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  1. jason i will still need some info from you
  2. something must have froze up ...we could not keep the water from coming in...AND I MEAN WATER COMING IN
  3. the truck bang up the front bumper at tfalls... the boat almost sank three times... its know at hanifins getting fixed
  4. no worries...i usually give the other guy one side of the boat he will have to be happy with that red eyes
  5. thanks... i was out at that time also... we are heading that way in the morn...
  6. im looking at tuesday 7.30 ...and if so... second guy pays half for gas i live in pa and it cost me about 65.00... if that dont scare you then we could try it...if everything comes together so i can go red eyes
  7. ken.. i had some issues with 9.9 but back up running... i cant wait to see how it runs... imm going tuesday.. if all gos my way red eyes l
  8. not near shore...south end of the lake thanks for looking red eyes
  9. i have this new spoon...same old spot red eyes
  10. Got this one and a 10 lb. laker on 1/22 near South end. Lots of throw backs too.
  11. not sure what day this week' but should be on the water...nice to know if theres anyone else around... hope for good fishing redeyes
  12. the wheather sould get better this week....so i will be on the wayer/ not sure what day or whom yet.... if anyone has any tips let me know jpainting boat name redeyes
  13. We were up on the 23rd. Caught lots of throw backs and took home 2 nice ones. Anyone going out next week? 2/1 - 2/7? Give me a shout.
  14. Name: jeff rosenkrans Location:brackney pa Home Port:Oneida Boat Name/Type:red eyes I fish for:walleyes until winter then cayuga ================== Fishings been good on the lake! (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
  15. good luck opening day! hope one of us find them
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