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  1. i stick with jason,riggers,and dipseys.find marks stay five or ten above.. wait for rods..i should be up there soon
  2. i just put this unit on my boat ,,,and then i bought a new autopilot that has it on it tr1gold ,,,anyways it is for a 2001 or newer honda,,, the number for the unit is 241 control king...it works perfect...paid 219 plus tax... selling for 150.00 plus shipping,unless we can meet im from the binhamton area... IT IS FOR A KICKER MOTER thanks
  3. my new unit will have to be installed first,looking into that now,and its hunting season so im not on alot,,, sorry ...i will be for my winter fishing
  4. as soon as hunting season is over, ill be on the water again...winter fishing fires up...anyone looking for a sportpilot plus autopilot cheep...works great in the summer ,but slips sometimes in the cold,i do brand new belt for it,but ,work went well this summer ,and i got the tr1 gold from garmin.just have to get it put on my boat,before i take sport off.sould go well
  5. sweet,guys,..if i wasnt hunting i would be out there...nice looking bag,keep it up jason...what is the water temp
  6. got on the water though,winter fishing is coming up
  7. the sport pilot that i have,works fine in warm wheather,but i winter fish,and it seems to slip sometimes..and i have the new belt for it,so it should be fine...long story short,not sure what it,s worth..make me an offer,a decent offer..
  8. looking at the garman tr1gold,loking to replace my raymaire,sport pilot plus.anyone have this unit,and any good or bad with it.............thanks jeff
  9. any help in this problem of mine,i have one on my boat . but a friend went fishing with me, and while i was setting riggers i had my back to him,,,he never seen an autopilot,,, so when i came back to the wheel,he had his leg pined to the wheel,it now slips ....any help would be great..can it be fixed or not...thanks
  10. i do get some fraying,not to bad.when i see it i retie just like a nick in your line... nice thing is you can tie just like line... i seemed to be catching with spin doctor,,crazy B yellow,,bright yellow flie... how are you anyways...
  11. hit,cayuga ,i never fish the finger lakes in the summer,only winter fishing,.did pretty good we had 15 lakers,2 keeper LL, good day on the water ... most came on spindocters,flies...back to onieda for my walleyes
  12. went to dorchester,walleyes for lunch. r\r warmharness was really doing the job.got five ok walleyes,and then my wife hooked a big carp,and was that fun for her..all and all good day on the water
  13. out from sylvan beach,36 feet deep,five feet off bottom,,crack baits,silver/black prisom,silver/purple,seemed to get the job done on that day. hope you the best
  14. staring to turn on,wife and i got limits.all big for that lake...
  15. tom,sorry but i got anther boat..thank you for your time
  16. should work if transome,15-16 inches for short shaft
  17. papers,and would like to see this vesel,my day time ,,cell,,607-343-0184 thanks
  18. would a short shaft work on that boat.looking for boat and trailer
  19. like the boat,but to far.i am past binghamton
  20. looking for cheep row boat. some what close to binghamton help me if you can
  21. walleyes-for dinner,three days that look good, for wheather. hope to find them. got new spoons,,,R_R spoons that is...hope to get hooked up... let you know when i get back... black river bay
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