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  1. Wow, didn't see that coming..I guess we should be happy he's not holding anyone's money? That's a fairly unstable fuse. I stopped at the bait shop 6 days ago and was told they knew NOTHING about any Sodus Point tournament.
  2. Carolina Eastern Crockers in Stafford JC Fibers on Mt. read Blvd Cargil in Batavia (actually any Cargil) Dewey Produce 5966 Griswold Rd Byron, NY. Phone: 585-548-7407 Epco Carbon Dioxide Division at 4141 Bates Rd, Medina, NY 14103. (585) 798-2324 Corrigan Moving off East Henrietta Rd. LT Disposal of 119 River Rd, Scottsville, NY. Phone: 585-889-4760. . If you need a more specific location, post it here. They are everywhere.
  3. I'll never understand the pansy attitude of screwing with stuff and people when you have a beef. If you got a problem, work it out face to face. If you don't have the courage, too bad. I wouldn't have a clue who would have enough of a problem to screw around annonomously like this, but I'm hitting radio shack to price out a video camera. Someone screws around I want to know about it. Hope you work it out.
  4. Good job on the boat and the fishing. Very stressful time and from what I heard on the radio, everyone was calm and collected. Not easy in that situation. Good for you. I'm sure there were many teams joking about getting beat by the boat that sunk! Way to stay calm.
  5. Great Pics, Thanks for the info guys. The small mouth and the forked tail with no spots seem to be the best indicators. I'm just not seasoned enough to call it while its being reeled in like the veterans can. We normally toss back all but kings anyway, but the pro am sheds new light on Id'ing fish. Assuming the observer can tell the difference between an Atlantic and all other species, technically, penalties can given for mis id'ing a fish, which I think is fine. If were going to fish, we should know what the hell we are catching, right? But say we brought a 22" fish on board and we start arguing about what it is, and proceed to toss it back in, well that's not legal if its anything but an Atlantic. Thanks everyone for your help. I appreciate it.
  6. I can't imagine everyone waits until they are in the boat counting anal fins. What's the best way to ID an Atlantic. I've not caught too many, so its tougher when you don't have your hands on them. More importantly the best ways to not confuse it with other species (coho) Can someone help? I've printed ID charts, but I've pulled fish up that don't look anything like the ID chart says it should. They are pretty generic. Thanks
  7. I assume you fly alot. Ever seen a TSA agent that cared what the difference is between a fuse in my shoe and a leaf hanging off some dog poo? I haven't. It's not the people, its the system. As always. Its a fine line, protect me with my money, but don't use my money to destroy my freedoms. I hear ya, but common sense is not synonymous with US Govt.
  8. Paul Thanks for clarifying the payout structure. It is FAR better than I had expected. After visiting the pro am website, I got curious because there was no mention of money payout. If there was, I simply missed it. Thanks for your insight, and I’ll give one bit of advice if I can to the officials of the Pro Am. If I was new to fishing and was thinking of sending in my $265, there is no way of knowing how the prizes work. You can’t rely on old school thinking of “everyone knows this is non profit†Not everyone does know that. I didn’t.
  9. I appreciate your "inside baseball" aspect of this derby. I think its important to know how these things work. However, simply reading this thread alone would scare most people from volunteering. Here's how volunteering works: if the volunteers stop volunteering, the event will no longer exist. There are factions, as you admit, that profit from this in the form of the economic impact. If the event ends, these factions suffer. These are the people that should have the passion to volunteer. We have the passion to fish, and we will fish regardless of the economic impact of the Pro AM. I don't think its "lame" at all to expect the folks that profit, to be the most passionate. If I'm to understand correctly, I'm "lame" because I give $265 to a tournament, but won't volunteer to line the coffers of the county politicians and local merchants that need my tourist dollars, that they get, by the way! I guess we can disagree on the merits of volunteering. If it requires a full time employee to run the Pro Am, then so be it. If the Pro Am can not be run properly and financially feasible, than capitalism has succeeded and the profiteers of tourism have failed.
