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  1. My buddy has a 26' pontoon I can bring, I think it's rated for 12 ppl. I'll stop in town and pick up some strangers, gas is cheaper split many ways. Any places to stay or should we just camp on the banks and save the commute time to the hotel for fishing time? Pig roast? Sluggo, thanks for the report, EVERYWHERE around here has 1-2 feet of ice. It's nice to see some guys can still get out to fight cabin fever. I fight cabin fever with coyote hunting. We've been slamming them this year near , NY. I guess we're not suppose to give information anymore??
  2. What I'm concerned about is if the AP will have enough power to operate the steering without the power assist? Will this lead to early failure of the AP from being overworked?
  3. The boat I'm looking at has a Mercruiser I/O with the power assisted (run off the motor) steering. I'm told that without the main motor running the steering would act like a normal car without the motor on. Would the harder steering be too hard for an AP (probably would get Simrad rotary model) to steer the boat if I run a trolling motor with the tiebar for steering? Is there a conversion available to change the engine operated assist to electric operated assist without replacing the whole steering system? If I have to run the big motor to be able to use the AP or steer more comfortably while trolling, then it wouldn't make much sense to have a trolling motor. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I'm looking at purchasing a PY 225 and had a survey performed. The survey shows that the port main stringer is rotten b/c there was something mounted on it, removed and the holes were never sealed. This is on a stringer that has the portside mounts for the motor but the mounts on either side of the rotted area are still solid. I know the best solution would be to replace the whole stringer but I was wondering if just the damaged areas could be repaired. The extent of the rot was not able to be determined b/c of access below the deck. The rest of the boat checked out good with some other relatively minor things to repair. Who in NY would you suggest for stinger repair?
  5. Someone posted a similar question on GLA. He had a few different responses. It was under Lets talk fishing...salmon and the title was Plano boxes for flashers. I wasn't able to copy a url for the page.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as Chowder and OTL. Looking at core depths on The Oak random tips, they say add the heavy weight to the start of the leader not the backing. If you were to add a heavy weight to the end wouldn't that essentially be a thumper-type rig. Wouldn't it be better to add the snapweight to the backing like a 50/50 snapweight set-up and let the copper or core trail behind?
  7. I don't think that many of us would complain about having to get a trout stamp if our fishing license fees stayed with the fish. My complaint is that our hunting/fishing/trapping and other licenses fix the trails and trailhead parking in the high peaks. Probably most of us don't ever hike up there but there are thousands of people every year that do. How about a hiking permit/license for all the NYC yuppies or bunny huggers that hike but don't hunt/fish/pay for another license.
  8. Thanks Tim, that's the pic I was thinking of. One of the posts for tying the wire to the arbor is this http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7403&hilit=wire+knots.
  9. What weight releases do they use? Medium or Heavy Offshores? The release drops off instead of pulling line through the release? Somebody posted a pic of this setup a while ago but I couldn't seem to find it now. Thanks, Andy
  10. Bob, do you have any suggestions which hole to put the eyebolt in? Does this make a difference? Mine are in the middle and I haven't had time to try another hole. Andy
  11. Nice fish, the lake kinda resembles some of our Adirondack lakes and ponds.
  12. Thanks guys, I looked at the site that Ray suggested and I found a similar scenario with a Mercury motor. It looks like it probably is an ignition problem. Thanks for the help.
  13. I can check that, I haven't checked the plugs. I just don't want to have the down time for the carbs until winter. I'd rather fish if I can and deal with the problem. Any other suggestions?
  14. I've got an old ('61, '62, '63?) Merc 500 Thunderbolt 50 horse 4 cyl outboard on my boat and I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with it. It will troll ALL DAY LONG but won't rev up to go if I want to get anywhere faster than 3.6 SOG. Once it hits that point it sputters and dies. Put it in neutral and it fires right up, no cranking needed and will continue to troll with no prob. On the trailer it winds right up and revs right out. In the water under pressure, dies. I've checked and tightened the fuel line fittings and clamps, that helped keep it running, must have been sucking air. Now I'm trying to fix this problem. Is there any other simple things that I should check before I get into rebuilding both carbs? On the other hand, I've trolled about 25 to 30 hrs on less than six gallons of gas. I just want to get up and move when I want to. Thanks, Andy
  15. I have seen a different interpretation and if I'm reading it the right way, it has to be commercially labeled as brined, not homemade. Don't want to start a debate, trying to make sure everyone's covered. Here's the link. http://www.salmoncrazy.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=17197 This is a response from DEC for using salted/brined minnows on the SR.
  16. Edd, I've been wondering the same question and couldn't find it on here either. Is there really a difference between say 50# line and 50# leader for tying fly leaders? Is it something that's really noticeable?
  17. I knew I read this some where a couple weeks ago when I was bored at work. I searched some and found it tonight. Check out http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?t=4749&highlight=treble. Pretty much any question was answered on here at some point if you have the time to do a search. Good luck.
  18. I got some Opti brand wire, it's 7 strand 30# and the diameter is .012. I thought it may be a typo but I checked their website and it isn't. That's thinner than the Mason or Malin 30#. I spooled it on a ADP47LC and it didn't fill the spool so Jekyll and I spooled it to a ADP27LC and it filled with all but 50 or 60 feet of the full 1000. We probably could've fit it all if we knew that was all that was left.
  19. CBB, Glad to see you here too. I also found this site about a month ago and check it as much as the hound site. Planning any runs to Endicott?
  20. If we have really rusty traps, we soak them in white vinegar. This returns them to like new. I don't know if it will harm plating or paint finishes though. On the traps it eats all the rust and old dye and wax.
  21. Yeah, it was a good day on Sunday, thanks man, get ahold of me if you have an open seat again. Andy
  22. Just stumbled on this site a few weeks ago and now check it a couple times a day at work. I'm a licensed guide in the Adirondacks and have only been on the big lake a few times. So far I like it and I might be hooked. Once the deer are done, then it's hound time and we give the coyotes a run for their lives, literally. The group got 60 something this past winter. I work for an environmental company in Syracuse that performs asbestos, lead and mold testing. It occupies the weekdays and mud seasons when you can't do much else. Tight Lines, Andy
  23. Sorry, those numbers are for 2.5 mph with a mag ring right of the chart.
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