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  1. Hit the water with Ken and John....day started out slow for the first hour or so. Then we picked up our first LL. Then started picking up fish. We got 1 brown, 3 LL and 7 lakers. Good day on the water with good company. 2 of the bigger fish came on a purple spoon from R & R spoons.
  2. great post,good to see ya work togethere
  3. nice post,great to see someone made the day keep it up
  4. i almost got out,but good to see someone made the day good fishing,good post
  5. i like both lakes,and i dont fish them in the summer,soi beleive senaca will perduce bigger fish...but you can catch fish on both...i agree with jason,frisco
  6. thanks for the info,will save me alot of time
  7. hoping someone can tell me if the launch is opened...last trip went to severn...
  8. thanks ,,, we may look at it,, but will end at severn...
  9. did you launch there,,,how about severn
  10. wondering if anyone has been out on senaca,not sure if i can launch in watkins or severn...if anyone happens to see if they are open...last trip watkins was frosen
  11. severn is where you go if the others are froze...maybe sunday
  12. last time i was there,,we hit them in 200 foot 100 down ,,, in front of the state park... but the LLs will shut down for the most part around 930...our best is from daylight to 930...
  13. thats what i use the blacks,i guess my fish run straight,and the new ones dont...ill run them again sunday/monday depending wheather
  14. yes,i have four of them,but they dont jump,and wonder,i was told there is a right,and left,but all of mine run straight...i'll see on the next trip but thanks
  15. went to senaca today, and things went ary when i thought i bought two new to me 10 lb fish weights that seemed to jump about 4 or5 feet back and forth on the top of the water,, not sure what there doing at the bottom.but we had more tangles then iv ever seen.... but once we figured that out we did get a few slammers,we got four nice fish in the box ,andsome nice throw backs... that ,ken, kept tangling the lines if you know what i mean kind of a joke we came up with after untangling every thing i owned it had to be his falt good day on the water,,lost a big one at the back of the boat all LL,s today
  16. r-r spoons seem to do the trick,they have some new colors that are on fire
  17. i think the riggers might have helped us out on that trip also,,but ,we couldnt even get are rods all in,because the fish was hitting that much...big fatties bang,,,,,bang,,,,,bang good day on the water just think me whinning,, well no fish in the boat ya i was whinning
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