  10. Outcast, Read the quote from post #2 on this topic (above) again. Payouts change from event to event because of the number of teams that register. They can not post the prize structure until the teams have registered. Uh,, I read it the first time. And I still say, post the STRUCTURE of the payout. In other words, if 100% of the take gets paid out, why can't those words be posted so we don't require this discussion on a second hand message board? I don't understand why that is so complicated. IF what Paul says is true, and I'll take him at his word, for now, why can't that information be published by officials of the pro am? I would think the Pro Am officials would be proud of the fact that 100% of the take goes to the participants, I would be bragging that up EVERYWHERE. Your not going to find that kind of payout structure in any other derby or tournament. Isn't the idea to get more boats involved so more money is at stake and more poeple show up and more rooms get booked and more slips get rented and more pizza's get sold?? This is frustrating. YES YOU CAN TELL US WHAT THE STRUCTURE IS. We don't need to know the exact dollar amount. We are supposedly smart individuals, we'll figure out what the difference is between structure and dollars.
  11. Is sounds to me that the payout structure is fair, but I don't understand why this is not advertised. If the idea is to get more fisherman involved, than I would think clarity of the payout would go a long way of getting more teams @ $265 and $550. I still can't understand how the authority is delegated and how a local can throw a wrench in the payouts. I understand the whole volunteer thing, but there's 30K to 40K on the line. Thats a good bit of cash to have gray rules. I say post the payout formula on the website and I bet this thing grows more than it has. People simply don't like volunteering if there is a high risk of disention. I can see both sides. Lay the money on the table and if it has to be adjusted UP there will be no complaints. Volunteers or not, if the county is going to promote it, they should provide the resources to do it right. They can't act like this is a thorn in their shoe if they really want the tourism in their counties. You can't have it both ways.
  12. Thanks Nick, That is an interesting way of running things. I wonder if there is any structure at all to this. Every year I make the worst financial decision of the year by dropping my cash into the LOC pocketbooks. I was wondering if the Pro Am was as bad. I gotta figure its not. I finished in the money in a spring LOC a few years back and and got a check for $20. I think my boat dropped $180 into the pot. There must be several thousand boats in the spring LOC. I'm thinking next spring, when I get the urge to join the LOC, I'll instead walk into the 7-11 and grab some scratch off tickets. That will be the second worst financial decision I make that year. Maybe some Pro Am officials can shed some light. Its such a big event, I can't believe there is no structure, I just think its normal and fair to see what the payout structure is. I do find it a little odd that this isn't asked more, it makes me think I'm the only one in the dark.
  13. Maybe its the oogles of cash that our tax dollars are put towards homeland security that is doled out by the US Govt. I've been part of this debacle and its disgusting how we spend money in the name of security. There is so much money in the kitty that they are begging for ways to spend it. Like trip 200's and 3 greenhorns checking for missles in the fish boxes. Watched them pull over 2 fisherman last weekend. Add those two pull overs as more justification for more of your cash going in this direction. Job security.
  14. Thanks Jeff, was that payoff for a pro or am? Maybe there are no published payout rules. I don't know. Does everyone just throw their money in with hopes of a decent payout?? I'm not trying to be argumentitive, but I don't understand the system. Just trying to learn.
  15. Is it me or is it hard to find the prize money information for the pro ams? I'd like to know the take vs. payout if its billed as a community service. Can someone direct me to a site that has that info? I've searched the Proam official site but can't even find entry cost info, its almost like money isn't mentioned anywhere except for the entry form to fill out. I know this is hugely popular, but does anyone know anything financial about the events? Thanks for any info.
  16. As far as I can tell, Boat US and Sea Tow have pulled out of that area. I'd be interested to hear otherwise. Their respective websites don't show coverage.
  17. I'm selling my Albemarle on E-bay. Here is a link if interested. E-mail me if you have any questions. Mike [email protected] http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Albemarl ... 0303128267
  18. Are there permenant slips available there? Who owns them? Is there water and 30a shore power? Thanks,
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