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  1. Bruce, Glad to hear you had some action today. On the 5 color leadcore, our hottest spoon on Saturday was a black silver streak NK 4d (I originally thought it was a Dreamweaver SS, but after 2nd look it's an NK 4d spoon). We had most of our hits each time we "sped the boat up" to 2.4-2.6 mph at the ball. Hopefully we'll be back out next Saturday - good luck this week if you get out Thx again for the tips... Chris
  2. Fished this morning from 5:30 AM to 9 AM - had to pull out at 9, b/c my brother-in-law got seasick... Set up in front of the river and fished a NW troll to the power plant and then we headed north. Started in 70 fow and ended up in 120 fow. Went 10 for 11 --- 2 small kings (7 and 10#), 2 steelies, 2 coho, and 4 skippers. At one point we had a triple. The best bite was on a black silver streak SS and NK28 spoon, but we also had hits on an orange crush, 42 second, 5 of diamonds, glow frog (white back), and an NBK. Most hits were on leadcore (3,5 and a ten color), but only one rigger bite. Speed 2.4-2.6 at the ball... I would like to offer a special thanks to Bruce Bolger (aka Throbbin Rod). I met him yesterday at Mayer's and he gave me a ton of pointers - especially advice on fishing in front of Russell station. It's great when fellow fisherman will share their expertiece with others. Thanks again Bruce!!!!
  3. To add a little more confusion to the mix - on Saturday we fished east out of I-Bay where there was an East/Southeast wind for approx. 24 hrs. prior. I guess I would have expected before going out that the inside water would have been ice cold, but there was 45-46 degree surface water out to 60 feet (and that water was absolutely loaded with marks on the FF by the way - we actually thought there was something wrong with our sonar). My only explanation is the inside warm water was runoff from the heavy rains on Friday. Thanks for the help, Chris
  4. Jer- I recently bought a pair of the Amish "Beefy" 22" bags. They're well built (very thick webbing) and worked very well today with an east wind in three to four foot rollers. I have a 21' Trophy and they seem to be the right size. Good luck, Chris
  5. Thanks Ray - that makes a lot more sense now You are a great source of information....thanks for sharing Chris
  6. That's how I understand it as well - i.e. the onshore vs. off shore wind concept. What confuses me is the differences in opinion regarding the N/E vs. N/W wind direction. I'm thinking that the water clarity can change N/W vs. N/E wind depending on where in the lake you're fishing (west end vs. east end) but maybe I'm "over thinking" this. Thanks very much for your advice! Chris
  7. Hello everyone, I've read quite a few posts regarding wind direction, Keating's books, and a few other articles on wind direction and I thought I understood how on onshore wind vs. an offshore wind affects water temp. and fishing. However, many of the posts here seem to have conflicting opinions. Could anyone help me understand how wind direction affects fishing on Lake Ontario? I fish out of I-Bay and I'm specifically confused about the effects of a N/E wind vs. a N/W wind. Since they're both basically an "onshore" wind, I don't understand how they can have such a different effect. Thanks for any help or advice on this!!! Great site!!!! Chris
  8. Hello everyone, How's the depth in the channel to the lake? Anyone know when/if they're dredging it this year? Thanks for any advice/info you may have, Chris
  9. Nice fish gentlemen - seems to be a recurrent theme over the past few years that the browns like the gobies. For what it's worth, we've been doing quite well with some old Rebel jointed sticks in the Brown trout pattern. When you look at a pic of a small goby underwater, the Rebel has a lot of the same features..... give 'em a try Thx, Chris
  10. 1.) Any Dreamweaver SuperSlim spoon - but especially Lemon Ice, Orange Crush, or anything w/ red and orange 2.) " 5 of Diamonds" - Take an old Pirate size 44 all silver spoon (can still get them at Renosky.com), put chartreuse prism tape on the inside of the spoon along with 5 red or orange 1/4" "dots" in the pattern of the 5 like on a side of a dice Chris
  11. Hello everyone, I was wondering when everyone starts making the decision in the Spring (i.e. late April and May) to move "offshore" i.e. 30-150 FOW to fish? Certainly, early April is pretty straighforward, pound the shoreline, look for warm water, etc. and most of this is done in very shallow water looking for browns and coho. Since there is no thermocline this time of year, is there a "magic" surface temp., offshore bait, surface temp. breaks, etc. that you look for when deciding to go out deeper? I hope this isn't a "loaded" question, but any advice would be helpful!! Thanks, Chris
  12. Thanks again guys - I rigged up the 10 1/2 footers today and the more I look at them they don't look so big anymore.... Thanks, Chris
  13. Thanks guys for the feedback - you made me feel a lot better! I'll say it again - this is a great site, with great fisherman, and great advice. Chris
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to run two Dipsy's on each side of my boat this year - two inside wires, an outside superbraid on the port side and an outside mono/braid on the starboard side depending on time of year. Currently I run my wire divers on 9' rods with twilli-tips, so I purchased two 10'6" Heartlands to run my outside divers on in order to keep some separation. However, the 10'6" rods came today and are the longest rods I've ever seen and appear that they might be quite cumbersome to fish with. Could anyone help me out and give me some advice on using the long rods, or should I get smaller rods for the inside wires (i.e. 8' or so) and use the 9 footers on the outside. Thanks very much for the help!!!!! Chris
  15. Hello everyone - the rod holders are SOLD Thx, Chris
  16. FOR SALE: TWO Big Jon silver quad rod holders - pedestal mount $280.00 for both Both are brand new and have never seen a rod. I bought them in October to put on my boat this year, but I sold the boat and they're too big for my new boat. Paid over $400 for them both last year, they're currently going for $256.47 a piece on the Big Jon web-site. Call 585-301-2197, ask for Chris [/img]
  17. I have a set of two of brand new BJ quads in silver. I just bought them last year to mount, but I bought a new boat over the winter so I no longer need them. They have the slide track and a small pedestal mount. I paid approx. $400 with shipping last year (directly from Big Jon), but I'd be willing to sell them for $280.00 for both. I'd prefer not to separate them in case someone wants a "pair" If interested give me a call - 585-301-2197 ask for Chris thx - Chris
  18. Hello everyone, My name is Chris and I will be fishing out of I-Bay this year. I have been fishing the big lakes (Michigan and Ontario) for the past eleven years (mainly charters), but I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a boat myself. I have fished out of the Oak, Wilson, Pultneyville, the Genny, Fairhaven, and Ludington, Michigan, but for convenience I will have a slip this year at Mayer's in Irondequoit. I want to say thanks to everyone for a fantastic site - it is a great resource, but more importantly it tailors to anyone who is interested in fishing, whether you're a charter captain or a novice hitting the water for the first time. I look forward to fishing out of I-bay (from the looks of things it can be quite productive) Thanks again for all the advice - good luck Chris '08 Trophy 2152 hardtop with a 4.3 Merc I/O
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