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  1. Jason,, nice job..glad to see you there... was awsume on the water...
  2. my wife is mbest freind,, and we do all of the hunting and fishing together... i got her a bow last year, and already got her first deer....
  3. seemed to be a good day,i went alone, and had a ball...i played with the LL,s all day,but inbetween i caught 2 good sized lakers... i had 12 LL,s ... i brought home 3 LL,s and 2 lakers and was off the water by !,sh should have pic,s soon,,,,,, sorry i was cleaning my boat ,,and my wife cut up the fish.... no pic,s
  4. i will take you and show you ,, going tomorrow
  5. might be looking for co. pilot on wensday,not sure yet.. if i go i need someone to fight fish, pm me REDEYES 607-775-0184 607-343-0184 days
  6. welcome, i fish walleyes myself... and winter fish the fingers
  7. seems like the flashierthe flie the better,,, green , yellows , blues
  8. balls and dipsy,s down 100 run S-patterns out 120 in 100,,, keep hitting the 100 mark seems to get them to fire
  9. great job,, good eats... what was you running...
  10. we did run R_R spoons,, but, there is days that spoons are on, and it seems like the overcast days they work better.. and we always run R_R spoons.. we would like to try the R_R dodgers or terminaters next REDEYES
  11. spent the day on the water with jason,,,he seems to teach me something new each time we go out... its nice to see my poles go off so much,to bad it was not the ones i was using.. JASON sure had the color combow today,i caught some ,,, but his poles was bangen... todays no. is 30-40 easy... good day on the water REDEYES thanks JASON
  12. jason i will be at the launch on the canal- just so you know REDEYES
  13. plenty deep at launch,,, going out in the lake was 2-3 feet deep
  14. i have taken all of my flies ,and put new hooks, and all new swivels... so i will give it a try tomorrow,i got the best of the best...the fist part of the day is going to be overcast... see what happens not sure why so many replys showed up
  15. not fun when your tackle box ends up on the bottom of the lake... but we all do it
  16. i set the dipsy,pretty light, and did no ripping today
  17. we used the othere launch today...and it is pretty good, but going out into the lake it seemed to get a bit shallow,,,but alright... longer dock, and a bit easyer...
  18. running braid to the dipsy, mono 25lb to the spindocter, and flie, and treble
  19. cranks work good, this is where size matters... somr times smaller ones REDEYES---JPAINTING
  20. real nice day on the water. came home with three lakers, but, for some reason i am losing alot on my dippsie rods ... i had 7 on and only put one in the boat... sunny day so we did not hammer them...hope to go on thursday... sould be overcast,,, and better for getting it done REDEYES,,,,,,,,,,,JPAINTING
  21. we was there yesterday, lake was great , but had to break through some ice to get out... had a pretty good skim on it RED EYES
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