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  1. redeyes

    eyes on onieda

    ill be back up there thursday or friday, hope its the same..i do see its slowing down though...give me a shout
  2. redeyes

    eyes on onieda

    three days of fishing,are longest time out was three hours...had are limit...even though my wife has been out fishing me saterday she got 5 to my one...all on worm harnesses,she has a blade that kicks butt,trying to find more of them all 109-113 on bottom
  3. give me a shout,ill be on 68...going up thursday till sunday...ill let you guys know if im in them. wind is good for thursday-friday not sure of the rest red boat looking for eyes redeyes
  4. had a few days of weird weather,but today we found out there still hitting hard on oneida,,,109-113 ,39 foot right on bottom... worm harnesses seemed to work
  5. not likely,and if so small window
  6. fish there every summer,been in 38-39 ft...been running 2 oz to stay on bottom..nothing but a thing
  7. get it done,,,that would be great
  8. i have a place there ,from what i see is trout guys like trout ... walleye guys can catch any fish...we have been doing pretty good up there
  9. im wondering if it is safe to fish black river bay, thinking of coming up the 7th-8th witch i do every year.but i hear they are shutting off some places.. i go out of sacetts and fish the bay. any help would be great...bringing a young kid,thats why im asking
  10. good job ,fish in the boat is a good thing. and fun day on the water...
  11. good to hear you guys got your r&r,and at least you got into afew fish...nice to see ya back
  12. nice job jay,good to hear you got the kicker working..
  13. sould be able to mount it just like it is
  14. going copper,start lifting weights
  15. first thing in the morning,at day light i like to start right when the water is deep enough,aim the boat at the stack,salt plant,and set up.. you should be good until about 930 when the LLs shut down.. let me know.. spins/flies down 100 foot
  16. nice wayne,i like fishing deep..hope your new toys are working for you,,,toys on your boat
  17. good day on the water,slower than most,but it was sunny..all and all great day better than working
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