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  1. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Pond Hop'r ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9/6 Time on Water:10:30 to 6:00 Weather/Temp:calm, 70's Wind Speed/Direction:East 10 Waves: 1 ft Surface Temp: 70 Location: Mexico Bay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 4 Total Boated:2 Species Breakdown:Kings Hot Lure: flasher/fly, flasher/meat Trolling Speed: 2.5 to 3.8 mph Down Speed: don't know Boat Depth: 80 - 200 Lure Depth: 60-130 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished with a father and son I hunt with. The day started off pretty rough, lost a bearing on the trailer in Williamstown at 5am. Pumped it full of grease and made it to Altmar. At this point I had to wait until the hardware stored opened at 8am to get some chain and tie the dead hub/axle to the frame so it didn't drag without the tire on it. Got it tied up and limped into town on 3 tires and launched at the Lighthouse at about 10:30. Got out there just in time to see the fleet disappear for lunch. Took the first fish quick, 85/115 on a 10" glow/chrome green spindoc/glow hammer. While Tyler was fighting the first fish we took another shot on a dipsy 200 out on a 2 with a super frog echip/crazy b glow fly. Didn't stick. Then nothing for a long time. We worked out to 200 fow and didn't see much on the fishfinder at all. When we started working back in, I switched out a rigger rod for the thumper. We were going way too slow. Bumped the speed up and got the thumper bumping good. Within minutes we took a hit on the 11" green echip with familiar bite down 130/180. Brought that one to the box. About 20 minutes after that we took a hit on the 11" white echip w/ fam. bite down 100/130. That one was on for a few minutes and got under the dipsy and gone. Pulled rods at around 6 to run Doug up to the launch to get his truck so he could pick us up at the marina where I was going to leave the boat so I could pull the trailer home empty and fix it. Not a bad day for a rough start.
  2. Yes, I believe pretty much every shop has it. I have bought it at Jon's and All Seasons myself.
  3. You can also see a video clip on tying leaders on Fish Doctors website. He show the tourny tie on there also.
  4. And if you don't get your lifetime sportsmans license before Oct 1, you will still have to pay for the doe tag application every year for $10. A lot of the guys I hunt with are pinching pennies to get the $960 for the whole deal (sportsman/bow/muzzleloader) before October 1. My grandparents got it for me when I was 11 and I added bow and muzzleloader 2 years ago. Money well spent.
  5. I'm participating too. You must be signed up by the end of business Friday night. I drove up there the other night to sign up. Good luck everyone!
  6. A long day at work yesterday kept me off Lake Ontario for the weekend so 2 of us hit Oneida today for the afternoon. Launched out of Snug and trolled from 109 to 115/Godrey Pt. 4 keeper walleye, 3 silver bass, and one dink perch. Trolled many different sticks to pretty much no hits (one eye and the perch). Everything else came on crawler harnesses and either bottom bouncer not on the bottom or the slide diver. The rigger took the one walleye on the stick. Fish were all over from 25 to 40 down. Great day to be out and not much traffic.
  7. Matthew, Why wouldn't you recommend the wire for Daiwa reels? How is this different from Okuma, Penn, or Shimano reels? I don't have anything else but Daiwa and both of my 19 stand wires are on Accudepth Plus reels. I'm sure there are a lot of wire divers on Sealines or AD+'s. I'm just wondering if there's something I should watch out for. Thanks,
  8. I'm doing the 100 hour service on my Mercruiser and want to make sure I use the right grease for the coupler and gimbal bearings. The manual says Quicksilver 2-4-C grease. I called one shop and they said the proper grease is different grease than "all purpose marine grease" and to get a spline grease. I called a boating supply shop near work and they looked up the 2-4-C in the book and it's a "general use marine grease" that can be used for everything marine related. I just want to get the right lube for the job and try to prevent a breakdown or unnecessary wear and repairs. I have the general purpose marine grease for the trailer bearings already. What should I use? Thanks
  9. I checked the dipsy this morning, it was set on 3.
  10. I haven't used wire very long. I have 2 7-strand rods and 2 of the 19. For people new to wire, I think the 19 is easier to handle. I does not coil or curl up like the 7 when it is allowed to slack. It is not as stiff as 7 and other people can handle the setup that do not know that you should keep some tension on the wire to keep it from curling and kinking. I ran all 4 rods this weekend 2 days and didn't notice any difference in collecting fleas but I don't think the fleas were bad in Mexico Bay at all. I also noticed the dipsy w/ mag ring set on 2 or 3 hit bottom at 334 out when the boat was over 110 fow. I'll have to check the dipsy to make sure of the setting. I didn't have any problem with spooling other than the screwdriver melted into the spool without a washer between the two when using the tennis ball and bench vise.
  11. Also get a can of PB Blaster, it's a much better penetrating lube than WD40. Spray it and let it sit and work for a minute.
  12. Hope ya get better soon! And I hope you're not in Oneida Hospital.....
  13. Nice, I fished it Sat also, got one on a perch deep diver, don't know how long we dragged him, 20". Didn't get much fishing in cuz we had to tow someone in after their battery died for the trolling motor after the main motor broke down. Going back tomorrow night out of Godrey launch again.
