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  1. Go with Rick, you won’t be sorry. dave
  2. Specifically looking to fit 7 colors
  3. I had a 50/200 with my older Furuno, as Rolmops does. Loved it. I now have a Hummingbird with the standard transducer that came with the Helix 9. I have notice a slight drop off when searching at a higher speed and sometimes loose bottom. Never had the issue with the 50/200. Not sure if that is the specific reason, but seems to be a difference. Dave
  4. +1 , thinking of lithium here as well for next season
  5. Thanks for the info! Great stuff. Appreciate the response. Dave
  6. Cody, great write up and thanks for spending your Sunday morning responding. Trolling motor for me is the only system now that I am upgrading. The two cranking batteries are one season old. I believe a single 24v will be perfect as far as size goes. So, that limits some of the options. I like the time you are getting on the trolling motor with the 100ah. I appreciate the proper charger requirements. I also would like the charger to have on board mounting capabilities. Thanks again for your response! Dave
  7. Got it, thanks! I usually am just in the Fingers and won’t need that much line out. But, will pay closer attention.
  8. Dakota is not coming up well with much positive feedback with my additional research.
  9. Thanks spoonfed, great information. I just sent him email to see if he will be taking my order. Waiting for his response. The web site seems to be outdated a bit. side question - does the 600 support 7 color lc well? Thinking of adding one to the collection.
  10. mkormos- thanks. They are not on the web site from what I can tell. Not the standard cradles. I have heard there is a hybrid rod holder that has a deep cut out similar to the cradles. Best of both worlds. Something rather new. Dave
  11. thanks spoonfed! I was thinking of doing it myself as well. Are there kits to buy or is everything ordered separately? Dave
  12. Matt, I can’t get a response from Cisco. I would like to purchase a few. dave
  13. I would be pulling the battery before freezing temps. Too many choices. Thanks guys, this is helpful. Maybe a few more comments to help hear all sides. Thanks!
  14. Good Day, I have a handful of 300lc and 500lc reels that I bought new and have never done any service to in 12-15 years. They have been great! I am feeling the drag is not what it once was and probably a few other things that could use some attention. Anyone have a past history with someone who has had their Tekota's "refurbished" in the past and was happy with the work? I don't mind shipping or dropping off if local. Thanks for the feedback, Dave
  15. Good Day, I did see a few pictures posted on these rod holder hybrids from Cisco. I sent two separate emails to Dave at Cisco, with no response. He did acknowledge other questions I had but decided not to answer my inquire on this product. Has anyone used these rod holders? Web purchase? How did you get them? Interested in grabbing a few this off season. Thanks, Dave
  16. Thanks 13owhunter, that is interesting. I would be using them for steering mostly with my kicker. But also slow trolling on occasion.
  17. All good thoughts. Still undecided. I am looking for at least 120ah a on a 24v. The lead acids get heavy. But, is it worth the change, still debating.
  18. Gator, thanks for the response. Weight is what started me thinking about this. Thanks for your reply. Dave
  19. Good Day, I am liking everything about the Dakota 24v 110ah lithium battery for my Minn Kota 80 but the price. Is $1500 with an additional $150 for the 20a charger worth it? I know, you get what you pay for. Thought I would ask for feedback before pulling the trigger. I see the 11 year warranty, that’s nice. And the BMS looks like it would cover everything I do with it. Just almost 2x some of the others. Anyone running Dakota Lithium? Thanks for your time, Dave
  20. Good Morning, just cleaning up the boat and saw my grippers. I have not been happy with the few different brands I have tried, with and without scale. Does anyone have a good pair with a scale that will work for more then one season? Simple question, but I am having no luck with my choices. Thanks for your thoughts, Dave
  21. Les, still using the old 20lb flea flicker from Cortland on my DR's. Been on there for 15 years, just before they stopped making it. Every time I go to change it out, I just can't bring myself to taking it off. Still works!!
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