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  1. went to b-r-bay last week end,, wind, but got out on fridaygot 1 10-12 pounder , one brown 8 northeners, big drum, alot of perch,,,not bad for fist runn
  2. nice job,, i have been holding my own up on the big O... went last week for three days,, but could only get out one,,we had 10-12 lb walleye, 7 lb brown 15 lb drum 8 differnt northerns,, 8 or so really big perch,, not to bad for first run up there ... taken wifei with me this weekend,,hope for the weather,,and more than 1 walleye
  3. i have a place on onieda,,,but,,,i start out black river, on the big water, for the big eyes...every year same deal
  4. nice job,, good to see your out there
  5. no... just went with frisco for the day,,but two weeks its the big O for walleyes,,,and than up to my camp on oneida,, for smaller eyes all summer,,till kings
  6. taking a friend out 4-14,,,could use some help on where to go...i dont fish the big O to much,,,and seems to be alot, if you dont know where to go...thinking oswego in the morning... anything would help
  7. frisco and i went out of south end,,we had 1 small LL,,2 lakers 8-9 browns... one was just under 8 lbs... good day r-r spoons was rippen them today,,,one after another,, purple one ,, gold one hammer time,,,
  8. will be there to ,good luck..butts, if i see your truck i will put your cooler in the back... i going with frisco
  9. nice job,,great to see the boy out there,,must have had a ball thanks for the pic,s
  10. nice job guys,,i sould get up there soon,,,my painting biz is taking off so my time is limited but i will still be out there,,
  11. not sure if your running boards,or dipsy,s ... last time i was there it seemed to be slowing some,,, but still good. i was running south end, any where 60-100 spinns and flies if you have,, spoons on dipsy bang off the bottom, or reel close.. good luck let me know
  12. nice,,little one was reeling to ,, great day on the water ,,, should be coming up soon,i will bring back your cooler.. thanks again
  13. get flashers and flies going up there, welcome,,, enjoy
  14. good luck guys,, i am running up to pulaski for steelie,,,browns... i hear there hitting 6-20feet of water...running boards,,stick baits
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