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  1. Stan, That is awesome, I was laughing my a$$ off just now at work and people were wondering what was so funny.
  2. It was explained to me that they would be looking at the registered length from the boat registration. I don't imagine they would be measuring boats on the water unless the registration plainly doesn't match the vessel. If your registration says 21' then you could atleast argue the ticket if they do tell you it isn't actually 21'.
  3. I voted .243. I own 2 of them and hunt yotes all winter with hounds. This caliber rocks for that. With the right bullet, I wouldn't hesitate to use it for deer especially if you're a sitter/stand hunter. If you do more deer hunting than yotes or shoot on drives, I'd opt for the .308. I don't feel the need for a long-action gun (.270 and 30-06). I feel they are more than needed for deer in NY although I own and use an 06 when sitting in a stand. My favored deer gun is a 45-70 Marlin guide gun. When my girlfriend decides she doesn't want to hunt anymore, I'll carry her 7mm-08 Howa Youth model instead of the 30-06. This caliber has really impressed me and splits the difference between .243 and .308 perfectly. Light, handy, barely kicks, and very, very effective. I love shopping for guns...Good luck.
  4. I have put Leupold scopes on 3 guns now. I broke 2 scopes in 2 years on my 30-06 then put the leupold on, no more problems. Put a 1-4x20 on my slug gun replacing a simmons (that performed fine) and haven't had a problem, shoots one ragged hole at 75 yds. Now the third scope is on my Marlin Guide gun 45-70. This scope has a problem. When it's mounted on the gun, the power ring is very hard to turn. You cannot turn it with gloves on. I called Leupold about it and we troubleshooted it, making sure the mounting ring is not too close, pinching or twisting something. Since this is on a rail system so I moved the back ring as far forward as I could. The problem persisted and Leupold said send it back, the o-ring is probably bad, it shouldn't be that hard. It's not that hard to turn on my other 2 scopes. That scope usually stays on 2x rarely getting turned up so I've hunted with it 2 seasons now just because when seasons over it goes in the closet and gets forgotten till next season and then I don't want to mess with it during season. Leupold will stand by their warrantee if it's the scope, I just haven't sent it in yet (maybe this year now that I think of it). 3 guys I hunt with shoot 12ga Browning Auto 5's (these are tough on scopes). One guy has had a Leupold over 30 or so years on his, the other about 8 years both without a single problem. The third guy has broke 3 or 4 scopes in 10 years and has ended up spending way more than it would have cost to buy one Leupold shotgun scope. I know how and how much we shoot and I would spend the money on another Leupold in a heartbeat.
  5. On my boat I have older Garmin electronics, 182c GPS with LO chip and 320c FF. I am pleased with these units for LO but I can not easily upgrade the charting in the GPS for other lakes. I emailed Garmin and they said I need to buy their inland lakes software, individual chips because the older unit can't use the larger newer memory chips, and a chip programmer. Then since I am required to use the smaller memory chips, I will need multiple chips to get all the lakes I want. All this will cost about $300 to start without multiple chips. So, that's a large part of the price of a new unit. My plan is to get a ff/gps combo unit to get me the Navionics charts, using it primarily as a plotter. Then in the future, adding a radar/plotter unit and using the ff/gps primarily as a ff and backup plotter. Is this reasonable thinking? I'm leaning towards the Humminbird 788c. Any thoughts on this unit. I don't see the need for the side imaging so I would like to avoid the extra cost for that if possible. It seems that all the reviews I've read about the Humminbird ff's are good. Since this will eventually be the primary ff, I'm more concerned with it's ff performance. Fish Hawk guys... Has anyone had any interference from the 83kHz transducer on the 'bird with the 70kHz fish hawk? What are peoples thoughts of a combo radar and gps plotters? I haven't really researched them yet. Thanks for your help.
  6. Does anybody know where I can get tested with the Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT) used for USCG, Navy, and Aviation or the Optec 900 which are colored light tests that are accepted by USCG? I'm looking for anywhere in Upstate NY. I went for my physical for my USCG application today and was very disatisfied. I have called this place in Syracuse that I get my work physicals at to confirm that they will be able to provide color vision testing other than the plate/numbers. I also provided them with the proper forms ahead of time to give them the list of accepted testing methods. An individual ther assured me that they could accommidate me. I already know I can't read the plates and they do too from my other physicals. I can however identify the colors when they ask me to point out the colors in the room. It turns out that aside from various versions on the plates, they have no other means of accepted testing and don't know what the other methods are. Aside from the color vision testing, they screwed up my drug test, not preparing for the DOT 5 panel and then realizing it after they threw out the extra urine so they couldn't separate 2 tubes. The solution to that was "you can sit here for up to 3 hours and drink up to 40 ounces of water until you are able to produce another sample". We didn't even bother with the rest of the physical evaluation. What a waste of 2 hours of my afternoon I could have been in the woods. Thanks for your help guys.
