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  1. If you shoot the heart and it can't pump, it can't pump out blood. I carry a 45-70 loaded heavy nearly all the time. I've killed nearly a dozen with it and 3 have been heart shots with no blood. 2 of them basically went a couple yards and stood there stupid-like and the other ran across the field and crashed at the hedgerow. Walked over to the hedgerow and he was in sight. I typically try to shoot everything through the ribs if possible and exit holes can fit a baseball. I've done the same with my 30-06. I own two 243's but have never shot a deer with that caliber though. Still I would not sweat it. Whichever bullet/cartridge you choose, I would not go lighter than 100 grains in any bullet brand/style. I would look for a bullet with good expansion but not too much so you don't get a pass-through shot. Good luck,
  2. They run coyotes and fox. Never really had any luck calling them.
  3. Tall or short beagles? My running walkers are getting excited too. It's nice to see their spirit change from "summer sitting in the kennel" when we have snow on the ground.
  4. ... and thanks for giving me the low-down on the settings Hank.
  5. I also ran a HB 958c with an Airmar thruhull. Once I learned what settings to use when, this is a very impressive unit, leaps and bounds over my older Garmin.
  6. I tie my own fly leaders but if I had to buy pre-tied leaders in a pinch, I would definitely spend the extra money on better hooks. I prefer Gamakatsu Stinger 3x trebles.
  7. Hank, sorry to hear about Charlie. I was just thinking of getting his phone number from you so I could call him about next season. Pass my condolences on to Chuck and Frank for me if you would also. As you know, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call.
  8. Bob 13, Hunting accidents are tragic and most if not all could be avoided but if this incident you're referring to is either of these, I'd say it's not a hunting accident. Hudson Ave. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20101130/NEWS01/101130001/1002/NEWS/Police-ID-man-shot-in-leg-on-Hudson-Ave.- North Clinton Ave. http://rocnow.com/article/local-news/2010311290016 I hope you wouldn't make claims or inferences of the hunting community of "gun accidents" by crossing stories of inner-city shootings. I would assume the individuals involved in either of these incidents would have possessed a firearm in any case whether they have taken the hunter safety class or are allowed to purchase a hunting license.
  9. I don't know of anywhere in CNY for lakers except the finger lakes. If I'm looking for lakers through the ice, the closest place I'd go is Fourth Lake of the Fulton Chain. There are some nice trout in a couple Madison Co. waters though.
  10. We handlaunch at three locations for hunting. If you look at the map, you see the right turn off of 89 by Mays Point Pool between the binoculars and the fish, go down that road and cross the bridge. Turn right on the first road after the bridge and we launch on the right by the bait shop or continue down the road into the woods and launch on the left (watch out for the DEEP mud hole on the left of the roadway in the clearing). Launching on the right puts you in a creek/backwater, launching on the left puts you in the barge canal. The other spot is on the left side of 89 opposite the turn for the road that leads to the other spots. This is a pull-off of 89. This launches you into a backwater and you can get to the barge canal by turning before the island (too shallow right now) or traveling the length of the island and going to the canal. Where I saw all the fish on Tuesday was the backwater by the "New" of New York State Barge Canal above Tschache Pool. I would suggest checking with Montezuma staff about the regulations regarding fishing and launching from Montezuma property since all I am accustomed to is the deer hunting regs. For deer hunting, we have to sign in and out daily and have a parking permit displayed in the vehicle while parked on Refuge property. If you're jigging by the island along Tschache Pool and snag a 10 hp Johnson/Evinrude, give me a call. That's a story for another day... Good luck and let me know how you do. I hear in the Spring they crush the walleye just below the lock also.
