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  1. There is one of us left.....anyone need a Observer for the WHI pm me.
  2. When I returned to Ontario, after 20 years, we did a couple of charters and one charter we did was on Free Spirit. Once Capt. Paul got set up he threw change in the water and said the first thing ya need to do is tip the fishing gods. We have followed that ritual ever since. One thing we do a little different is we bounce a coin off of each pole before it hits the water. Pennies do not work. Shade
  3. Sorry for youe loss...My family and I will light a candle ....sorry Shade
  4. If you are in need of an Observer for this years WHI there are 3 of us available. We are all experienced. Please senda PM or email to me. Howie
  5. We are interested in purchasing this unit. Please call me at 716-276-3079 or 716-440- 1239. My name is Howie and please let us know so we can make arrangements to come and pick it up. TX Howie
  6. I am planning going to Syracuse this Saturday, please send some pics so I can see what ya got along with some contact info. I tried sending a message but it would not let me. Shade.... [email protected]
  7. Great job Chad...and congrats..now the memories begin. Shade
  8. Come on guys. At least they are trying to open up options. Sarcasm gets ya nowhere. They have already committed to look at the boat lengths issue, give them a chance. Shade
  9. Yvon, What does the boat size have to do with AM vs. Pro. I have a 29' boat and I can assure you we are not Pro's. We bought the boat for #1 good deal and #2 the lake conditions. I have adisability due to a damaged spine and the larger boat allows helps tolerate the lake conditions to a point. I would ask that you reconsider boat length as a critiria. Shade
  10. Happy New Year to you Capt. Vince and to the entire LOU familiy.....Lets have a resolution for 2013 to regain a fun and competitve Pro/Am's across LakeO that we all can enjoy. IT CAN BE DONE. Shade
  11. Lets ALL have a safe and Happy Holidays... God Bless, Shade ps: even you Ray
  12. Great Job as Always Chad.... Happy and Safe Holidays to you and yours. Shade
  13. Gill-T is absolutly right. I can not speak for all the AM's but to most it is not the prize money if it was we would not be speaking out about a $650 entrance fee. It is about the competition, the challenge and good old fun with a prize critieria that gives us a chance to get even. Some type of prize structure that pays 1 of every 3 entries cash + sponsors contribution gifts. The AM division should be a training tool to compete in the Pro Field. Maybe we need our own set of rules, for example limit fishing to a certain grid,or only box a certain species, or an established mix (example 3 kings, 3 steelies, 2 browns and 1 laker) some type of combination. There was talk at one time that the winning AM team would have to jump to the Pro division. Have a pay structure so the winning AM team would get a certificate that pays that teams entry in the following years Pro division for that county. The team may compete in the other 3 counties as an AM team. So, for every AM win that team would have to compete in that counties Pro division the next time they entered. This would be for the team and team members. Lets be clear if an AM team wins, lets say the Niagara County AM division, that team must fish the next Niagara Pro/Am in the Pro division. If a member of that team starts his/her own team or he/she joins another team that team must compete in the pro division. I think that some changes may eliminate com in the amature division especially a mix box, it may also work in the pro division as well. Having to fish for a mix box will call for a variaty of programs and probably boat movement to locate a catch a full box, which makes the event a bit more competitive, maybe. I also like the Friday - Saturday event with Sunday as the open day for foul weather as well as Saturday as the awards dinner. If the event ends on Sunday keep Saturday as the dinner and those who cash in if Sunday is the final day do as it was done in the past. These are just my thoughts along with a few teams that I had the pleasure of talking with. I think that most all teams, pros and ams, want the event the way it was before. I also realize that something needs to be done to increase the entries in all counties but especially in Orleans and Oswego. Com is the top reason and it seems to be unatainable however just maybe some changes in rules to increase the tactical part of the event may help decrease com. Last, I asked this question before and I got a mix of reasons but I will present it again. Both sets of Pro ams are only one week apart. Is there a way to spread the dates a little farther apart? I understand the traveling from one port to another and the charters but wgat impact does that have in changing a couple pf dates. I believe this would allow teams ,ore time to make the necessary arraingments to enter multiple counties. Maybe one a month. Just a thought!!!! Shade
  14. Titherdick, I agree with most of your format especially with a Friday Saturday event. I think instead of culling each team, AM Division, should take their best 9 out of the DEC rule on fish limit of 3 fishermen and for the Pros their best 12 based on a 4 man DEC limit. I also like the weigh in proposal. Vince, I also like your proposal of Kings only and 12 King box for each division however a grid is also good BUT Niagara county is so unpredictable for spring kings that we may end up with a traffic jam at the bar. Brian, You said it best. The 2 main issues after the change last year was entrance fee and open comm. In 2011 the entrance fee for an amature team was $260 and amatures paid Observers between $75 - $100. The new event changed the entrance fee to $650 + $150 for Amatures and $45 for administration fee which is about 165% increase. Pro division in 2011 was $550 + $150 Observer fee which is a 20% increase. Most of us snd i will speak for our team, is way out of range. I can assure you if the entrance fee does not come down considerably the event will never grow. I have only been back on Lake O for the past 5 years and Niagara Pro/Am seems to draw about 76 teams total ( 26 Ams, 50 Pros ) and I saw as high as 81 teams. As soon as the event moves to Orleans it seems to drop about 40% and Oswego seems to follow Orleans but when it went to Sodus it increased to around the same numbers as Niagara. My take is the tournaments are to close together and I understand that is was done this way because of teams traveling from all over the lake. Is this the only reason and has this issue been revisited to maybe have the events spread out further? I sure hope some changes are made to at least bring the event back to a Pro/Am event as it was in the past with a reasonable entrance fee. Shade
  15. Pro/Am.... The right players are on the committee.............confidence they will improve....... Shade
  16. Great report and observations BW.. Rick (Yankee Troller) always gives great fish reports no matter if he is in Wilson or the Oak he reports are always informative. Ya can not forget Tim (Fishsticks) out of Olcott, Jeremy (Chromslayer) out of Wilson and Capt Bush at the Oak. Not to take away from a lot of fishermen share their successes. We had some difficulties this season an hopefully we will get enough time on the water next year to join in. This is a great website, outstanding fishery and a lot of friendly and knowledgeable fishermen. Shade
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