  7. Rick, I hope your father makes a speedy recovery.
  8. I'm making up a Christmas list and this got me wondering which spoon blanks most guys prefer. I know it could be a sunny vs overcast determination. In general for browns and steelhead, do you purchase spoons with copper backs or silver backs more often? Or you don't think it really matters? Thanks guys,
  9. I'm with Ray K, salted minnows. Around home, Utica area, they seem to outfish worms for me, especially in the situations you described. Good Luck
  10. Over the summer, I had my boat inspected as a public vessel for New York State Parks and Rec. When the inspector was out for the inspection, we talked at length about the new pfd law. I mentioned about how guides on various boards were outraged that they would have to make their clients wear pfd's on their driftboat trips this winter. His response was: If the vessel is used for a business purpose (charters, guiding, or "booze cruises"....) within the state of New York that the owner of the vessel can get a New York state boat registration that classifies the boat as a commercial vessel much like a pickup truck. He stated that the definition of pleasure vessel differs in the NYS definition from the USCG definition. NYS defines a pleasure vessel as one used for personal use, not for hire uses. He said that anyone who uses their boat for a commercial purpose and gets the required licensing and inspections by the State and USCG as applicable should be able to get the commercial registration and would then be exempt from NYS regulations pertaining to "pleasure vessels" such as this pfd law and the under 12 must wear a pfd law. He did warn that the DEC ECO's will probably not know this difference exists and will probably ticket for this but he said that his interpretation has been upheld in court with several cases in the Hudson River and LI Sound area. He said that anyone with questions can contact him at the NYS Parks and Recreation Marine Services Unit and ask for Peter.
  11. How much to do my 22 fter?? Nice job, I have to do mine sometime too.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I guess I'm overthinking this one. I suppose I'll get it at IMA then, they do all the drug testing, eyes and hearing there already.
  13. I went to Plattsburgh State University for my BA in Environmental Science. We did some shocking also on Lake Champlain and some ponds, streams and creeks in the Adirondacks. It was a blast. It's amazing how many fish the small streams can support, sculpins, dace, small trout and the surprising large one hidden under a root system here and there. Stuff you never see otherwise. It's great to hear how people get excited over class. Hands on field study is the best.
  14. Don't forget too when you figure your overall weight that if you are already close to the limit, that doesn't leave much room for the pressure from driving over rough road, potholes, train tracks and bumps in construction zones.
  15. I am wondering where everyone gets their DOT Coast Guard physical. The medical center I get my OSHA surveillance physical at doesn't instill much confidence administering the "Coast Guard" physical. When I asked if they do the CG requiired physical said they could ... what needs to be done? I see this as a possible application problem. I would like to get the physical at a place that knows what it is and performs them often. Where does everyone go for this? I work in Syracuse but will travel to get it right the first time. PS. I have no problem with the medical center I currently go to so I didn't mention their name. They are just far enough from the lake that they do not perform these regularly.
  16. There is also a course starting this weekend and running until 10/19 in Rochester. 10 days straight by US Captains training at the Holiday Inn. http://www.uscaptain.us
  17. I'll add Taylor Pond to Hank's list.
  18. gaj, check this link out, it's Big Jon's trolling tips page. http://www.bigjon.com/tips/tips.asp?ContentID=10
  19. fishinman, I was looking them up last night to try that first. They'll only be $10 or $15 for the set.
  20. I got the Foodsaver Deluxe Plus a few years ago as a spontaneous purchase. Best spent money for saving meat I've ever invested in. It's probably sealed close to 300 pounds of venison (mostly 1# packages) and close to 200 pounds of fish. I've also done other foods with it like chicken (why would she ever want to eat chicken when I have game) and pork. I've been amazed at when you pull a package out of the freezer that's 2 years old and it looks like it was frozen yesterday. This summer however, it doesn't seem to have the vacuum pressure it used to and doesn't pump the bags down as well as it used to. Also the sealer strip doesn't seal as many bags in a batch as it used to so I have to take a break and let it cool down. If it's getting worn out, I believe I got my money worth out of it and I'll definitely buy another one. The rolls are the way to go versus buying pre-cut bags.
  21. Or you can get the reflective bread ties for marking the trail to your treestand. I've used them on tip-up flags and they shine pretty good. They'll be with the reflective tacks and surveyor tape.
  22. I'm planning to take the Coast Guard class in Rochester from 10/10 to 10/19 taught by US Captains training. I'm looking for lodging options around the Rochester area. I'm not afraid of cheap hotels, I spent enough time in them working on the road. I looked up DEC campgrounds but they will all be closed by then. I can't and don't want to spend $80-100 a night on a hotel. Any other campground options around there? Thanks,
  23. I fished from 9 til 3am on Friday night. Fish were in front of the beach but were negative. You could see them around you and would refuse or spook from the lure. Lost one nice one and threw back a short one. Tried the South Shore launch also but there were so many weeds blown in you were fouled as soon as you started the retrieve. I need to drive down Lewis Pt in the daylight to find the access there. I couldn't find it in the dark and didn't want to drive around looking for it at 2am and get the cops called.
  24. Went down to Sylvan Beach last night at about 9:30. Tried the canal at Snug Harbor. Nothing there. A lot of crappies being caught in the canal. Went over and waded out in front of the boardwalk. Half hour later I was headed back to the truck with my limit of walleye, 3 between 18" and 22". Black and silver stick. Beautiful night, warm and calm.
  25. I might be interested in more of a rocket launcher setup. Shouldn't be too much different if you're already doing trees.
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