upstate must carry the burden of all downstates problems! NUCLEAR PLANTS(including a new one proposed for nine mile) GARBAGE DUMPS, AND NOW WIND FARMS!!! From what ive seen of wind turbines they are not cost effective due to the upkeep and downtime of these. I look at the new ones at the mouth of the saint lawrence(which are very obtrusive) and notice only about a third of them are working at any given time! We need to come together as a whole and stand up for our lake and our community! Please send your congressman a letter of disapproval and voice your concerns!
  8. Shot them for years, realy liked them but switched to the 2 blade rage and cant find any reason to go back! Killed many deer and Elk with both and love those expandables!!!
  9. Watched a buddy of mine tackle a robo deer once, man were the co's pissed!!!!!!!!! They couldent do a thing but make us leave!
  10. Congrats to the young hunter and welcome to the brotherhood!!! That is the greatest feeling for both father and son!!!
  11. Shot this buck in a major wind storm on wed dec 9th! Still hunted to within 30 yards of him, 22 inch spread and heres the rest of him
  12. Richie, I was very saddened by your loss and though I did not know her well, she was quite the outdoorsie lady! May she fish and hunt every day and I know she will look out for her dad!!!!! God bless and stay strong!!!
  13. try Steelhead lodge, they had a cancelation
  14. In my opinion the line provided with flies is not adequate! We buy the skirts and tie our own rigs with 50 floro and epoxy the back of the trebble! Also dont expect to use the rig more than 5 or 6 times without checking for abrasions between the two hooks! good luck!
  15. Chedmardo is a Dump!!!!!!!!!!!! Salmon country is nice along with Bears Sleepy Hollow! Dowie Dale im not sure on but heard they are very small sites! Unfortunately they arent on the water and the only one I can think of is brennans but very pricey! Good Luck in your search
  16. Dont look for newer ones they SUCK! Baught some new ones last year and returned em they wouldent even reel! Good luck on findin good used ones, they are rare and usually worn out! Ill look and see if I have any good parts or pieces left!
  17. That was the rule, fish till 2 in by 3 or something close to that! I dont remember exact time, matter of fact my name for that, but they realy limit our distance due to shorter pre and post exit/entries! In the end it will be up to the committee and we will live with it!
  18. Well Ray ive been fishin the pro ams for more than 15 years and have been on the winnning team in Olcott more than once! I know how to catch fish and would be more than happy to discuss this with you at your convience!!! As far as the observer all I said was the observer dident write down the coordinates, it is the observers responsibility to record the catch on the paper and yes Jim should have checked it but weve all been there! All im saying is I dont agree with Trout One being DQd, I think its bs and I stood up for him and told tournament officials that I was within eye sight of him the entire day even during the violent thunderstorm that we fished through! So anyway everyone has their opinion and thats mine!
  19. Congrats to Trout One for the first place finish Especially after being dissqualified at the pro am for a mistake made by the observer!!!! Also a big congrats to the second place finisher ORKA who docks with us in the BIG SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again you finished well and deserve recognition for kickin a## in local tournaments! Havent heard full results but heard mixed reports from different ports! Anyone else that placed or was there know the tally?
  20. Port Lodge in Port ontario, 5 min from mex point
  21. Thanks Ron for putting up with us for the weekend and hope we dident scare you too much! A great observer and knowledgeable fisherman! Your Aces in our book!!!
  22. So whats your team names and where are you docking?
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