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  1. Just got the book yesterday. #1 with ring on 30# wire set on 3 20 45ft 32 85ft 40 115ft 52 165ft 60 205ft
  2. On a lighter note, I ordered from Lake Michigan Angler late on Friday night (11:30 PM) online. Just Bigwater trolling and a twili tip, not a difficult order. I was happy with the ordering and shipping time, Saturday to Wednesday with no special shipping. I'll probably order from them again. Andy
  3. I'd be interested on another weekend, too many projects to finish up this weekend. Keep me updated on when you are going out in the future. Thanks, Andy
  4. Does the wire collect fleas like mono or other lines? If I switch the dipsy rods to wire would it spook the walleyes? I know my rigger cables sing pretty good but does wire do it too? Why don't fleas collect on the larger diameter lines? Thanks, Andy
  5. I'm new to trolling and many posts on here deal with fleas. I'm planning to fish Skaneateles and off the Salmon River when the fish come in. Are the fleas a problem if you are closer to shore or offshore? Are they that much of a problem in the Finger Lakes? What months are they typically heavy? I've got 2 Daiwa Accudepth 27LC and 2 Accudepth Plus 27LC and 2 47LC w/ Fireline for dipsy's. Are the 27's good enough for the salmon closer to shore? I know I'll have to respool for salmon but don't know if I need to consider the fleas when I do this. Right now I'm spooled w/ 12# BG and 10# flouro leader for Oneida 'eyes and Adirondack lakers/salmon. Thanks for the help, this site is full of good knowledge. Andy
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