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  1. 2 15 Lb. Shark Downrigger Weights, $150 for Both, Old Style, Smooth Finish, Track Great. Shipping $ 25.00, Pay Pal
  2. Looking for 2 Penn 810 Rod Holders, please message me if you have and want to move. Thanks
  3. I have about 15 old lures, they are mostly Orca style, and and used lite sticks that go inside to provide glow and rattle. They go back to the 90’s or early 2000’s. See attached photos. If anyone is interested, get back with a PM, they are basically J Plugs with a lite. On some the eyes even light up. Use standard J Plug harness. They were deadly when fish were staging. The little plug at the tail unscrews and the lite stick goes in and the plug is reinstalled. The first four are just glow without the lite stick. Thanks for looking.
  4. The 15 lbs are sold , still have one 12 lb
  5. I have two 15 pound chrome Shark down rigger weights and one 12 pound chrome Shark down rigger weight for sale. $100 each, plus shipping
  6. Thanks Greg, Its a shame that boats can't sign up online or by mail. I think that many more teams would participate if it were easier. Dick
  7. Greg, Thanks for your reply, I will send you a check and entry form tomorrow. Looking forward to the Pro-Am, always a great time and chance to meet old friends. Thanks Dick
  8. Want to enter the 1K aday, but can't get to Fat Nancy's to enter by July 1st. Anyway to mail entry with check to either County Tourism Office or Fat Nancy's. Thanks Dick
  9. You guys are doing a great job to promote the Lake Ontario fishery. Don't settle for any less than no communication and mandatory observers . Those two rules were what made the old Niagara Pro/Am the great tournament that it once was. Keep up the good work.
  10. I know Vince and Vince knows me and I have nothing but the higest respect for him. My comment was directed toward this mysterious super committee that seems to have their own agenda to what end I do not know.
  11. If you keep the same format as last year, with no Amature Division, you will still be missing most of the Amature teams that sat on the sidelines last year because they didn't like the format. Wake up
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