  14. You might have to call around, the LSRC is the same weekend as Harbor Fest so places will be booking up quick. I reserved at Sticks like Tim said, they are $75 a night, (harbor fest rate).
  15. I did the same thing as you Spike. I had to match the NK's to the NK website and then cross their model number to Allseason's Sports site that had the common names for the spoon and model number. I had another problem though, I'm colorblind....
  16. The stinger version took 2 Atlantics and 4 steelies between Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend out of Oswego on a free slider for me.
  17. I'm building my spoon boxes and don't want to waste money on spoons that don't get hit. If you could only have 2 spoons to fish with for kings what would they be? There's probably a few of us on here that could benefit from this thread. I'm interested to see the results. Make/size/color
  18. Launched at 6:30, fished til 1. 2/3 on lakers. Kept one, the other was short. Both fish boated came on a NK28 Glow Frog down 100 over 160 to 250. The lost fish was a better one on a green/glow spinny/green glow hammer. Up speed was 2.6 on a north troll. No high hits but my smallest spoons are NK28's. Did see several schools of lakers down 100 to 130 fow.
  19. I have 2 Gander Mt dipsy rods for my braid slide diver set ups. Nice action. Caught one on a dock on Otsego and broke it (bad story). Gander warranteed it this past weekend, no questions asked.
  20. The Opti is thinner (.012). I spooled it on a 47 and it didn't fill it. Jekyll and I spooled it off to a 27 and got all but 20 yards on it. Probably could've fit the rest if we realized how little was left. This was also 30# wire.
  21. We took a bunch of hits in 70-85 fow North troll along the east shore in front of the stone lighthouse. We also took hits on the north end where the Glimmerglass Queen turns around to go back to Cooperstown (~140 fow). We didn't really mark much on the screen. Surface speed was 2.2 most of the day. There was 2 guys packing up on Saturday night late that had a nice box of walleye from the SW corner in about 15 fow on harnesses.
  22. Yeah, I was at Sylvan Beach (Oneida Lake) on Saturday night and the Sherriff and DEC were stopping every boat that travelled the canal. 2 sherriff boats and 1 DEC.
  23. If the state park you heard about is Glimmerglass, there's only a cartop launch, not a ramp. I wouldn't let it discourage me from going back, we can encounter jerks anywhere we go. They try to treat this lake like Skaneateles was..."this is our lake" or Cazenovia. I find that all the more reason to go there. And the State stocks it also so why not get some of my taxes back. They tried to keep the lake locked up to keep the invasives out but they found zebras in it this past winter anyway. As far as parking, you pull the truck and trailer to the stop sign, turn right, go down 2 houses and turn right into the parking lot. You probably have to drive a half mile but it's only a 100 to 150 yard walk back to the launch, you cut across the lawn at the motel. If you get there before the rec boaters, you'll have parking, otherwise there's Doubleday field parking or street parking but this is more of a walk.
  24. We trailered down to Otsego Lake on Sunday. Beautiful lake and not very developed at all other than Cooperstown. We ended up boating 11 lakers up to 6 pounds. Lost a couple before they were seen. Most fish came from 40 to 50 down over 70 to 150 fow. Riggers, divers, and slide divers all took fish. Baits were spoons, dodger/peanut flies, and spinny flies. When the fishing slowed, I remembered an old post about spinny/flies for lakers. Ray K suggested "use green and green and if that doesn't work use green and green", so down it went to 70' over 75' and took the biggest fish of the day. No salmon or browns. Here's a pic of my buddy who was home on leave before being deployed to the Middle East again for the next year. This is the largest fish he's ever caught, 27", 6#. Now for my complaint. We saw a boat paddling themselves in and agreed we would make one more pass through our waypoint and then pull lines and help them in. DEC ended up helping tow them in before we got to them. When we were approaching the docks at the launch, I was going to pull up to the left dock on the outside as the other two boats, disabled vessel and DEC were on the right dock inside. As I neared the dock, about 25 feet from the end, DEC reverse motors right infront of me cutting me off and never looked back. I had to hard reverse to avoid the collision and ended up catching the snow fence on the marina/motel/private docks with 2 poles, breaking one pole, scraping up the other and breaking the tops of 4 slats of the fence. DEC never looked when backing up and nobody ever tried to wave me off. Pissed off, we motored back to the lake and waited for the launch to clear. And wait...and wait... still floating around....45 minutes later, DEC comes out and warns us that the property owner wants us to pay for the fence or she'll file small claims court. To avoid the hassles, we paid the $50 for the 4 broken peices. The village launch attendant said that she is constantly watching for people to break the fence and hit them up for money. Just a sour ending to a good day fishing. FYI The only pain for launching down there was that you had to drive down the block to park in the DEC lot and could not park the truck and trailer together, you had to park the trailer and unhook and park the truck. The DEC launch is gravel and shallow so you have to use the Village launch which is paved and deep. We launched at 4:30 am but If you show up after 5 am, they say they will inspect your boat and trailer for invasives and may require a boat wash before you launch. $10 for the launch and $10 for the wash at the DPW garage. The attendant on duty that day was a very large man and I suspect that the inspections are more of a drive-by inspection.
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