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  1. Could you provide any more information? When? Thanks,
  2. I ordered from here and got it in less than a week. http://www.cadcutlery.com/butcher.htm
  3. Does anybody know where to get these lately? I've tried Gander in New Hartford and Cicero, BPS, and Dicks Sports in Dewitt, and Herb Philipsons. Or is it that they don't make them in non-lead so we can't buy them in NY anymore? Thanks,
  4. Make sure you pay the pro-rated registration fee. It's less the later in the year you do it. Mine's a 22' Penn Yan with a tandem axle trailer. Maybe make sure your registered for a proper weight for the rig. My registration is $54 for the year for 4750 pounds, paid $40.75 on April 1.
  5. Did you see them on someones boat? I have my reels mounted on Traxstech net holders in the forward position of my side tracks. The tow line then runs to the mast on the bow and out. Most of the big rod holder manufacturers make single masts that you can mount in tracks or thru-bolt to mount on each side.
  6. The scissor jack from my Dodge Dakota worked for my trailer last year (tandem Karavan) when I lost a bearing. I think it was short enough that it would fit under the axle for a flat too. I carry a folding 4-way lug wrench that way I'm covered with most sizes.
  7. Call Chris at St. Peters and ask about the Walker cable.
  8. I ordered some Penn 345's from Tom a few weeks ago. I think I got them the very next day. He also included a couple extra goodies and a tip sheet on running copper. Great service and he contributes a lot to our sport and events around the lake. Green dolphin spin doctor / green glow hammer and Michigan stinger super frog prochip / crazy **** glow are always in the water for me.
  9. green dolphin then green/double crush glow
  10. Ok, I just wanted to check before I trailered down and couldn't launch. Thanks guys.
  11. I've only launched out of Emerson only because it's the closest launch that I know of. I just don't know how they regulate the water in the Fingers vs. Oneida. I know Oneida was a little low last I went by there.
  12. Does anyone know how the water level is on Owasco? I'd like to fish there but last year I had to shake the truck and trailer to get the boat rolling on the trailer b/c the launch at Emerson is not that deep. Thanks,
  13. Glad to hear it didn't turn out worse. I'm pretty sure mine doesn't have a fuse or said anything about installing one. It's not the same brand but just the same. That's something that should come factory installed since it's a finished harness ready to clip on and use. I guess I have to put an inline fuse in mine or push myself to install a regular receptacle (which I want to anyway).
  14. Last Saturday, you could launch at Pine Grove and I believe people have. It's unmanned right now and you can't drive through the "circle" because there's a tree down across one side of the driveway where you'd get ready for launch. Lighthouse did not have any docks in and nobody is answering the phone there yet so I don't know if that has changed. Good luck,
  15. As of last Saturday night: Lighthouse Marina in Port Ontario did not have any docks in yet. Mexico Point Launch was still silted in on the lake-side launch lane and you would not be able to launch in this lane, use the opposite lane. The docks were not in up the middle yet or the bathrooms unlocked. Maybe this has changed during the week. Fair Haven State Park was a great launch when I fished there last year, just a few hundred yards and you're to the lake. Plenty of space to tie up on the walls to make ready or tear down after the trip. Good luck,
  16. Hank, Where else can you get the Clippers? The only place I can find them online is Amish Outfitters.
  17. How soon before it's "officially open"? Stopped by there the other day and the dock closest to the bath house was in and you could drive to the ramp around the stored docks.
  18. I'm planning to sell 2 of my spare Cannons, both are older, short stop, not high speed. One is a Mag 10a and the other is a Marlin HS. They came with the boat and I've used both and they worked when I put them away.
  19. BoatUS has a boat name directory on the Boat Lettering page.
  20. I was wondering about Boat Doctors, just haven't called them yet. Is the Boatyard closed? I've tried calling on several occasions and the number is disconnected.
  21. I'm wondering if there is anywhere in the Wilson/Olcott area similar to "The Farm" in Oswego. I'm planning on fishing some consecutive weekends out there and would rather not pay to keep the boat slipped all week while I'm at work. If I could find somewhere to leave it parked on the trailer during the week, it would save on a 4 hour tow each way. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  22. Just found that St. Peters Outfitters online store has a better price than Seattle Marine for the lights. $6.90 for the basic lights.
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