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  1. nothing like getting it wet,,, hey, for some reson senaca is hot good luck RED EYES
  2. i will be there ,,, but have someone going already,,, sorry
  3. i have not see ice there yet,and i go there alot ... i will be there in the morn if you are there when i go out...good launch,,, could use a longer dock,,, but it works for me hammer down,,,we was just there on thursday and was marking 30-60foot down in about 200 or so feet of water i should be on chan 68 RED EYES
  4. went today,not so good,rough out there..got blown off the water,,,they called for 8-10 mph, but i beleive the wind was at least 18 mph. i went with frisco and he caught 4,,, i caught 0000000000000 i wish i could say more than that but it is what it is RED EYES
  5. i would like to hook up with dave also,,,but R_R is in my county and helps out with some spoons ... he has alot of new stuff coming real soon, and he bent a spoon in front of me back and forth , and the paint was like new, even though the spoon was a throw away.and they still have his stuff in gander, not sure how long , or anything... i was there today i will be putting some of them down tomorrow... fishing with a freind but sould be on channel 68 RED EYES
  6. we run what we want...so if someone gets mad,,,ther the only one mad...because jason and i had a ball i will be up on the lake also,,,put them down if you can
  7. dont worry,,, because it was like work today...but, it,s funny that getting all slimed up and working like monkeys, is what we call fun
  8. r-r spoons went to senaca today with JASON,, started out a little slow, then we moved our location... up the lake we went,when the first pole went off, we knew that we hit the right spot,we had doubles, triples, and i beleive we had four poles, all going off at once .. jason and i was as busy as we needed to be...between the R_R spoons, and spinns-flies we was on fire... i will put the no. of fish between 100-150... my arms and back are shot from pulling so many fish in R_R has these new glow beads that i tie my flies with seemed to be hot set up today jason was running pole dancer 1 and 2 and i was hitting on crazy-B great day on the water
  9. im going out tomorrow and putting r-r spoons to the test, i went and got about 10 or 12 differt ones , and cant wait to put them to work... give report when im done fishing...even though the last time i was there ,,,yesterday,,,the bait pods was gone or broken up...but i will be looken for them tomorrow
  10. any one no where to stay up there with a boat,,, close to black river .... we now stay at guffin bay ...but sometimes hard to get around to black river
  11. and i know r,r himself so i can get thoughs spoons,,andthe guy will through some other stuff in with anything you buy...he lives just down the road
  12. way to go,make me smile when someone is having fun...i should be up there soon,,maybe sat- sun...or monday even...
  13. nice going,thats the way to go...thank you for showing..
  14. i fish black river bay in the spring, for walleye...anyone do the spring thing
  15. sweet pic,,, i see thoughs on black river,can not wait
  16. i go by the wind, not temp,i dont like to go if it is below 14 degrees only because the boat will freeze up,,by the end of the day it is warmer...and the boats heated so it is not so bad...gets me off my ass, for the day
  17. it seemed a little scary today on the water alone,,, but after a few hours went by i stared to see other boats...so, i was making my fist pass, and thought it may be a slow day, and then the rod went off,,,9 pound LL.S ,,,, that was only the start... then the LL>S kept coming, alot of smaller ones,,,and then 4.5 pounder,,,some more smaller ones,and then 5.5 or 6 pounder ... more smalls...then 4.5pound laker ,,,then i only wanted one more laker ...but only hit more smalls,,,all the smalls was LL>S and most was legal size ...it was really nice day, because my boat is usually full of guys.... not that. thats a bad thing my wife is working on the pic,s,,so they will be up soon
  18. hey the boats heated,,,,and it was a bauty of a day...you will have to try it just once and you will see,,,not at all like you think,,,i went by my self, and i have a 9 pounder ,,6.5.. 5.5 all LL.s and i have 4.5 laker...thru back maybe 22 legal small ll.s but could not get anthere laker to save my butt... missed a great day...i will have pic,s RED EYES
  19. hope you guys have a good day , because the weather is going to change on use for a little while anyways RED EYES
  20. give me a call 1 607 775 0184 or leave your no. and i will call you
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