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  1. Its been very good, they are in shallow water and some are still on the beds
  2. What happened to upcoming events board??????
  3. Outboard unit for single or twins, with hoses,helm pump and wheel! (complete unit) Its used but was installed in 06 and works perfect!
  4. Well, im in henderson and theres bout 5 inches of snow left! from that I would say you have same or less, usually less!
  5. Well, today starts the 9 day show, well see what the economy has done to our industry! If your going to attend please stop bby the FISH ON booth and say hi! Dan
  6. Are you sure its the tan? Check to make sure the sender gasket is in one piece and the fill and vent hoses are not cracked?
  7. what a fourth quarter!!! big ben pulls it off again! At least it wasent a booring blowout like some years!
  8. The manufactures use a foam weatherstripping with sticky backing much like what you would use to seal an exterior door! can buy it at most hardware stores!
  9. SOLD!!! Good luck and happy trolling cannonball runner!
  10. Thanks Skipper, that worked great and was so easy! That program should definately be phrased programming for dummies!!!! Thanks again for everyones help and if you need help in the future go to that site.
  11. ive got a fifth grader and I think hes the reason behind all this, mama even tried and talked to their it tech and still plagued!!! For a while if you shut down the entire computer and rebooted it would come back, now that isint working either! Glad my Garmin doesent give me this trouble when im out on the lake!
  12. Looking for new Laptop, any suggestions, like where and what to buy? Would also consider a good used one if there is such a thing!
  13. When you say torpedos do you mean slim darters?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions guys and ive tried em all!!!! I think? not to proficient with these damn things, guess its time for an new laptop! any suggestions?
  15. Unable to respond to pms because the reply box isint showing up. Half the boxes on my email dont show like send, compose, reply etc. not sure how to find the problem, im real simple when it comes to computers! Turn it on and click!!!
  16. Hopefully someone out there is smarter than I am!!!!! My computer wont bring up pictures on the screen and also doesent show all the icons! defraged it and deleted all unused files!!! Its driving me crazy! even checked to make sure internet settings were right! Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks Dan
  17. Id go with a thin pressure treated or if your not worried bout price id find some thin UHMW board(cutting board) you can buy it in desired sizes and it will never rot! I baught it through a cutting board manufacturer off the net!
  18. anyone interested please call me at 315 882 6435. Having trouble with computer and cant reply or send PM Dan
  19. Unit is a 10 inch color with gps and fish finder! has gps antenna, power cable, chip and sounder box! Works excellent and easy to use, has split screen capability! Sold boat w/o electronics and already have same unit in new boat! Asking $1250
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