  11. I don't know if this is the canal you're interested in but we were hunting at Montezuma north of the Thruway the other day and using boats for transportation. I pulled in a loggy backwater to drop off a driver and there were probably a hundred northerns laying just under the surface everywhere. The were literally scooting and swirling all around as I eased in among the downed trees. We were above the lock. I have also seen them laying under the surface of the main canal just below the lock in past years. Some were very large. If this is where you're interested, I can describe were we hand launch at three locations there for fishing purposes only... Addition: I just looked up the map of Montezuma, the portion I'm referring to is the NYS Barge Canal west of the junction of the NYS Barge and the Seneca Cayuga Barge Canal. http://www.fws.gov/r5mnwr/refuge_map.html
  12. Bloodfinder of New Hampshire. It's the CSI stuff that makes blood glow. It only works in the dark, a moonlit night is not dark enough. When I got it last year, my buddy and I were messing around with it and sprayed our hunting clothes and it showed the blood from the previous year. I have used it in the woods and was pleased also. I can see red like in our wool coats, gas cans, lights and other stuff but blood is a shade I really have trouble with on leaves. A coleman lantern really makes it stand out also if you don't order the other stuff. http://www.bloodfinderofnh.com/
  13. I just checked my radio and it is not programmed for channels 8 through 14. Those must be the FRS channels. It is programmed for GMRS 1 to 7 and 15 to 22 plus VHF and WX. Good luck with whatever radio you choose.
  14. I'll try to look at the owners manual tonight and see if it covers those channels. The FRS are only some of the channels 1 to 22 but I'll have to look and see what ones and if I can transmit on them.
  15. I have had good luck with my Cobra MR HH425Li. This is a VHF/GMRS radio. It will transmit GMRS at 5 watts if you want and knocks the socks off the Motorolas, Midlands, and Cobra FRS/GMRS talkabout style radios that the guys I coyote hunt with have. It's not cheap at about twice the cost of a "top of the line" pair of the other radios but I think it's worth it. It is also a backup on the boat in the summer. https://cobra.com/detail/mr-hh425li-vp-combination-vhf-gmrs-with-rewind-say-again.cfm
  16. My very first buck I shot was at Montezuma NWR and I got it with the shotgun two weeks after another guy in our group ended up shooting it through the neck with an arrow when we were bowhunting earlier in the same season. When it came out of the drive, none of us would have known it was the same buck until we picked its head up out of the cattails and saw the wound. Complete pass-through and never hit an artery or spine. Tough animals. I also got a doe one time that was missing her front foot from the ankle down. We all knew her from watching her in the summer raising twin fawns for 4 or 5 years and she always limped (we called her the Limper) but we didn't know why. Nearly everyone in my group had shot at and missed her over the years. I identified her bowhunting one time and decided to pass her up. The same season, she came out of a drive to me and I couldn't tell her running from any other deer and end of story. Walking along, she limped, making ground she didn't move any different than any other deer. We never knew what happened to her but she was callused over at the end of her leg bone at the ankle.
  17. Can the clamps be turned to clamp horizontally on the top bar of an arch? Clamping a horizontal pipe with the rod holder vertical? Thanks
  18. I did the same on Saturday, just a small buck but still the same feeling. I hate it. If I could only practice all nerved up and shaking...
  19. I only look forward to watching two shows on TV a week, Two and a Half Men and PBS Nature on Sunday night. Last night PBS was about wolverines but since I spent two days in the treestand, the first thing I did when I sat on the couch in the warmth was fall asleep so I took an hour and watched it again today at work.. They usually have good shows, wolves of Yellowstone, bears, and so on but I think this was pretty cool because it's an animal you never hear about in the lower 48. Here's the link and the full episode is about 50 minutes. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/wolverine-chasing-the-phantom/full-episode/6078/
  20. Vic, just take your streamers over to Skinny and catch your own....
  21. I'll bite this one. Boat Name: Pond Hop'r Home Port: Trailer to various ports and lakes The Story: Nothing to deep and meaningful but when I bought the boat it was named Ma Belle which I wasn't really into. After a couple months, I was thinking about renaming it and was thinking of what name to pick. Since I like to fish out of different ports and different lakes throughout the season, I picked "Pond Hop'r". RIP Duane, we never met but you offered some good advice and your experiences when I was deciding on buying the boat I have now.
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