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  1. Here's my version - lightly marinated rainbow grilled w/sweet onion, grilled asparagus, and grilled peaches.
  2. Ended the day going 10 for 12, what a blast!
  3. All on smaller light green and yellow spoons today. Most came around 40-50' over 120
  4. Now 8 for 10, still all rainbows. Put 3 in the box that got hooked pretty hard. Great morning!
  5. Though I'm a huge fan of Seneca, decided to give Cayuga a go this morning. 5 for 6 so far all rainbows no real size but big enough to be fun
  6. Good luck - gotta have my coffee 1st
  7. Ed if I ate like that for dinner I'd weigh 300lbs. Gonna try my luck in the morning
  8. Not this weekend - working on a deck
  9. WTG Ed, sounds like a great couple hours fishing
  10. Beautiful day! Trolled north on the west side from Miles Winery almost to Sampson. Tons of bait almost the entire time. Picked up a nice landlock for dinner
  11. Way to go Ed - won't be out until Saturday this weekend. Save me a couple!
  12. Our almost big enough to weigh in came on an Iron Duke Fly, thanks Mike!
  13. Fished from Lodi to Watkins the morning - nothing! Headed north for the afternoon. Beautiful day but not much of a bite.
  14. Great! Good luck all - see you on the water.
  15. So it looks like 17 boats in for tomorrow?
  16. Last minute sign-up question? Was in Seattle for work the past couple weeks and completely forgot to enter the derby until this week. Used the on-line entry via PayPal - do I need a Reg card or is the PayPal receipt enough to enter fish should we get lucky?
  17. Wow, we were out today too and couldn't get a rod to go. What part of the lake were you fishing?
  18. Another great name Mike! I'll be washing a couple of your flys in the morning - hope to post a pic or two of what they produce [emoji108]
  19. Seneca Slammer is in. Some really nice fish weighed in last year!
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